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Barbie Doll's Closet: 1967

Updated on February 21, 2016
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Teri Silver is a journalist, commercial copy writer, editor, broadcast anchor, and Public Relations Specialist.

Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll
Twist 'n Turn Barbie Doll | Source

Barbie’s New Look

1967 was a year gone “mod.” Barbie Doll got a new look; long straight hair in a variety of colors, a “twist and turn” body and a new face. The Barbie family of dolls increased when Mattel added a friend for Tutti and Todd (Barbie’s much younger brother and sister) and for Barbie’s cousin Francie. (Chris could wear Tutti’s clothes and Casey could wear Francie’s outfits). The African-American Francie Doll was also released in 1967. In addition to 24 repeated outfits from 1966, Barbie had 16 new ensembles in 1967 and several for the Color Magic dolls.

Pink Sparkle
Pink Sparkle | Source
Tropicana | Source
Intrigue | Source
Barbie in Sunflower
Barbie in Sunflower | Source
Midge in Print A Plenty
Midge in Print A Plenty | Source
Barbie in Caribbean Cruise
Barbie in Caribbean Cruise | Source
Travel Togethers
Travel Togethers | Source
Studio Tour
Studio Tour | Source
Fashion Shiner
Fashion Shiner | Source

Barbie’s New Clothes: 1967

Pink Sparkle (#1440, 1967); rose-colored, sleeveless, above-the-knees brocade dress with a sheer magenta cape and matching shoes. The dress design had different patterns embroidered into the sheath and a zipper down the back.

Tropicana (#1460, 1967-1968); sleeveless sheath in yellow, orange and white with a daisy accent on the bodice. Orange pumps accompanied the dress.

Intrigue (#1470, 1967-1978); sleeveless dress — the turtleneck top was white with a metallic gold diamond pattern, the attached skirt was metallic gold with a gold belt around the mid-section. The pink-lined coat, complete with gold belt, matched the skirt. White closed-toe shoes completed the outfit.

Sunflower (#1683, 1967-1968); halter dress with graphic design in colors of light blue, pink, navy, red-pink, mustard gold and green. Navy and pink disk drop earrings, two pink “snake” bracelets and hot pink pumps finished the look.

Underprints (#1685, 1967-1968); hot pink, orange and light blue floral print half slip (with white lacy hem), matching bra and panty girdle. An aqua telephone, brush, comb and mirror came in the package.

Print A Plenty (#1686, 1967-1968); back-zippered sheath dress with “brick” patterned print in various colors. Several different-colored versions were released. Closed-toe pumps and “square” drop earrings came with the dress.

Caribbean Cruise (#1687, 1867); one-piece bright yellow halter and pants — the bodice was sleeveless with cut-out sides and in the back. The attached pants were wide-legged with layers of ruffles edged in green, blue and hot pink. Yellow flats completed the look.

Travel Togethers (#1688, 1967); two-piece suit in bright yellow with red floral pattern. Red closed-toe shoes and a hat that matched the suit were included in the ensemble. A sleeveless dress with a ruffled hem made from the same cloth later found its way in a Fashion Pak.

Studio Tour (#1690, 1967); sleeveless dress in three colors — the top part of the bodice was yellow, followed by green. The attached skirt was red. The entire dress was covered with black pin dots and there were bands of black braid round the top of the breast area and waist that tied into bows. A matching hat and red closed-toe pumps completed the outfit.

Fashion Shiner (#1691, 1967-1968); pink, white and blue horizontally-striped dress with a red vinyl halter neckline. The outfit included a red vinyl raincoat with large pockets — the pockets had blue taffeta lining — red vinyl purse, matching closed-toe pumps and short white gloves.

Patio Party
Patio Party | Source
Evening Enchantment
Evening Enchantment | Source
Formal Occasion
Formal Occasion | Source
Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Bride | Source
Floating Gardens
Floating Gardens | Source

More 1967 Fashions

Patio Party (#1692, 1967-1968); one-piece halter and attached pants printed in a bright multi-colored floral and paisley pattern. The one-shoulder-sleeved halter top zippered up the back. A sleeveless emerald-green and blue satin split-front dress topped the pants suit. Accessories included royal blue closed-toe shoes and navy plastic disk earrings with gold accents.

Pink Moonbeams (#1694, 1967-1968); pale or hot pink tricot nightgown with a white lace bodice. The ribbon-straps had floral accents. The negligée came with a matching robe (with either pale or hot pink lining) covered with white lace. Pink open-toed shoes came with the set.

Evening Enchantment (#1695, 1967-1968); snug, sleeveless, scooped neck red taffeta sheath dress — it had an attached chiffon overskirt with white marabou feather trim below the waist. A matching red chiffon cape with white marabou trim around the neck and red closed-toe pumps added to the elegant ensemble.

Formal Occasion (#1697, 1967-1968); slender white crepe long-sleeved dress — the skirt was embroidered with a gold filigree design. A gold lamé cape with cherry pink chiffon lining and attached hood completed the outfit, worn with white pumps.

Beautiful Bride (#1698, 1967); white satin wedding gown with pedal bodice and sheer, pin-dotted, long white tulle sleeves and neckline. The skirt, with its bow accent, split in front to show the ruffled and tulle-covered satin underskirt. Accessories included a matching pin-dotted tulle veil, short white gloves, blue garter, floral bouquet with long grosgrain ribbons and white closed-toe shoes.

Floating Gardens (#1696, 1967); floral multi-colored (pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple) jersey wrap-dress with taffeta lining and material that draped off of Barbie Doll’s shoulder. A red-hooded georgette cape, red pumps, earrings and a bracelet completed the outfit.

Color Magic Barbie
Color Magic Barbie | Source
Color Magic Barbie in Stripes Away
Color Magic Barbie in Stripes Away | Source
Bloom Bursts Vintage Reproduction
Bloom Bursts Vintage Reproduction | Source

Color Magic Ensembles

Mattel introduced Color Magic Barbie dolls in 1966 — their hair, swimsuits and specially made clothing changed colors when “magic” solution was applied (the outfits would fade after a number of color changes). In 1967, four new Color Magic outfits and one from 1966 were available, marketed for both Barbie and Francie:

Stripes Away (#1775, 1967); long dress patterned with wavy green, cerise and melon-colored stripes. The dress had a matching scarf. When the “Color Magic A” solution was applied, the olive color turned purple. “Color Magic B” brought it back to its original state. The set came with two color solutions, a sponged handle applicator and two pink “snake” bracelets.

Smart Switch (#1776, 1967); sleeveless yellow top with a multi-colored, vertically-striped belt. The skirt and matching scarf had horizontal stripes in reds, yellows, oranges and blues. The “Color Magic A” solution would change the yellow blouse (as well as the stripes on the skirt, belt and scarf) to red. The application of “Color Magic B” would return the outfit to its original colors.

Bloom Bursts (#1778, 1967); sleeveless floral print dress in green, aqua, white, yellow, pink and orange — it had a dropped waist, high collar and full skirt. A pink bonnet with yellow ties matched the dress. With the “magic” solution, the dark green changed to blue, yellow to red, and light green turned purple.

Mix ‘n Matchers (#1779, 1967); originally from 1966 (#4041), this set had a blouse and skirt in floral print, a pair of pants with bottom cuffs and pockets in the same floral print, a straw hat (with an attached yellow scarf), a yellow bowl and metal spoon. When “Color Magic A” solution was applied, the stripes in the floral pattern changed from yellow to red.

Beau Time
Beau Time | Source

Fashion Paks: 1967

Barbie’s extras for 1967 included “bow” dresses — crisp sleeveless dresses of various colors and patterns adorned with large bows on the front. They were made from the same pattern as Beau Time (#1651).

The Japanese toy market for Barbie produced a number of fashions in 1967 that were not directly sold in the United States. Some of the outfits were refashioned from previous releases. These Fashion Pak outfits included sheath and full-skirted dresses, pantsuits, jumpers, skirts, coats and dress-suits.

Barbie in Sorbonne
Barbie in Sorbonne | Source

Also in 1967 …

Skirts and blouses were sold separately, as were fashion cards that contained hairpieces, purses, shoes and stockings. Cooking utensils were available on separate cards. Two outfits listed in the Mattel catalogue (but not available in the United States) were Gala Abend (#1677; a heavy white brocade gown and evening coat with fur on the collar and blue lining) and Sorbonne (#1679; a dark green, straight velveteen skirt with vinyl accents and striped knit long sleeved top.

Pajama Pow
Pajama Pow | Source
Disco Dater
Disco Dater | Source
Mini Print
Mini Print | Source
Bermuda Holidays
Bermuda Holidays | Source

The “New Fall Fashions” collection

These 1967 releases were not in Mattel’s fashion booklets but were in the product catalogue:

Pajama Pow (#1806, 1967-1968); one-piece jumpsuit with bright colors (yellow, pink, purple, orange, green) in swirly and floral prints. The pant legs and long sleeves were flared. Dangly earrings and shoes completed the look.

Bouncy Flouncy (#1805, 1967-1968); sleeveless multi-colored floral dress with a three-tiered ruffled skirt. Accessories included a matching tote bag and orange pumps.

Disco Dater (#1807, 1967-1968); pale bright orange satin dress with spaghetti straps — it fell above the knees — with a dropped waistline and pleated skirt. The lacy over-sheath was a darker orange. Orange closed-toe shoes were included.

Drizzle Dash (#1808, 1967-1968); shiny plastic raincoat in hot pink and orange diamond print. A matching scarf and orange boots completed the set.

Mini Print (#1809, 1967-1968); this was a short multi-colored jersey dress in “blob-like” spotted print that had long wide sleeves. Matching leggings and blue shoes gave Barbie that “mod” look.

Bermuda Holidays (#1810, 1967-1968); short-sleeved long-waist tunic in reddish orange with big, multi-colored floral print. Emerald-green Bermuda shorts, a hat that matched the top and pink flats finished off the outfit.

Weekenders | Source
Yellow Go
Yellow Go | Source
Christie in Velveteens
Christie in Velveteens | Source

Sears Exclusives for Barbie: 1967

These outfits were only available at Sears department stores: Red Fantastic, Weekenders, The Yellow Go, Velveteens and Beautiful Blues. Red Fantastic was actually a medium-pink satin sleeveless full-length dress that overlapped and split at the skirt to show a gold threaded white panel. A short, feather-trimmed cape and clear, gold-glittered shoes came with the dress.

Weekenders featured a sleeveless top in crimson, pink and light green print and a pair of matching slim-legged pants and matching billed-hat. The horizontally-striped jacket was in the same colors. Green ankle boots came with the outfit.

The Yellow Go was a bright yellow raincoat — the lining was in a pastel blue, yellow, purple and pink geometric print (which was also used on a matching scarf). A yellow hat, blue shoulder bag, plastic “buckle“ shoes and pale yellow lacy hose completed the outfit.

Velveteens featured a red velvet bell-bottomed pantsuit — the attached white crepe blouse had long sleeves, an Edwardian-style ruffled sleeve cuffs and collar. A short-waist red velvet jacket and red pumps finished off the look.

Beautiful Blues came in a gift set with a standard Barbie Doll (#1190). The short, one-shouldered lamé sheath dress was dark blue — it had a white satin bow across the shoulder. The coat was made from medium blue satin with a white fur-trimmed hemline. Accessories included blue closed-toe shoes and a clutch purse.

Barbie Doll's Braniff Airlines "Air Hostess" raspberry-colored suit.
Barbie Doll's Braniff Airlines "Air Hostess" raspberry-colored suit. | Source

More Barbie in 1967

Sears wasn’t the only department store to jump into the Barbie fold. Montgomery Ward stores made clothes for Barbie and Ken in 1967 but the outfits were not in Mattel’s catalogue. Montgomery Ward marketed outfits designed from those worn by flight attendants and pilots of Texas’ Braniff Airlines. These outfits were made in Hong Kong (Mattel’s Barbie items were all made in Japan at that time): hostess pajamas (that were actually knee-gathered culottes), a
boarding outfit, serving dress and a smartly-tailored raspberry-colored suit.

And Even More in 1967 …

A variety of outfits and accessories were produced for Skipper, Tutti and Francie dolls and all of their friends. Skipper had 12 new outfits in addition to six from 1966. Francie and Casey’s wardrobe increased with 28 new ensembles — four were repeated from 1966. Tutti had four new outfits and a couple of gift sets (complete with dolls). Ken Doll did not get new outfits in 1967 but several were re-released from the 1966 line.

© Copyright by Teri Silver, 2012. All Rights Reserved


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    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Brings back memories for me! I was 10 in 1966 and played Barbies with my sister and our friends. I remember spilling a bunch of Barbie accessories/clothes on my way to a friend's to spend the night and my dad getting angry with me because I needed a flashlight to hunt through the grass for her shoes. Never did find them and probably some dog did and ate it later. LOL!

    • Susan S Spencer profile image

      Susan S Spencer 6 years ago from UK

      You must have an amazing collection! Please do continue with the hubs, as they are so interesting and I love the pics. I will keep reading and voting up as long a you keep writing!

    • TeriSilver profile image

      Teri Silver 6 years ago from The Buckeye State

      Thanks, Susan. I have a handful of Barbie Doll articles published here on HubPages, with a few more in the draft stage and others in my head but not yet written. I've enjoyed showing parts of my collection and finding other pieces to add... These hubs have made writing fun again!

    • Susan S Spencer profile image

      Susan S Spencer 6 years ago from UK

      I loved this hub! Great pics and very informative ~ thanks. Voted up and following.