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Barbie Doll’s “Mod” Closet: 1969

Updated on October 2, 2016
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Teri Silver is a journalist, commercial copy writer, editor, broadcast anchor, and Public Relations Specialist.


1969 was an historic year … highlights included America’s first "manned" moon landing (Apollo 11; July 20th; Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) and, arguably, the most famous (then and now) music festival in the nation (Woodstock; August 15-17th, Bethel New York). The Youth Movement was in full swing and Barbie Doll was swinging with the swingers. Mini, midi and maxi-hem lengths were in style. Bold patterns, sharp colors and various fabrics were popular with Barbie, Francie, Christie, Stacey, Julia and their friends. But there were classic styles, too. In 1969, 36 new outfits were released as well as fashion sets from J. C. Penney and Sears department stores. 16 ensembles from 1968 and a variety of Fashion Pak items also hit the 1969 market.

Standard Truly Scrumptious Doll
Standard Truly Scrumptious Doll | Source

Original Outfits for 1969’s Barbie and Friends

1969’s Twist ‘n Turn Barbie Doll wore a colorful, one-piece checkered knit swim/playsuit with a high-neckband. The Talking Barbie Doll’s two-piece reddish-orange suit was made of vinyl and had a lacy white and orange trim cover-up. The Talking P. J. doll outfit was a patterned pink tricot mini-dress with long sleeves, shoes and a pair of matching lace panties. Twist ‘n Turn Stacey wore a one-piece suit in green, orange and pink. Mattel released Truly Scrumptious (from the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) in both standard and talking versions of the doll. The standard Truly doll wore a long pale-pink dress with a lace overlay, ruffled hem and ribbon around the waist. The Talking Truly Scrumptious doll came in a pale pink dress (with black netting over it) that had a bright pink bodice. Both dolls wore hats and shoes that matched their outfits.

Barbie in Make Mine Midi
Barbie in Make Mine Midi | Source
Pretty Power
Pretty Power | Source
Glo Go
Glo Go | Source
Movie Groovie
Movie Groovie | Source
Barbie in Happy Go Pink
Barbie in Happy Go Pink | Source
Barbie in Midi Magic
Barbie in Midi Magic | Source
Midi Marvelous
Midi Marvelous | Source
Romantic Ruffles
Romantic Ruffles | Source
See-Worthy | Source

Barbie’s 1969 Clothing Choices

Make Mine Midi (#1861, 1969); long-sleeved white blouse with lace trim, hot-pink mid-length skirt with scattered appliqués and a velvet yellow waistband, hot-pink half slip, pale-pink hose and thick-heeled shoes.

Country Capers (#1862, 1969); bright-yellow Bermuda shorts, long-sleeved white sweater with broad yellow and red horizontal stripes. Yellow shoes came with the outfit.

Pretty Power (#1863, 1969); this dress had a white, long-sleeved top with two buttons down the front, a sheer ruffled collar and sleeve cuffs. The attached skirt was pink with black and white swirled-floral print. Black bow shoes came with the dress.

Close-Ups (#1864, 1969); lingerie in hot-pink and yellow ... including a lacy, hot-pink bra (accented with a yellow flower), two-tiered yellow and pink petticoat and a pair of hot-pink hose.

Glo Go (#1865, 1969); dancing dress with a sleeveless raspberry-pink metallic bodice, underskirt of straight-lined white satin and overlay of chiffon. The chiffon skirt was white and with raspberry-pink dots and swirls. Thick-heeled pink shoes finished the look.

Movie Groovie (#1866, 1969); the silver-threaded bodice had sheer, hot-pink long sleeves — the same material trimmed the neckline. A pink satin skirt, hot-pink hose and bow shoes completed the outfit.

Dream-Ins (#1867, 1969); short strapped nightgown with a lacy pink high bodice and orange nylon empire waist. The accompanying plush robe in hot-pink had satin ties.

Happy Go Pink (#1868, 1969); the bodice of this dress was hot-pink — it had sheer three-quarter length sleeves and a wide collar. A metallic silver belt circled the white taffeta skirt with its organza overlay (trimmed with hot-pink embroidery). Pink “chunky” shoes came with the dress.

Midi-Magic (#1869, 1969); this short-sleeved dress had a high-waisted bodice of sheer white organza. A lace-trimmed taffeta bodice fit under the material, leading to a black skirt with a ruffled hem. The taffeta skirt was covered in organza. The empire waist was trimmed with a black velvet belt and two “diamond” buttons. Sheer black hose and bow shoes completed the ensemble.

Midi Marvelous (#1870, 1969); this white satin-lined dress was covered with sheer organdy. It had sheer, three-quarter length puffed sleeves with wide embroidered cuffs. The shoulders and double-tiered skirt were designed the same way. A pale-pink sash circled the waist. The matching hat featured the same embroidery with a pink ribbon hatband. Accessories included sheer white stockings and bow shoes.

Romantic Ruffles (#1871, 1969); pink and silver floor-length dress, the sleeveless silver lamé bodice connected with five tiers of ruffled pink net and a hot-pink taffeta underskirt. Silver dots sparkled on the net and a pink ribbon sash adorned the empire waist. The outfit included “rosette” earrings, a pink and silver lamé clutch purse and pink bow shoes.

See-Worthy (#1872, 1969); yes, it’s “see” instead of “sea” … turquoise “sailor” dress — the long-sleeved bodice had braided yellow trim around sleeves and square-backed collar. Three yellow buttons ran down the front of the dropped-waist dress, which fell into a mid-length, wide-pleated skirt. A yellow ribbon tied around the neck. The outfit included turquoise knee-socks with the braided yellow trim and a matching hat. Turquoise tennis shoes and a plastic camera came in the package.

Barbie in Plush Pony
Barbie in Plush Pony | Source
Fab City
Fab City | Source
Let's Have A Ball
Let's Have A Ball | Source
Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding | Source
Reproduction-Made For Each Other
Reproduction-Made For Each Other | Source
Stacey in Silver Sparkle
Stacey in Silver Sparkle | Source
Hooray For Leather
Hooray For Leather | Source
Dream Wrap
Dream Wrap | Source
Leisure Leopard
Leisure Leopard | Source
Stacey in Firelights
Stacey in Firelights | Source
Important In-Vestment
Important In-Vestment | Source

More of Barbie’s 1969 Outfits

Plush Pony (#1873, 1969); the dress had a hot orange, long-sleeved top that fit into a “furry” skirt — white with black print. Orange trim accented the skirt’s hem and a gold metallic belt circled the waist. A matching mid-length “fur” coat with a gold chain belt and calf-high orange boots completed the look.

Fab City (#12874, 1969); evening gown with a silver-sparkled spaghetti-strapped lamé bodice that led into a white organdy-over-satin skirt. The skirt was adorned with hot-pink fabric flowers and black flocking. The high waistline of the dress was wrapped in rose-colored satin. The dress had an accompanying stole in silver lamé with a pink lining. Cut-out shoes and pink gloves added to the ensemble.

Let’s Have A Ball (#1879, 1969); floor length evening dress — the sleeveless turquoise velvet bodice fell into a long organza skirt with scattered pink, black and aqua-colored floral print. The underskirt was lined in white satin. A thin gold-braided waistband tied into a loop that held a brooch. The short-waisted jacket, with its full sleeves in turquoise velvet, was trimmed with genuine white fur. Pale-blue closed-toe shoes came in the package.

Winter Wedding (#1880, 1969-1970); heavy wide-skirted brocade gown ... its fitted bodice, long sleeves, neckline and cuffs were trimmed with rabbit fur. The skirt had a braided scalloped hem. The headpiece was also made of brocade and trimmed with fur; the attached tulle veil fell to mid-length. Barbie Doll carried a bouquet with five pink (velvet) flowers and green leaves tied with a satin ribbon. White closed-toe shoes completed the outfit.

Made For Each Other (#1881, 1969); yellow sleeveless blouse and a woven mini-skirt in yellow, orange and white plaid. The skirt had an orange satin waistband. A mid-length coat of the same pattern (with an orange-plush collar and vinyl belt) fit over the outfit. A plush orange hat, high plastic boots and a string of beads were included.

Silver Sparkle (#1885, 1969); silver mini-dress — the long-waisted ribbed-patterned bodice was fashioned with silver lamé threads. The attached skirt was metallic silver with a bow at the waist. Barbie or her friend Stacey Doll wore clear cut-out shoes with the dress. This was the same outfit released for a special Barbie Talk magazine promotion. It offered the dress (called Salute to Silver; 1969-1970) for a special price when purchasing a subscription.

Hooray for Leather (#1477, 1969-1970); yellow vinyl skirt with a reddish-orange plush hem. The sweater of bright orange-red had three-quarter length sleeves. The outfit came with yellow bow shoes.

Dream Wrap (#1476, 1969-1970); white lace-trimmed short pajamas — the pale-pink material had white floral print and a hot-pink ribbon sash. Matching panties and pink felt slippers came with the set.

Shift Into Knit (#1478, 1969-1970); sleeveless shift dress — the bodice was red and the attached skirt was navy-blue. A gold chain belt circled the waist. Barbie Doll wore a red fringed-trimmed scarf around her neck and red “chunky” shoes.

Leisure Leopard (#1479, 1969-1970); sleeveless one-piece pants outfit in leopard print with a bright-yellow front panel. Yellow open-toed shoes came with the “hostess pajamas,” which draped in such a way that it looked like a dress.

Firelights (#1481, 1969-1970); wide-legged “hostess pajamas” in blue-green with metallic silver lamé patterns, braided straps and trim. Blue open-toed shoes completed the outfit.

Important In-Vestment (#1482, 1969-1970); bright-green long-sleeved mini-dress with a gold chain belt and red flower accent. A white “fur” vest (with red or yellow calico lining) and green “chunky” shoes finished the look.

Little Bow Pink
Little Bow Pink | Source
Yellow Mellow
Yellow Mellow | Source
Stacey in Winter Wow
Stacey in Winter Wow | Source
Shirt Dressy
Shirt Dressy | Source
Velvet Venture
Velvet Venture | Source
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 | Source
Barbie in Red, White 'n Warm
Barbie in Red, White 'n Warm | Source
Silver Polish
Silver Polish | Source
Barbie in Fab Fur
Barbie in Fab Fur | Source
Barbie in Goldswinger
Barbie in Goldswinger | Source

And More Beautiful Clothes!

Little Bow Pink (#1483, 1969-1970); hot-pink satin mini-dress with an empire waist and long sleeves. Nylon ruffles adorned the sleeves and neckline. Accessories included hot-pink hose and “chunky” shoes.

Yellow Mellow (#1484, 1969-1970); medium-yellow long-sleeved velour dress — the hem and high-necked collar were fashioned with braided white and red-pink trim. Barbie wore yellow stockings and shoes.

Winter Wow (#1486, 1969-1970); pleated mini-skirt in burnt sienna with a fitted jacket. The jacket was the same color; it had brown fur trim at the hem, cuffs, neckline and down the front, as well as three gold buttons. A gold belt circled the waist. A “fur” bonnet, muff and thigh-high gold-fabric boots finished off the look.

Shirt Dressy (#1487, 1969-1970); sheer long-sleeved dress of yellow organza — the bodice fit into a full skirt covered with white and light-blue patterned lace. Two versions were released. The dress had a full yellow satin slip, hose and “chunky” shoes.

Velvet Venture (#1488, 1969-1970); sleeveless hot-pink and gold lamé sheath dress with a gold-braided neckline. The yellow-tinted green velvet coat was textured with floral pattern flocking — it had braided gold-trimmed wide silk lapels (the trim was on the collar and sleeve cuffs). The stockings and “chunky” shoes matched the coat.

Cloud 9 (#1489 1969-1970); a “mini” thin-strapped nightgown of hot-pink satin and dusty-blue tricot with a scalloped hem and matching panties. The blue satin peignoir had sheer nylon, puffy sleeves and a pink satin collar. Hot-pink satin slippers with blue ruffled tops came in the package.

Red, White ‘n Warm (#1491, 1969-1970); sleeveless fleecy shift in large, alternating color blocks of hot-pink and orange and an elastic waistband. The white vinyl long-waisted coat had a “fur” collar and sleeve cuffs; its belt closed with a large oval buckle. Knee-high “fur” trimmed boots (with ankle chains) and a hat completed the ensemble.

Silver Polish (#1492, 1969-1970); metallic silver jumpsuit with a sleeveless bodice and wide yellow filigree waistband. The legs had small cutouts in the hems. A long evening coat in yellow (trimmed with silver filigree) tied together at the neckline. The outfit included “chunky” yellow shoes.

Fab Fur (#1493, 1969-1970); a mini-skirt and coat in light-brown “fur.” A sleeveless, satin, hot-pink top and gold-knitted thigh-high “boots” gave Barbie Doll that “mod” look.

Goldswinger (#1494, 1969-1970); the dress featured a sleeveless gold-knitted bodice and empire waist attached to a ruffled, organza, reddish-orange skirt. The skirt was lined in matching satin. The mid-length gold-lamé coat featured reddish-orange “zigzagging lightning bolts.” The coat closed with a wide plastic belt. Orange “chunky” shoes were included.

Petti Pinks
Petti Pinks | Source
Barbie in Sun Shiner
Barbie in Sun Shiner | Source

Fashion Paks

1969 saw the introduction of six new Fashion Paks for Barbie and Stacey, including:

· Flats ‘n Heels (10 pairs of shoes in various styles and colors)

· Tour-Ins (traveling accessories such as a valise, purse, umbrella and camera)

· Finishing Touches (silvery hose and clutch purse, long white gloves, “pearl” necklace, belt, corsage and eyelash brush)

· Petti-Pinks (pink-ruffled half-slip, slippers, mirror, scale and powder puff)

· Terrific Twosome (white sleeveless blouse with one of several patterned or colored skirts)

· Sun Shiner (short, sleeveless dress with ruffles at the knees. The dresses came in a variety of colors and patterns and included closed-toe pumps).

Pink Premiere Gift Set
Pink Premiere Gift Set | Source
Stacey in Night Lightning
Stacey in Night Lightning | Source
Golden Groove Gift Set
Golden Groove Gift Set | Source
Talking Barbie and Ken Fabulous Formal Gift Set
Talking Barbie and Ken Fabulous Formal Gift Set | Source

Department Store Releases

J. C. Penney and Sears department stores offered several gift sets for Barbie and Stacey in 1969:

J. C. Penney Exclusive Pink Premiere Set (#1596, 1969-1970); pink satin coat with gold lamé trimming on the collar, sleeveless empire-waisted dress with a pink satin bodice (gold braid under the breast area) and a white satin underdress covered by a white multi-tiered nylon skirt. The hem, which fell above the knees, was trimmed in pink. Accessories included pink “chunky” shoes, satin purse, short gold nylon gloves and pink panty hose. The set included a Talking Barbie Doll.

Sears Exclusive Twinkle Gift Set (#1592, 1969); the set featured a Barbie doll (#1190) dressed in a blue two-piece swimsuit — patterned after the doll’s original pink swimsuit — and came with the Movie Groovie outfit (#1866) released as a separate the same year.

Sears Exclusive Stacey Doll Night Lightning Gift Set (#1591, 1969); short dress with a pink satin, sleeveless bodice that attached to a layered skirt ... the layers were glittery eyelet materials in pink, aqua and blue. A royal-blue satin evening coat with short puffed sleeves fastened at the neck with a gold brooch. Accessories were blue hose and bow shoes. Twist ‘n Turn Stacey, in her multi-colored one-piece swimsuit, came in the package.

Sears Exclusive Golden Groove Set (#1593, 1969); suit jacket and skirt in pink lamé — the jacket sleeve cuffs were trimmed with brown fur. Gold nylon boots finished the look. The set included a Talking Barbie Doll wearing a white two-piece swimsuit and gold lamé cover-up.

Sears Exclusive Talking Barbie and Ken Fabulous Formal Gift Set (#1595, 1969); Barbie’s dress was a yellow and silver version of Romantic Ruffles (#1871) with an orange-red sash. The dress had a silver bodice, five tiers of ruffled yellow netting and taffeta underneath. Her shoes, drop earrings and purse were yellow. Ken Doll wore a yellow tuxedo jacket, white pants, shirt socks and shoes. His vest was red and white. Talking Barbie and Talking Ken came with the set.

Over time, Julia’s brown hair oxidized into its beautiful raspberry color.
Over time, Julia’s brown hair oxidized into its beautiful raspberry color. | Source
Talking Julia
Talking Julia | Source
Leather Weather
Leather Weather | Source
Brr Furr
Brr Furr | Source
Pink Fantasy
Pink Fantasy | Source
Candlelight Capers
Candlelight Capers | Source
Simply Wow
Simply Wow | Source


Mattel’s Julia doll was modeled after actress Diahann Carroll, who portrayed the character on the popular television series (September 17, 1968 to March 23, 1971). In addition to her original uniform, nurse Julia had four outfits and a gift set in 1969. Julia’s nurse’s outfit was a white two-piece suit, a nurse’s pin and cap. Julia’s uniform was later fashioned into a one-piece dress.

Talking Julia Doll, Original Outfit (#1128, 1969-1971); gold (on one side) and silver (on the other side) lamé jumpsuit. It had a high collar, wide legs and a stitched-in belt with a metal buckle at the waist.

Leather Weather (#1751, 1969-1970); white mini-skirt with plaid stitching — red, blue, pink, black and brown on textured fabric. The skirt’s waistband was red “leather.” A sleeveless pink shell fit into the skirt. The coat was red “leather” with a double-breasted front and gold buttons. Accessories included red “chunky” shoes and shoulder bag.

Brr-Furr (#1752, 1969-1970); the dress was sleeveless with a high-collared satin bodice attached to a knit-textured skirt with vinyl waistband. The jacket — which matched the skirt — belted at the waist and was trimmed with “fur.” The outfit came in two colors; pink and white or light-aqua and lime-green. “Chunky” shoes and a furry hat came in the package.

Pink Fantasy (#1754, 1969-1970); rose-pink, thin-strapped tricot nightgown with a lacy bodice. The matching robe was sleeveless with three tiers of cascading nylon from its empire waist. A ribbon and rosette adorned the bodice. Gold nylon slippers (with pink pompoms) were included.

Candlelight Capers (#1753, 1969-1970); gold-knit lamé threaded bodice with gold braid at the low waist and neckline. The sleeveless dress had an attached yellow velvet skirt. The matching yellow velvet cape was trimmed with gold braid. It had gold-buttons down the front and at the arm slits. A yellow fur-trimmed velvet hat and “chunky” shoes added to the look. Variations of the outfit had the dress bodice made with silver or gold metallic materials.

Sears Exclusive Simply Wow Set (#1594, 1969); Julia’s only gift set featured the talking version of the doll in her original gold and silver lamé pantsuit. The accompanying outfit was a suit-dress; its turquoise skirt fit into a sleeveless white satin bodice and had gold-braided trim at the waist. Julia wore a matching “box” jacket (with gold-braided trim at the lapels, closures, sleeve cuffs and bottom hem) over the dress. Turquoise shoes finished off the outfit.

Living Barbie is on the way!
Living Barbie is on the way! | Source

More in 1969

Francie and Casey Dolls had 16 new outfits in 1969 — they could share their clothes with Twiggy Doll, who could wear the same sizes. Skipper Doll (Barbie’s little sister) had 13 new ensembles. Barbie and Skipper’s younger sister, Tutti, did not have new outfits in 1969 but four from the previous season were repeated.

Coming in 1970

Barbie was on her way to a new decade … she and her friends could pose in a variety of ways. Living Barbie was ready for action!

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      Laurie 8 weeks ago from Ontario

      Thank you

      Anne is my middle name, for some reason I couldn't use laurie Anne,,already taken.

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      If you have grandchildren they must love it.

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    • TeriSilver profile image

      Teri Silver 8 weeks ago from The Buckeye State

      Hi, Anne, thank you for the compliment ... yes, I have a vintage Barbie collection and many of the pieces (in all the Barbie Doll articles). I have not seen the comment on my Basics of Journalism" piece but I will look to see if it is there.

    • Anne laurie profile image

      Laurie 8 weeks ago from Ontario

      Wow that's awesome. You sure did your research. I had quite a few of these barbies but do not remember all the clothes. I really wish I still had my barbies.

      I had no idea Julia doll was Diane Carroll though, amazing.

      Do you have any of these dolls.

      Thank you for the great info.

      To change the subject a bit, I put a comment under your article about journalism, not sure if it was rejected or just hasn't been edited yet, however I was asking about a story I wanted to tell and you seem like the person who could help.

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