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Barony: A Roguelike Game For Mac

Updated on December 6, 2017

Trigger Your Nostalgia

Barony: Cursed Edition will bring you back to the gaming days of old. It is a roguelike with a bit of not-so-obvious depth. For an Indie game, it's quite fun. Most of the negative reviews I have come across seem to curse its difficulty and those claims aren't unwarranted. However, the difficulty is what sets this apart from your standard cookie-cutter rpg roguelike.

Don't Be Afraid...The Ghoul is on Our Side


Barony has 10 classes to choose from. You'll see your typical cleric, barbarian, etc. There are a few bizarre classes, but every character in theory could obtain the same skills, abilities, and equipment. Your starting class helps you determine how you will play the game. For example the cleric is recommended for beginners which I chose for my play through. There is nothing spectacular about him other than he can summon some creatures for help. That little extra help can be exactly what you need to get you through the first several levels of the game. The Ghoul I summoned felt like a tank and made for a great partner.

Exploring Pays Off

There are 20 levels of game progression in general. I have yet to beat the game and rumors have spoke of secret levels, but I was unable to find them. The first 5 levels are the hardest. You are weak, there are insta kill traps, and finding decent equipment is rough. This is why choosing your starting character is so important. As the Cleric, I was able to summon 3 sets of helpers in those early 5 levels of the dungeon. When I advanced to the next set of levels the terrain changed completely making it difficult for my followers to always be with me. Exploring can be dangerous but is rewarded if you take the extra time to do it. Every level has an exit and it isn't always the best option to immediately take it.

A New Friend

The game contains all kinds of oddities in a good way. I found this follower who immediately decided to join up with me. I let her tank while I decided to try my hand at casting. There are a variety of spells and some can offer some interesting play styles. For example, levitate can allow you to hover to an area where creatures can not reach you. I was also able to obtain a staff that could dig through the walls in the game which once saved my life as a minotaur was chasing me. On some levels if you don't find the exit in time a minotaur will invite you to tea and crumpets where you are the tea...and the crumpets.

Level 19 and a Swift Ending

I met my end abruptly after meeting a demon. We got into a misunderstanding which led to my removal from the dungeon. Like a bouncer to the gates of the final level I was not allowed to progress any further. This will happen often in Barony, sudden deaths, a minor frustration, and a will to try the game again shortly after.

Barony is customizable to allow easier play. You can remove traps, minotaurs, and other options. I have tested multiplayer as well and besides a few crashes here and there it runs quite well. If you are looking for a nice roguelike, pick this one up. It's worth the price for the amount of gameplay you can get out of it.

What's Your Favorite Barony Class?

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    • profile image

      Tyler McGraw 6 weeks ago

      This sounds promising! Will definitely have to check it out. It almost looks like Doom meets Minecraft. Neat!

    • PageBeard profile image

      Oliver Rifkind 6 weeks ago from Always Moving

      Thanks for reading Louise!

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 6 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      This sounds like a good game. I think I'd enjoy this.