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Barrel Escape Lego Set 79004 - New Hobbit Lego

Updated on November 13, 2012

In this article we are going to be reviewing one of the new Hobbit Lego sets. To be more specific we will take a look at the Barrel Escape Lego set. We will be talking about the release date for this one and the price and where you can get hold of it from. If you are a fan of Lego and are looking forward to the release of the first Hobbit movie then this page should be for you.

The hype surrounding Peter Jackson’s latest movie, The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey is simply mind blowing. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated film releases of all time and cinemas the world over are going to be packed to the rafters come mid December. Lots of different companies are looking for a piece of the pie and one of these companies is Lego. They are releasing brand new toys to coincide with the release of this movie. To be more precise they are bringing out six new builds all based closely on the storyline from Tolkien’s classic children’s book. One of the these new sets is taken from a scene near the end of the first movie, this set will be called Barrel Escape, so let’s take a look at it.

Barrel Escape

Barrel Escape From The New Hobbit Lego Sets

This set was originally thought to be called Escape in the Barrels but at the last minute it got changed to Barrel Escape. This set has the item number 79004 and is going to retail at around $40. This is a middle of the range size set when compared with the other ones in this theme. When it comes to the release date we are expecting it to go on sale on the 1st of December although it may start showing up online a little bit earlier than that as is often the case with big releases.

So the set is based on a the part of the story where Bilbo and the dwarves have made it out of Mirkwood and away from the spiders. Here they come across a party of wood elves who are seemingly not overly friendly and so capture the dwarves and Bilbo and take them to their home. Here Bilbo must try and help his friends escape and continue on their journey. If you are not familiar with the story we won’t give any more away, but as the title suggest there are some barrels involved.

So looking at the actual build there is some nice section of the Elven hall where we see parts of a kitchen, some barrels and what looks like a little prison with a key hung on the wall next to it. One of the nice features is that you can actually fit the minifigures into the barrels. With this one you get five minifigures and these will be Oin, Gloin, Bilbo and two of the wood elves. This is the third instance where we see Bilbo included as a minifigure and we have noticed that he is a little different in each set, which is obviously a good thing for people who like collecting them. This set overall then looks like being quite a good one with lots going on and some nice detail included.

Hobbit Minifigures

The Future For Hobbit & LOTR Lego

So now we have already had seven excellent Lord Of The Rings Lego sets and now we know what the first six Hobbit sets are going to be, what about the future. What can we expect from the Tolkien theme in the coming years. Some themes run for many years, for instance Star Wars has been going for well over a decade, year in year out Lego release lots of new builds based on Star Wars. Some themes only last a few years, ones like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean were briefly successful but didn’t really last that long. So what of the new Hobbit and LOTR themes?

Well the reason why Star Wars has done so well is that it has a massive fan base and so much scope for Lego to base their bricks on. Tolkien’s works are probably not quite as extensive but when you think of LOTR there are so many possibilities for directions that Lego could take their future builds in. Some of the more obvious ideas include things like Orthanc, Minas Tirith, Mount Doom, the Black Gate, Rivendell or the Argonath. There are also characters that they could base builds on like they did with Shelob, what about a Treebeard set, A Balrog build, a Nazgul, or some Elephants. There are other ideas for buildings such as the Prancing Pony, the Great Hall, Minas Morgul or the bridge of Khazad Dum. As you can see when you start thinking about it there are so many different directions they could take it in. Along with the sets there are also countless characters that we could see in minifigure form. Some obvious ones would include Saruman, Galadriel, Elrond, Arwen and Faramir.

Moving towards Hobbit Lego there probably are not quite as many possibilities but there are still a good few. The Lonely Mountain, Lake Town, Smaug are just a few more simple ideas. But as Lego have already showed they can turn pretty much anything into a build, so again there really is plenty of scope for much more to come.

The reality is that both the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit have a massive fan base and as we have already seen the LOTR sets sold very well. Realistically speaking it’s not likely that this new theme will have the success of Star Wars, but it could still run for a good few years and do very well for the company behind these little bricks. With the release of sets like Barrel Escape, Lego are showing just what kind of thing they are capable of and are planning for the future. For fans of Tolkien’s books, fans of Peter Jackson’s films and of course fans of Lego, the next few years should be very exciting indeed.


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