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Baseball Card Pickups of the Day - October 3, 2014

Updated on October 3, 2014

$10 to Spend!

So I went to the store today looking to pick up a few more cards.

Honestly, I’ve picked up several huge collections over the past few months, but I’ve successfully moved the bulk of the cards included in those big purchases. I’ve also sold off much of my existing inventory so I just had to start rebuilding again (I’ve been doing that a lot lately). At the last show I bought two 5000-ct boxes full of stuff. I didn't know if there was anything good in those boxes (there was, of course), but I wanted to have something to go through. I also bought another dealer's Fifty cent box full of vintage cards from all four major sports. I paid $50 and have pulled out nearly $500 worth in value, mostly baseball.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to pass up good smaller deals. I spent $10 in the store on the following ten cards.

George Brett is a Baseball Icon

George Brett 2005 UD Hall of Fame Essential Enshrinement EE-GB3

This insert card is serial numbered 23/50 to begin with so it's extremely limited. Brett is a baseball icon who still has a fairly active fan base so his cards continue to sell well. When I looked it up it has a value of $12. Not too bad.

Can't Go Wrong with Teddy

Ted Williams 2006 Greats of the Game Boston GreatsBOS-TW

This insert card comes from the Fleer Greats of the Game product. There were several series of inserts in this set highlighting greats from several different franchises. One thing I’ve learned, doing business here in NY – there are lots of transplanted Boston fans here in NYC. This card has a current value of $10.

Ted Williams 2006 Triple Threads Heroes TW4

This insert card comes from the extremely expensive Triple Threads product. Again, knowing I have lots of Boston fans made me jump on this beautiful card that is valued also at $10.

Yankee Legends

Don Mattingly 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 21

Donnie Baseball is a huge seller here in New York and this card comes from an expensive set. Issued in $60 tins in 2005, the Baseball Heroes set highlights baseball greats from all eras. The hitters in this set are worth much more than the pitchers but even I was a bit surprised to find that this card has a current value of $12.

Joe DiMaggio 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 136 and 138

These two were a toss-up for me. I never like to leave New York Yankee legends cards behind because they do sell well, however, Joe DiMaggio doesn’t. I’m not sure why youngsters stay away from this All-Time great but older Yankees fans know the animosity DiMaggio had for Mickey Mantle which definitely is held against him. That being said, these two cards are short printed and serial numbered out of 575. Even with that they are still only equal in value to the non-serial-numbered Mattingly above at $12 each.

Seaver & Schmidt - Baseball Heroes

Mike Schmidt 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 45 Emerald 119/199

Much like George Brett above, Mike Schmidt has a very large and loyal following amongst collectors. Too bad the portrait of Schmidt makes him look like a tired 90-year old man. This card, again out of the $60 tins is serial numbered to 199 and has a current value of $20.

Tom Seaver 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 30

So here’s a problem. I have a ton of Mets fans to satisfy and a limited number of Tom Seaver cards. This card, also from the very expensive tins is only valued at $4 but will likely be the first card in this bunch to sell. If there were more of them, I would have picked them up too. Again, because this was a very expensive product at the time, many people didn’t have the opportunity to buy any making the demand for the cards from this set fairly high.

More Yankees

Lou Gehrig 2005 UD Hall of Fame 91

Like I said before, I can't stand leaving legendary Yankees cards behind. This card is limited and serial numbered out of 550. Unlike DiMaggio, Gehrig is a well-loved Yankee legend whose cards continue to sell well. This card has a value of $12.

And finally....

Alex Rodriguez 2006 Triple Threads 13 Gold 43/50

I know it an A-Rod card but I have found, even with all the craziness surrounding A-Rod, that his limited cards still sell. He's still considered a star and this particular card comes from an expensive product and is limited to just 50 copies. Considering all of that, this card has a value of $20

So How Did I Do?

So I bought ten cards for $10.

The final value of all ten cards is $124. Every card, with the exception of the $20 A-Rod card has an excellent chance at selling as they all depict popular baseball icons and others in the group are just very hard to find. Hey for a dollar a card, I think I did all right.

What do you think?


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