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Baseball Cards: 1950 R423 - One of the Most Overlooked Vintage Sets EVER

Updated on June 7, 2013

1950 R423 - Extremely Small Strip Cards

One of the Most Overlooked Vintage Sets EVER

The cards in this series from the early 1950s are printed on thin stock and measure 5/8" by 3/4" (smaller than the size of a US quarter). They were initially offered as a long horizontal strip of 13 cards connected by a perforation. The cards were available with a variety of back colors with orange being the most common, green backs are uncommon and purple backs are rare. There have been isolated findings of Red and Blue backs which would be the rarest of the varieties. Complete strips intact are worth 50 percent more than the sum of the individual players on the strip. The numbering of the cards in the set is close to alphabetical. The strips are found with the cards in no particular order (though the players on the strip are consistent). These strips were found in one-cent bubblegum machines, folded accordion style and held together by a small metal clip.

13-card Strips

This Set is Loaded and Inexpensive

The cards are found with black and white photos on the front and a very rudimentary drawing of a baseball diamond on the back. On the front of the card, under the player’s photo are the player’s name and a baseball term. This set is loaded with all-time baseball players like Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson and Lou Gehrig as well as some of the best players of the time including Richie Ashburn, Duke Snider and Stan Musial.

Since Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Whitey Ford are not in the set, we can make the guess that this set is from 1950-51. The prices shown below are for cards that have an orange backing. The Green is usually worth about double and the purple backs are 3-5x the value of the orange. I have only recently seen a red backed card but I did not track the pricing on it.

Basic Pricing for Orange Backs - Just a Guide

1950 R423 #92 Babe Ruth $100.00

1950 R423 #14A Ty Cobb/ Auto $80.00

1950 R423 #14B Ty Cobb/No Auto $80.00

1950 R423 #25 Joe DiMaggio $80.00

1950 R423 #35 Lou Gehrig $80.00

1950 R423 #91 Jackie Robinson $80.00

1950 R423 #113 Ted Williams $80.00

1950 R423 #72 Stan Musial $50.00

1950 R423 #5 Yogi Berra $40.00

1950 R423 #12 Roy Campanella $40.00

1950 R423 #21 Dizzy Dean $30.00

1950 R423 #31 Bob Feller $30.00

1950 R423 #48 Roger Hornsby $25.00

1950 R423 #54 Walter Johnson $25.00

1950 R423 #68 Christy Mathewson $25.00

1950 R423 #34 Lefty Gomez $15.00

1950 R423 #2 Richie Ashburn $15.00

1950 R423 #45 Gil Hodges $15.00

1950 R423 #95 Duke Snider $15.00

1950 R423 #1 Grover C. Alexander $15.00

1950 R423 #7 Lou Boudreau $10.00

1950 R423 #15 Mickey Cochrane $10.00

1950 R423 #16 Eddie Collins $10.00

1950 R423 #18 Larry Doby $10.00

1950 R423 #22 Bill Dickey $10.00

1950 R423 #24 Dom DiMaggio $10.00

1950 R423 #26 Leo Durocher MG $10.00

1950 R423 #32 Frank Frisch $10.00

1950 R423 #38 Hank Greenberg $10.00

1950 R423 #39 Lefty Grove $10.00

1950 R423 #46 Harry Heilmann $10.00

1950 R423 #49 Carl Hubbell $10.00

1950 R423 #57 George Kell $10.00

1950 R423 #58 Ralph Kiner $10.00

1950 R423 #59 Bob Lemon $10.00

1950 R423 #62 Tony Lazzeri $10.00

1950 R423 #67 Connie Mack $10.00

1950 R423 #69 Joe Medwick $10.00

1950 R423 #70 Johnny Mize $10.00

1950 R423 #73 Hal Newhouser $10.00

1950 R423 #76 Mel Ott $10.00

1950 R423 #84 Herb Pennock $10.00

1950 R423 #86 Pee Wee Reese $10.00

1950 R423 #90 Phil Rizzuto $10.00

1950 R423 #93 Casey Stengel $10.00

1950 R423 #96 Enos Slaughter $10.00

1950 R423 #97 Al Schoendienst $10.00

1950 R423 #102 Al Simmons $10.00

1950 R423 #103 George Sisler $10.00

1950 R423 #104 Tris Speaker $10.00

1950 R423 #109 Dazzy Vance $10.00

1950 R423 #110 Lloyd Waner $10.00

1950 R423 #111 Paul Waner $10.00

1950 R423 #47 Tommy Henrich $8.00

1950 R423 #74 Don Newcombe $8.00

1950 R423 #4 Ralph Branca $6.00

1950 R423 #6 Ewell Blackwell $6.00

1950 R423 #10 Jerry Coleman $6.00

1950 R423 #13 Phil Cavarretta $6.00

1950 R423 #17 Frank Crosetti $6.00

1950 R423 #20 Alvin Dark $6.00

1950 R423 #27 Mel Parnell $6.00

1950 R423 #28 Bob Elliott $6.00

1950 R423 #36 Joe Gordon $6.00

1950 R423 #56 Jim Konstanty $6.00

1950 R423 #60 Whitey Lockman $6.00

1950 R423 #61 Ed Lopat $6.00

1950 R423 #75 Lefty O'Doul $6.00

1950 R423 #85 Al Rosen $6.00

1950 R423 #88 Vic Raschi $6.00

1950 R423 #89 Allie Reynolds $6.00

1950 R423 #94 Vern Stephens $6.00

1950 R423 #105 Ed Stanky $6.00

1950 R423 #3 Frank Baumholtz $5.00

1950 R423 #8 Harry Brecheen $5.00

1950 R423 #9 Chico Carrasquel $5.00

1950 R423 #11 Walker Cooper $5.00

1950 R423 #19 Walter Dropo $5.00

1950 R423 #23 Murray Dickson $5.00

1950 R423 #29 Del Ennis $5.00

1950 R423 #33 Billy Goodman $5.00

1950 R423 #42 Ken Heintzelman $5.00

1950 R423 #44 Jim Hearn $5.00

1950 R423 #50 Eddie Joost $5.00

1950 R423 #51 Nippy Jones $5.00

1950 R423 #53 Nippy Jones $5.00

1950 R423 #55 Ellis Kinder $5.00

1950 R423 #63 Cass Michaels $5.00

1950 R423 #64 Cliff Mapes $5.00

1950 R423 #65 Willard Marshall $5.00

1950 R423 #66 Clyde McCullough $5.00

1950 R423 #71 Terry Moore $5.00

1950 R423 #77 Mel Parnell $5.00

1950 R423 #79 Gerald Priddy $5.00

1950 R423 #80 Dave Philley $5.00

1950 R423 #81 Bob Porterfield $5.00

1950 R423 #82 Andy Pafko $5.00

1950 R423 #83 Howie Pollet $5.00

1950 R423 #87 Del Rice $5.00

1950 R423 #98 Gerald Staley $5.00

1950 R423 #99 Clyde Shoun $5.00

1950 R423 #106 Virgil Trucks $5.00

1950 R423 #107 Henry Thompson $5.00

1950 R423 #112 Gene Woodling $5.00

1950 R423 #114 Vic Wertz $5.00

1950 R423 #115 Wes Westrum $5.00

1950 R423 #116 Johnny Wyrostek $5.00

1950 R423 #117 Eddie Yost $5.00

1950 R423 #118 Al Zarilla $5.00

1950 R423 #119 Gus Zernial $5.00

1950 R423 #120 Sam Zoldak $5.00

Babe Ruth 1950 R423

Take a Second Look

While this size may have been popular at the time (small enough to carry lots of them in a box I guess), collectors today are not into the extremely small size of these cards. I think that should be one of the selling points of this set. Despite what you may read, there aren’t a lot of them out there. Not as singles or as complete strips. Given their small size they are easy to lose and who knows how many of these have been lost – they are over 60 years old.

The set is loaded, absolutely loaded, with stars and right now the prices are still extremely low. They have moved up over the past ten years or so where commons used to be about $2.00 now they are $5.00 and Ruth has gone from $40 to $100, but still, look at the cards in the $10-$15 range – it’s a laundry list of Hall of Famers.

If you are looking for a vintage set to collect that isn't out of your price range and includes most of the biggest names in baseball history this set is for you. Yeah, I'm biased since it's one of my favorites, but this really is a great set to collect.


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