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Baseball Cards: Why I Still Love This Hobby - A Fun Show I Didn't Expect

Updated on April 2, 2012

Fun Show I Didn't Expect

This past weekend was one of those, "it's cool to be a dad with a hobby" kind of weekends. After spending quite a bit of money to fix my car last week, I was looking to have a nice show on Sunday to help pay for the expense. It started on Friday.

Friday night, a collector who saw me last week at a show called to see if he could go through my 1965 Topps cards. He was looking to upgrade his set and I had cards in great condition. He called while I was driving my kid home from picking up a very late pizza. Not a problem but I forgot to call him back.

Saturday morning I drove my daughter to her Karate class and went to the gym, where I received a second call from the collector for the 1965 Topps. After talking with him, I told him to come by around 12, though I'd be cooking sauce and meatballs. He came over with his set in the binder and proceeded to go through every card. The 1965 set is fairly large so he sat there for 2 1/2 hours, looking through cards, talking baseball card experiences, and sampling a meatball and sauce of course. In the end, he spent $125 and I gave him a great deal since the cards were worth about $300. I can do that with most cards I sell since I buy at the right price.

Then I needed to figure out Sunday. I had picked up some nice stuff during the week and changed my philosophy and some of the stuff I had been holding onto. In the end, I made two huge $1 boxes that had everything from newer Bowman Chrome rookies to inserts from the 90s you don't see anymore to game-used cards, a few minor autographs, it didn't matter. I also lined my dime boxes with all manner of weird stuff. Lots of non-sport cards from the late 70's, Donruss Americana cards, American Heritage cards, you name it. Ithrew Golf and Tennis in with the baseball and football stuff.

I thought I was in good shape for Sunday when I got to the show and found out that one of the dealers who is always here was not going to be since he was sick. He sells lots of high-end stuff so we don't clash at all but he brings in buyers and when he doesn't show up, he calls them and tells them, and then they don't show up either. I thought this would kill the show - not to mention that it was also Palm Sunday.

Despite that, the people that showed up had a great time going through the $1 and dime boxes. All of the really cool things I picked up for the show - I still have - people noted them, but were having too much fun in the other stuff. By the end of the show, after talking baseball and baseball cards for six hours. I had made about $200. I then went about trading with one of the other vendors. A few weeks ago I picked up a T206 reprint set made by Capital in 1983. It had everybody in it and this other vendor was picking out cards from the set since I had put the majority in my dime box. I bought the set for $15 and had taken the Wagner out and was selling that separately for $10. The set usually sells in the $80 range so it was a good pickup to begin with.

He came over to me and mentioned that the other dealer next to him had offered $5 for his dime box. A 5000 count dime box. One row was full of Bowman chrome rookie cards and this years Topps which makes it far more than $5 one way or another. I LOVE going through this kind of stuff so I offered the whole T206 reprint set in trade for the box. He obviously liked the set and I would have something fun to look through. We made the swap at the end of the show and we were both very happy with the trade.

I went through the box and pulled out about 25 cards that go right into the $1 box. These are mostly Bowman Chrome and Bowman Platinum RCs that book in the $2.50 to $4 range. Speculators love picking these up cheap. I also found a $15 Marquis Grissom card (yes - I was surprised as anyone to find that such a card even existed!). It was a Flair Row 2 Collections parallel. It goes in the $1 box. I also found the 2012 Topps Starlin Castro SP in the Topps stuff he had in the box. That's a $15 card that doesn't go in the $1 box since that card is in demand.

Did I get a lot of garbage in the box? Of course, but I pull that out and have a 5000 ct box to fill from the stuff I already have. I took the soft sleeves off the cards in the dime box and get to use those again. So I saved on some supplies, found some great stuff in the box, made over $300 for the weekend (which is small potatoes to many dealers but just fine by me - I don't spend like other people do), and generally just had an awesome time.

My kids got to do what they wanted, karate, Sleep over and the Hunger Games movie, I got to do what I wanted, cook, sell cards and have a good time and everyone was happy. It's this kind of weekend that happens out of nowhere that shows why I STILL love this hobby...

I'm scheduled to do a show this upcoming Sunday on Easter. I wonder how THAT will turn out...


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    • brianlokker profile image

      Brian Lokker 5 years ago from Bethesda, Maryland

      It sounds like fun. I had a good collection as a kid in the 1950s, but that one disappeared. In the mid-80s I started collecting again, went to some shows, etc., but that was kind of short-lived. One of these days I'll have to pull out those boxes, though, and see what I have. Good luck with your next show!

    • spartucusjones profile image

      CJ Baker 5 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Great Hubs!

      Thanks for your experiences. It kind of makes me nostalgic. I use to collect as a kid but got out of it.