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YouTube Commentators ; A Fad or Legit Income?

Updated on September 9, 2012




YouTube commentating is a relatively new idea for people who upload gaming videos. By new I mean within the last 3 years or so. This practice of capturing game-play and uploading it to YouTube is not where the idea is new, but commentating or talking over the game-play is where this idea becomes different. At first, most commentators would simply talk about their game and try to give their viewers tips on how to be more successful in said game. Now most of these videos show games where the uploader has a great game and has a ton of kills with little to no deaths. Constant uploads of this type of game-play puts some of these commentators on a pedestal. The bulk of the viewer base for these players are teens (as said often by several commentators) and are very impressionable. They see all these great game-plays and begin to think that this is how every match that these guys play goes. What viewers don't realize is that these people capture hours and hours of game-play to find one or two usable games to upload. Now some of them are extremely talented and can get great games most of the time. But others focus more on the commentary than the actual game-play.

I have provided several videos for you to see the different style of commentator. The three I have provided are:

  • Seananners - YouTube Legend, #58 most subscribed all-time on YouTube. He is an exceptional player, but what makes his commentaries so successful is his personality. He is an extremely charismatic and funny guy, and this shows through when he records himself.
  • Xjawz - Amazing player, gives excellent tips to his viewers on how and why he does things in game. Won $10,000 in the "Billionaire's Challenge."
  • WoodysGamerTag - Average to above average player, but very insightful and knowledgeable. He has connections with game developers, so he tends to get inside scoops on games. Very much a reporter who talks over game-play.

Now all of these guys get paid either by YouTube directly or through partnership companies because their channels have been so successful. The amounts are, of course, undisclosed. But several of the directors with fairly large channels have stated that they make a fine living off of YouTube alone. Many still have day jobs, or are in school. Some, in the case of Seananners, end up working for the partnership companies on a salary, Machinima in his case.

Billionaire Alki David actually put together a tournament dubbed the Billionaire's Challenge and flew out several of the most popular directors to his mansion. He had them play each other for a $10,000 cash prize, which Xjawz won.

This corner of YouTube is an excellent place for a new video editor who wants to get his name out there, or even someone who is extremely talented at video games to finally receive some recognition. For the most part, all of the commentators support and help each other become successful. I felt that this niche deserved to be shared with the gaming world, for those who do not already know about it.


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  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Many people get the wrong idea that ALL YouTube commentators can make a living off of this. That simply isn't true, most of them have other jobs that support their families and get them by. The YouTube money is just a monthly bonus. There are, however, those who have made it big. Ray William Johnson is another, who has cleared over a million per year, that made it big and now has a comfortable living off of it.

  • ALMIGHTY CHEEKS profile image

    ALMIGHTY CHEEKS 6 years ago from Crete, IL

    You should look into Darksydephil who is one of youtube's top viewed. He has made a living off his videogame commentaries.

  • profile image

    huiza 6 years ago

    I guess it is hit and miss with them. Some of them in my opinion are horrible and some are really legitimate and are actually filled with information.