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Basketball games online

Updated on January 1, 2012

Top 10 basketball games online

If you are a hoops fan who enjoys playing online basketball games, you will be happy to know that there are plenty to choose from. Hard core gamers may have already played more than their share of basketball-themed games. For those just starting out or who would like a little direction in this area, this article will provide it. Below, we have listed ten of the top basketball games online. Now, this was admittedly a bit difficult because there are so many games. Also, given the fact that everyone’s preferences are different, what I might like, someone else may not. With that being said, here is my list of the top 10 basketball games online. Enjoy! Oh, just to note, they aren’t in any particular order.

1. Dunker: This is a T45 game ( You will be able to test your dunking ability. The more spectacular the dunk, the better score you’ll receive.

2. Jordan Xtreme: If you remember watching Jordan fly through the air in the 1990s or hitting buzzer beating shots to close out playoff series, you’ll want to play this game. However, before you do, please note, you won’t be doing a lot of dunking in this game. I know, kind of surprising, huh? In this game, you will be testing your (or Jordan’s) ability to hit jump shots. This one scores pretty easy so if you get close to the rim, you will score. This is a fun game, especially for someone who likes to rack up a lot of points. This game can be found on

3. Mini Hoops: If you enjoy those arcade shooting games, you’ll love this ESPN hoops game. It’s the same thing. You’ll just be shooting shots virtually. You’ll need to practice if you want to be good at this one. The points don’t come easy. You’ll have to hit it dead on in order to accumulate points.

4.3 Point Shootout: This 3 point shootout game is similar to those 3 point contests all hoops fans have come to know and love. You get several racks and a certain amount of time to make as many three point shots as you can.

5. Street Ball Showdown: If you like street ball, you will definitely want to check out this T45 game. You’ll take your opponent one-on-one. The first person to 11 points wins. Winner has to win by two.

6. NBA Spirit: This is a rather simple game, though it’s not necessarily easy. It’s a shooting game and as you’ll soon find out, timing is everything.

7. Urban Basketball: In this game, you will participate in street ball tournaments held throughout the United States. If you’ve ever wanted to be king (or queen) of the street ball court, here is your chance! This game is available on

8. Euroleague Trick Shots: This game will give you the opportunity to practice and perform trick shots. This one is great for the trick shot artists out there.

9. World Basketball Cup: In this game, you will be competing of the World Basketball Cup. Test your skill and mettle against basketball teams from around the globe.

10. Toon Hoops: If you are both a cartoon and hoops fan, this game is for you. Available on, you will be able to play basketball against many of the cartoon characters featured on the Cartoon Network.


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