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Batman Arkham City Finding Joker

Updated on January 3, 2015

Batman Arkham City Finding Joker and Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham City Finding Joker and Harley Quinn
Batman Arkham City Finding Joker and Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham City Finding Joker

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must track down, find and interrogate Joker to find out what Dr Strange's project is. This will guide the bat in finding the Joker fast so that one may move on to the next part of the Batman Arkham City game, where the real exciting stuff comes in. To find Joker, Batman must travel to the Belltower, and from there to Sionis Steelmill and navigate the insides of the Sionis Steelmill. Within Sionis Steelmill, Batman is guided through various parts of Sionis Steelmill, including the Sionis Steelmill chimney, freeing Dr Stacy Baker and then heading back to the Sionis Steelmill loading bay area.

Batman Arkham City Belltower

In batman arkham city, the belltower is the site where the sniper shot was fired from. Enter the belltower to find Harley Quinn and thugs taking some people hostage. Batman must swing from gargoyle to gargoyle, and use vantage points to silently take down enemies and free the hostages. Then use grapple and head further up the belltower to discover that Joker has fled. Proceed out of the belltower and follow the radio frequency signal of Joker.

Batman Arkham City: Enter Joker and Harley Quinn

Batman Arkham City Sionis Steelmill

In batman arkham city, the Sionis Steelmill is the source of Joker's radio frequency. Head towards the Sionis Steelmill. It is in the southeastern part of Arkham City.

Enter Sionis Steelmill through the chimney. Be careful not to fall into the hot smelted molten metal at the bottom as Batman navigates through this area. Enter the Sionis Steelmmill loading bay area and find Harley Quinn providing "entertainment" to Joker's thugs by punishing Dr Baker for not saving the Joker. This fight may be tough for Batman Arkham City novices, as Batman faces up to many many thugs. Remember to use "under" cover to silently take down the enemies.

After finishing the enemies, Batman moves on to free Dr Baker. This area is guided by thugs . First use double takedown on the thugs closest to Batman. Then grapple onto the gargoyles, and use vantage point takedown or glide kick on the visible thugs. For the thugs inside the room with Dr Baker, use a small crawlway to advance into the room. The multitude of ways to play this part of the Batman Arkham City game exemplifies how open ended fighting enemies is in Batman Arkham City. Always switch to detective mode to find the "secret" areas needed to access vantage points or go into rooms without the enemies knowing. The detective mode is also useful in finding and getting to riddler trophies scattered throughout Arkham City.

After freeing Dr Baker, Batman retrieves the remote electric charger (adding this to his array of awesome gadgets in Batman Arkham City) from the room. This part of the game has baffled many gamers. Head into the cooler room D to activate the magnetizer and pull a cart backwards to retrieve another riddler trophy. This will also illustrate the use of the remote electric charger. Now switch to detective mode, and look for a similar structure hanging over the exit door. Use the remote electric charger to open the door and exit.

Batman Arkham City the Hammer

In batman arkham city, batman reaches the sionis steelmill loading bay again. Here use the remote electric charger to charge up the huge grapple in the middle of the chamber. Swing the grapple backwards to create momentum and smash the loading bay office open.

Harley Quinn then unleashes the Hammer on Batman. This is a one handed Joker thug who wields a huge hammer. The Hammer is surrounded by other Joker thugs. Use strike to take out the other Joker thugs first, and when everyone else is down, focus on the Hammer. Use the remote electric charger to stun the Hammer, and then move in for continuous strikes. After about three or four sets of this, the Hammer will be defeated, and Batman will receive the One Handed Bandit achievement.

Grapple and head into Joker's office to confront and interrogate him. The consequences of having to deal with Joker is always surprising........

Next up, finally playing as Catwoman. And then finding Mr Freeze in Arkham City.

Batman Arkham City Defeating the Hammer


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