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Batman - Arkham Origins Walkthrough, Part Two: Killer Croc

Updated on October 27, 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins is owned by Warner Bros. Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Batman: Arkham Origins is owned by Warner Bros. Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Black Mask is getting away, and Batman, desperate to catch up, has to go through a rather intimidating figure first: the massive Killer Croc, a cannibalistic nightmare of muscles and teeth. Batman will have to use his best moves and a modicum of brains to get through this fight in one piece. (Especially if he's playing on Hard.)

Killer Croc

As far as a first boss battle goes, this one is challenging. Killer Croc is a brutal opponent that can quickly overwhelm you. He uses multiple tactics to kill Batman.

- First up is a straightforward charge. Straightforward, yes, but it's rather fast, and it'll through Batman off balance if he lands it. If you're too close to Croc after he's done moving, he'll also swing around to hit you.

- Second is a ground pound. This will happen if you get in a few hits.

- Third is picking up and hurling a gas tank. This will really, really hurt, and it comes paired with the appearance of two of Black Mask's goons joining the fight.

- Fourth is a big ol' chompy chompy as Croc tries to eat your face. Ow.

- Aaaand fifth is a much more up close and personal chompy chompy, which comes down to a simple mashing of your controller.

Difficult, yes. Unbeatable? Hardly. Here are the steps for wiping out Killer Croc on any difficulty level.

First Phase

- Croc will begin every fight, without exception, by charging right at you. Like most of his charging attacks, you're best off avoiding this one by dodging right at him. If you try to sweep to the left or the right you're likely to get hit, but zipping right at Croc will leave you undamaged.

- Move in close after Croc whips around to face you again. Once you're close enough, sweep at him with your cape.

- Now Croc is vulnerable to getting hit. Go at him with a barrage of blows. After enough of them you'll enter a short cut scene; be ready to dodge out of the way when you receive the prompt, or Croc will pound on you.

- If you don't have them out already, make sure you equip your Batarangs before you hit the second phase.

Second Phase

- Croc will leap to the gas tanks on the corner of the roof and pick one up. Two Black Mask thugs will also jump down to join him. You can't do anything besides watch during this part... as well as swivel the camera so Batman is facing Croc.

- Once you can move again, rapid fire Batarangs at Croc's gas tank. You'll destroy it, and, hopefully, at least stun one of the guys now near Croc. If you fail to blow the gas tank up, be ready to dodge when the game goes into slo-mo.

- Back to a normal battle. You're facing Croc and two thugs. Let the thugs come to you and counter or pummel them as you normally would. Whenever Croc gets in close, dodge over him and retreat to the opposite side of the roof. Repeat until you wipe out both of the thugs. Do NOT attack them when Croc is nearby! You can sometimes get away with this, but all too often Croc will whip out a sweeping attack that's difficult to avoid. At best you'll lose out on your attack pattern, and at worst you'll take a lot of damage.

- Once the thugs are wiped out, cape sweep Croc again. Hit him with a barrage when he's stunned.

- Croc will jump you and try to eat your face. Pound the controller. After you knock him back, dodge out of the way before he can ground pound you into oblivion.

Third Phase

- This phase is identical to the last, though there's another thug joining the fight, bringing your total up to four opponents. If you want you can try to take them all out...

- ... or you can take the easier route and use a Smoke Pellet to blind everyone but Croc. Throw the Pellet once the thugs are nearby, zip out of the haze, and wait for Croc to rush up. Once he does, cape sweep him and pound him. The same biting and dodging sequence will trigger, and he'll go for another gas tank, but blowing it up will end the fight whether there are thugs left or not. Woo!

- Note that while you caaaaan use the Smoke Pellet during the second phase, it's not advisable. You'll wind up facing five thugs rather than three when you get to the third phase. Ow.

Beating Killer Croc will earn you the Killer Croc trophy and character art. You'll wind up in the Batcave in the aftermath; use the computer to set up your next task. By doing so you'll unlock the Bane, Copperhead, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Electrocutioner, Firefly, Shiva, and Killer Croc profiles, as well as Combat Training in the Bat Cave. Speak to Alfred afterward to earn the Alfred character trophy. Woo! Off to Jezebel Plaza!


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