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Batman: The Arkham City Set to Release This October, Be The Batman

Updated on October 21, 2011


release date for batman arkham city
release date for batman arkham city
batman arkham city game, batman arkham city demo
batman arkham city game, batman arkham city demo

Have you played the Batman Arkham Asylum and are waiting desperately for the much awaited and much hyped sequel Batman: Arkham City. Here is a good news Rocksteady and Warner Bros have decided the release date for Batman Arkham City. Like Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City is an open world action role playing game that incorporates the elements of predator tactics and stealth. Batman: Arkham city will be released globally on 18th October 2011 in all its version, i.e. the Xbox, Playstation and PC version. There is no prize for guessing where the game is set on. It is set on a specific part of Gotham city.

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Rocksteady has published trailers of the Batman: Arkham City on its official website. The trailer shows the excellent gameplays and graphics that the game now incorporates. There are snapshots of the Batman: Arkham City that show in and out of buildings, yes the same Gotham city buildings that are home to Gotham city’s most evil criminals. The new game has all the weapons from its earlier version. A regular bat claw that can be upgraded to the Ultra Bat Claw as the play progresses; the game also incorporates some upgraded weapon and devices. The Cryptographic sequencer is enabled to track signals and the line gun can now shoot two lines. The new Batman is also equipped with a smoke bomb to confuse the enemies.

There are two playable Heroes: Batman and Catwoman. There are several versions of Batman. You can control Batman and Catwoman as the game proceeds to the next levels. Catwoman has her own storyline that the plot cleverly reveals towards the end. Batman: Arkham City is based on a fine story line. There is a primary mission that stays at the center of the game while several other secondary missions are added as the game progresses. There are optional missions from Batman’s ancient enemy the Riddler. The player can sneak past Batman’s other enemies and stay close to the primary mission. The game has a new level, “the augmented reality” level and the plot appears as real as possible.

The developers have worked hard and have enriched the game with rich graphics. You would see Joker as Batman’s primary enemy. The anticipation is an indication of the game’s popularity. Gamers are waiting with fingers crossed. Be the first one among your friends to play the game. Preorder the Batman: Arkham City on Amazon before its set to release.Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition

batman arkham city demo

batman arkham city demo, release date for batman arkham city
batman arkham city demo, release date for batman arkham city


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