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Battlefield 3 New Features: Suppressive Fire, Scope Glare, Weapon Fire Modes, and more

Updated on October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 is a first-person-shooter available for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. It was released on October 25th, 2011 in the United States. Battlefield 3 is one of the largest first-person-shooter franchises along with Call of Duty. Battlefield 3, however, has vehicles featured in multiplayer and the game is known to be more tactical than Call of Duty.

There are many new features in Battlefield 3. Many of these features are in multiplayer.

Battlefield 3 New Features: (not all)

  • Scope Glare: If a player in Battlefield 3 uses a high-powered scope and they aim it at an enemy player, there will be a glare/shine. This feature was added to Battlefield 3 so snipers do not have an extreme advantage against enemy soldiers. If a sniper is scoping you, you will be able to spot that sniper easier.
  • Weapon Fire Modes: Players can now change their type of firing mode in Battlefield 3. For example, changing a weapon to fire in single shots instead of firing in fully automatic.
  • Prone position: Players in Battlefield 3 can now go prone to be more stealthy. This will be very effective for snipers, but the scope flare in Battlefield 3 should balance the game out. The player can also dive into a prone position, but will not be able to fire when performing the dive itself
  • Vehicle healing: Vehicles will now slowly regenerate health when under 75% of health. The regeneration process in Battlefield 3, however, will not be nearly effective as if an Engineer repaired the vehicle. Note if the vehicle is disabled, then there will be no health regeneration.
  • Destruction 3.0: Debris can damage players and potentially kill them. For instance, even if an explosion does not directly damage the player, the debris from the explosion can in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 New Features (continued)

  • Disabling of Vehicles: All the vehicles in Battlefield 3 can be disabled. This does not necessarily mean they are destroyed, but the land vehicles will be immobile, even though the turrets will still be usable. Airborne vehicles will be more difficult to control when disabled.
  • Suppressive Fire: One of Battlefield 3's biggest new features. When firing at an enemy soldier, that player's screen will blur and their accuracy will drop. The support class in Battlefield 3 does the most effective job of doing this, but other classes can also suppress enemies.
  • Battlefield 3 customization: All weapons, attachments, and gadgets will take a very long time to unlock (over 75 hours worth). There will also be more than 80 vehicle specializations and pistol variations.
  • Recording: Players will be able to take screenshots and record their games with the BattleRecorder (Similar to Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops).

Also note that weapons unlocked in the cooperative campaign will carry over to Battlefield 3 multiplayer.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I personally prefer COD series but since I found this aimbot BF3 is not bad either!

    • ajinkyax profile image


      6 years ago from India

      i loved your post :) Im on LEVEL 43 now. but still it was worth reading you. ADD me on Battlelog ID: STEEiL

      Also, can u pls tell me where to Download "BattleRecorder" for BF3 ?

    • profile image

      Battlefield Fanboy 

      7 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i've waited weeks for this game yet you cant seem to get planes etc on the xbox version WTF

    • iain-mars profile image


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I started playing this much anticipated game today! It's just brilliant and I'll go out on a limb and say better than the last COD!

    • katrinasui profile image


      7 years ago

      I am anxiously waiting to play this game. I will buy a DVD on this coming weekend.


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