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Battlefield 3 Premium: Why it's worth Your Money!

Updated on September 22, 2012
A screenshot taken from a Battlefield 3 multiplayer game.
A screenshot taken from a Battlefield 3 multiplayer game.

Battlefield 3 Premium has been out for quite a while now, since its initial promise to be a service which would make purchasing the new dlcs for Battlefield 3 easier and less expensive as a one-time fee. Not only was the service meant to provide early access to the upcoming dlcs from Battlefield 3, but it was also confirmed that anyone who purchased a copy of Battlefield 3 premium would be entitled, to additional content such as guides and videos to help them improve their in-game performance.

What is Battlefield 3 Premium.

This service could be compared to that of Call of Duty Elite, which is a yearly subscription service which enables its users to get the dlc early, and gain access to some other special content as well. However unlike Battlefield 3 Premium, the Call of Duty Elite service does not include the dlcs in its price and in Activision’s extensive greed, they are going to make you pay for the actual dlcs separately at around £10 for each one.

You may undoubtedly question the value of the Call of Duty Elite service, when you don’t realistically gain anything from it despite early access, and in all honesty I couldn’t agree more… Why pay for something which offers no REAL value?

Battlefield 3 Premium ACB-90 Knife

What do You Get with Battlefield 3 Premium?

Swiftly returning back to Battlefield 3 Premium… Once you have bought the Battlefield 3 Premium service for your account, you will be instantly enabled to download all of the dlcs a total of two weeks before their actual release date. This includes a total of 5 dlcs called “Close Quarters”, “Back to Karkland”, “Armoured Kill”, “Aftermath” and “End game”, which are completely free to download once you have bought premium. (So it’s actually not really free at all…)

Additionally, by purchasing premium, you are offered many additional perks and features which make the game more interesting, and will aid you along the way. It has now been confirmed that there will be events such as a double experience weekends, and during this August there will be a premium event, to which no specific details are given, but as you can expect it will most likely offer premium players something of value and interest. (Possibly a tournament/challenge for players to take part in!)

Another aspect of premium which is quite popular, is that with premium you are open to a lot more character customisation with gun camouflages, and other ‘solider upgrades’ that will be specified closer to their release date. You are also automatically given the ACB-90 knife, which takes down enemies a lot quicker than the normal knife, and looks a lot better in terms of appearance.

Other things included with premium include: Dog tags (gold), Strategy guides, queue priority and assignments allocated to your progression in-game.

There is also the option to reset all of your current Battlefield 3 Multiplayer stats, if you are a complete lunatic and have enough time to redo all of your progress!

Is it Really Worth the money?

This really does come down to personal opinion, but regardless of how you feel about Battlefield 3 as a game overall, it goes without saying that there is a lot more value with the Battlefield 3 service, than the Call of Duty elite service. For a one off charge of £39.99 which pays for ALL of the dlcs available for Battlefield 3, you will save around £15 purchasing them in the premium bundle rather than separately.

So if you are a true Battlefield 3 fan, and would like not only exclusive access to premium content, but to also save money on dlcs until March 2013, then Premium is definitely for you. Similarly, if you are new to Battlefield 3 and have enjoyed your experience so far, I would highly recommend that you purchase this service over Call of Duty Elite for the simple fact that there is actual value with Battlefield 3 Premium. Not just any junk that you could find on another million websites out there…

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