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bf 3 Best automatic assault rifle weapon stats guide

Updated on February 13, 2013

Assault Rifles

In BF3, you'll often find the common rushers with one of these guns, it really is only natural. The assault rifles bring in some of the best game-play and are the most common weapon used on the battlefield. Most of these weapons are very good in almost any situation with the exception of a few. I've played with each and everyone one of these rifles and here's my overall details of each.

M16A4- I don't recommend this gun. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets in a clip. Its one those burst guns that fires 3 bullets every shot. The recoil in this gun is pretty bad when trying to fire rapidly. This weapon is advised for close to medium range. It can be pretty hard to kill large groups of enemies since it is only in bursts, slow to medium rate of fire.

FN2000/F2000- I do recommend this gun. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Its an all purpose automatic assault rifle. The recoil in this gun is pretty good with only mild bucking. This weapon is advised for close to medium range, but you could do a little long range. It's easy to kill large groups of enemies since the firing rate is medium to fast.

M16A3- I do recommend this gun. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Its an all purpose automatic assault rifle. The recoil is pretty minimal. I advise this weapon for mostly close and medium range. Do to its high fire power, it's a formidable weapon against groups of enemies.

Hk 416/M416- This is a must use weapon. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Its an all purpose automatic assault rifle. Almost no recoil can be found on this weapon. Do to its lack of recoil, you can use this weapon at all ranges and still be very accurate. It has a medium to high fire power and in my opinion, is the best weapon in the game. You can take down large groups of enemies with this.

AEK-971- I don't really recommend this weapon, at least not for me. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 to a clip. Its an all purpose automatic assault rifle. It has some recoil, I don't recommend for long range. This is a medium to close range weapon. It has a very fast speed of fire, yet it at times takes a lot of bullets to kill an enemy. Large groups of enemies could be tricky to take down. Maybe to someone else this is a good gun, but this one is not for me.

Ak-74M- Under no circumstances use this gun if you disliked the one above. Everything about this gun is one step less than the AEK-971. The only thing that might be better is the fact, that I like to use this gun from a distance. Your not going to get a lot of kills with this weapon, trust me.

An-94- Its not my kind of gun, but it might be for those burst fans. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Recoil on this gun is unique since it's a two shot burst. I haven't heard about many guns with a two shot burst. This weapon was born for medium to long range; it suffers drastically in close range combat. This might not be the best weapon for killing large groups, with its medium firing speed, this is just a pick off enemies from a distance weapon. Kills fast from a distance.

AS VAL/VSS- This has to be one of those questionable weapons. you start with 126 bullets and have 21 to a clip. This is an all purpose automatic assault rifle. The recoil on this gun is very bad, so aim relatively low to the ground. Use this gun for close range only, but single shot works pretty good for long range. Fire rate for this gun is very high, to bad you'll find yourself constantly reloading. I wouldn't fight to large of groups, since you don't have enough bullets in a clip. If you're persistent with this gun, go for some extended mags.

G3A3- I do recommend trying out this gun.You start with 126 bullets and have 21 bullets to a clip. This is an all purpose automatic assault rifle. The recoil can be bad sometimes for long range shooting. Overall, this gun can be used at all ranges. Fire rate for this gun is pretty fast, so beware your clip. Be careful fighting large groups of enemies, but this really is a great gun; final co-op unlock.

KH2002-If your a burst fan, definitely try this gun. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Its a 3 round burst gun. Recoil is only ever a challenge at long range. So use this gun at close and medium range. Decent fire rate for a burst weapon. I don't recommend this gun for taking out large groups of enemies.

AUG A3- This is a really good gun to use, if you have premium. You start with 155 bullets and have 31 bullets to a clip. Recoil on this is quite literally none. Use this gun with all ranges. Fire rate is medium to fast. You can take-down large groups of enemies with this gun.

Are assault rifles your favorite gun?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The bullet holders are magazines, not clips. Other than that, the list is great, and assault rifles are the best guns to use, in my opinion.

    • profile image

      Dmitri Chuikov 

      5 years ago


      I really believe everything is based on personal preference and skill level. If you're skilled, even the "crappiest" guns in the game will be your best.

      For example, I use AN-94 Full Auto/Burst get tons of kills with that, and it works with me. Especially in close combat, I must disagree with you, AN-94 on Full Auto has gotten me 3 kills with one Mag--quite simply, in CQ situations like in Noshahr Canals, I simply strafe hip fire and I kill enemy after enemy. (Most enemies have a habit of ADS even in close range, so strafing is effective) Also in maps like Noshahr people tend to use High ROF Rifles like AEK or M16A3 or M416...then they waste all their ammo and now I am the one in control.

    • profile image

      Your Name 

      5 years ago

      The AS VAL is not an assault rifle. It is considered a sub machine gun (SMG). The difference being SMGs are equitable to any kit meaning a sniper could have an AS VAL as well as the engineer next to him. It also has an integrated suppressor which eliminates the third attachment slot. Due to this the option for an extended magazine is not there. I strongly suggest finding another gun to use as the AS VAL blows through ammo at 900 rounds/minute and has relatively low stopping power compared to the 5.56 round of most assault rifles in the game. From my personal experience using the gun I would have to reload every time I killed an enemy as the 3-4 bullets left in the magazine were never enough to kill any other enemies. At most I could take down two and that was if they stood in a straight line.

      I do recommend the L85A2 as well as the M416. Both guns work very well at short to long distances and can out preform some carbines when stuck in a hairy situation.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Have to say the G3a3 is my favorite AR in this game. Your discription is a lil off though, it has one of the slowest ROF of all the ARs in this game but has the highest damage per bullet so kinda levels it out. Recoil can be heavy fireing on full auto and doesn't have a burst fire option only full and semi auto but the ROF makes it very easy to feather the trigger and very easly control the recoil as well most kills will take 3 hits some will take more depends where you hit, but if you aim for the gut and chest the third shot will be a headshot. After playing with it you learn to use the recoil as an advantage. Long range this gun can be as affective as a semi-auto sniper just set to semi auto and pop heads keep about a half second between shots and recoil is nil. Battlefield 3 hell all Battlefield games are top notch fun and I personally can't wait till BF4.

    • freelancer101 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Minnesota

      Yeah, it does take some time getting used to. When you first start playing, you will die a lot, but it gets better.

    • Omnivium profile image


      6 years ago

      This game takes some getting used to. The enemies are so far away, and they use flashlight on their guns.


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