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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Recon Guide

Updated on March 16, 2011

Hello everybody, if you're reading this then you're probably a Battlefield Bad Company 2 player looking for a few tips on the Recon class and since I play it all the time I'd be glad to help. First of all I think I should tell you a little bit about my play style, if I had to give my play style a name I would consider myself a designated marksman or a semi-automatic sniper. It's very rare that I will ever use a bolt action sniper rifle anymore which is why they are excluded from this guide. Wait! Don't quit reading just yet because I'm going to tell you why I don't use them anymore and why guns like the Type 88S, the SVU, and the VSS are much more efficient. When I first started the game I loved the bolt action sniper rifles and hated the semi automatic sniper rifles, however as soon as I unlocked magnum ammo that all changed. As a matter of fact, the Type 88S became the first gun that I platinumed (1,000 kills), and I'm working towards doing the same thing with the SVU and VSS.

QBU-88 (or Type 88)

If you ask around online the Type 88 and Snaiperskaya SVU have the same statistics however the Type 88 has always felt more powerful and according to the compare weapons option on my PS3 the Type 88 is the more powerful of the two.Something else that leads me to believe the T88 is more powerful is the fact that it has a 10 round magazine with 30 extra and 60 extra with the ammo upgrade. Meanwhile the SVU has a 10 round magazine with 40 extra rounds and 70 extra with the ammo upgrade. When reloading the T88 does have a faster reload time when speed reloading (On PS3 push triangle twice as soon as you see your ammo increase to skip the reload animation). The T88 has a speed reload of 1.8 seconds while the SVU's is 2.035 seconds.

Now some of you may be wondering why the M14 is pictured above, well the M14 and the T88 have the same basic stats. Damage is the same, ammo is the same, even though the game says the M14 has a 20 round magazine, its only 10. The M14 does not have a stock scope though so you'll be using a spec slot on that which means you can't use the ammo upgrade. You could play as an assault to remedy this since the M14 is an all-kit weapon and that would basically give you unlimited ammo but doing that takes away your mortar strike and motion sensors in exchange for C4. Unlike the T88 you will get a crosshair on your screen when you aren't looking through a scope on the M14 which makes hip firing a lot easier and last but not least when it comes to speed reloading the M14 has a reload time of 2.015 seconds.

Snaiperskaya SVU

As I said above the Snaiperskaya SVU is slightly less powerful than the T88 (or at least feels that way) however it does have a 10 round magazine with 40 extra rounds , and 70 extra rounds with the ammo upgrade. That is 10 more rounds than the T88 holds and the SVU has another feature that helps it make up for being less powerful, its silenced. What that means is that you will not pop up on the enemies map just because you are firing off shots, somebody will actually have to "spot" you. 

VSS Snaiperskaya Special

The VSS Snaiperskaya Special is less powerful than both the T88 and SVU however it has a couple of features that makes up for having less power. First of all the VSS has a 20 round magazine with 60 extra rounds and 120 rounds with the ammo upgrade. Like the SVU, the VSS is also a silenced weapon so unless somebody sees you, you will not pop up on the enemies map. Last but not least, the VSS has the option of going fully automatic. What that means is that is somebody runs up on you close range, you can hold down the trigger and fill them full of holes. What it doesn't mean is that you can go full auto and snipe people clear across the map, just like the other two the best way to go is to burst fire when sniping with this gun.

Recon Tips

Sniper Team?

Avoid this at all costs! If you join a game and half your team is playing recon, you might as well quit. Its okay for a few people to play recon but when everybody does it, who is arming the mcoms? Who is repairing the tanks? Who is dropping the ammo boxes? Who is reviving fallen teammates to save tickets? Every class has something they are needed for and you need a good balance on your team to succeed so unless your using the VSS to charge in and arm the mcom, just cut your losses and find a new game.

Help Your Team

You have motion sensors for a reason, its so you can throw them out and warn your teammates where the enemies are. This is why you should be at mid range instead of long range, motion sensors really serve no purpose at long range.

Also, you have unlimited mortar strikes, use them. I dunno how many times I've seen a sniper just sitting there and never once call in a mortar strike especially when the mcom is in a destructible house. No the mortar DOES NOT do damage to the mcoms directly but if the house its in is destructible you can destroy the house which will destroy the mcom. You can use the mortar to take out tanks, stationary weapons, and I even use it to clear out trees on defense. It makes things a lot easier when the enemy doesn't have any cover to hide behind.

Spot, hit the select button all the time, it lets your team know where the enemy is. Don't be a selfish bone head and try to hoard all the kills for yourself, every body misses a shot eventually so when you do miss your going to want the guy you miss to be marked. Plus you do get +20 points for the spot assist so its not like you get nothing out of the deal.


Save a spec slot, with a sniper rifle you really shouldn't be far enough away to need a 4x scope much less a 12x scope. The stock scope should work just fine and it'll free you up to use the ammo upgrade spec. If you're going to use the Type 88S, SVU, or VSS, trust me you are going to want to use the ammo upgrade spec for those times when you don't have an assualt player in your squad or you have one who refuses to drop an ammo box.

Magnum Ammo.

I always us this spec with the semi-auto sniper rifles because the more damage a gun does the better. Basically magnum ammo reduces the amount of shots needed to kill someone and all the info in this guide is assuming that you are using magnum ammo. 

Be aware of your situation.

If you're playing rush and you see an enemy sniper sitting two stages back looking right at you, you need to move. That guy probably has the M95 equipped with a 12x scope and at extreme long ranges bolt action snipers are going to have an advantage over semi automatic snipers.


If your target has full health, at long range it takes two headshots to kill with semi automatic sniper rifles or three shots anywhere else to the body. Like I said I condsider myself a designated marksman so that whole one shot one kill sniper battle cry doesn't apply, even if it did it would take two shots at least to put somebody down. I usually put my crosshairs just above my target and fire off two shots (double tap the fire button), wait a split second and repeat. Doing that has been very effective for me however when I see a sniper looking at me I don't worry about headshots because more than likely he's going to have a bolt action sniper rifle. I move around a little to make it hard for him to get a clean headshot, quickly place my crosshairs on him anywhere from the legs to the chest and fire off three or four shots as fast as I can, since I'm aiming at the lower body or midsection the recoil isn't a problem.

Move Around

You can't keep sniping from the same place and then get mad when somebody kills you, if I get killed by another sniper I watch the kill cam and if he's still sitting in the same place when I respawn, free kill for me. So change it up, learn the many different good sniper spots on the map your playing and use them all. There are a couple videos below that should help get you started, hope this guide was helpful to you.


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