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How To Beat Super Mario 64 With 16 Stars

Updated on April 5, 2015

Super Mario 64

Undoubtedly if you know anything about video games you have heard people rain praise upon the action 3-D platformer for the Nintendo 64 console, Super Mario 64. Perhaps you have had the fortune of being able to play this game that is considered to be revolutionary in the video game industry. Although being greatly received Super Mario 64 came with its fair share of bugs and glitches, some more relevant and useful than others. Although you may have experienced one or two bugs throughout your game-play, you probably never experienced these game breaking glitches cleverly found and used to 'break' the game.


The MIPS Clip Part 1

One of the most entertaining and seemingly challenging and tricky albeit short stars in Super Mario 64 was received for catching and releasing the rabbit in the castle's basement. The rabbit's name, unknown to me at a younger age, is MIPS and MIPS can be used for something much more useful than a star and that is to pass through the 30 star door without acquiring the needed 30 stars. The only requirements for this glitch is that you must have access to the basement by beating Bowser on the main floor of the castle and obtaining the key he drops as well as obtaining 15 stars from any of the levels within the castle. The first part of the glitch is very common to what you would regularly do, simply catch MIPS and move through his dialogue boxes. Next, when you set him down a star will appear overhead of you, you do NOT need this star and if you get it then you will have to complete the game with 17 stars instead of 16 seeing as you will then have 16 and will be getting one more later. Now here comes the glitchy part, pick up MIPS again and move to the door that leads out to the 30 star door. Set MIPS down using the 'B' button on the right side of the center of the door but does not make contact with the wall. Next run down towards the toad who is to the right and down a short aisle that is partially on a decline. Next face towards where you set down and MIPS and run towards MIPS then right before reaching the door hit the 'B' button to dive forward into the door. If done correctly MIPS will be pushed into the door and it's character model will become glitchy. If you dive to early you will be left holding MIPS and you will have to readjust him, if you are to late Mario won't dive and will instead open the door. Sometimes you will hit MIPS but he won't be pushed through the door; re-align him and try again if this occurs.

The MIPS Clip Part 2

The second part of the MIPS clip is lot easier, make your way over to the star door, you can jump over the failing to reach the star door if you hold down A throughout the entire jump to achieve maximum height from the jump. Move to the star door and position yourself in the right corner of the door and walk into this corner for a few seconds, next hold down the Z button and if done correctly Mario will slip through the door and then you can press 'A' to do a backflip and as you do this hold forward on the control stick to move forwards from the backflip. Next you can enter Dire Dire Docks and play the submarine level as usually and then you can complete Bowser in the Fire Sea. It's important to note the only way to leave this room is to enter a stage and use the exit stage option from the pause menu.

BLJ #1

The next trick will be used twice similar to clipping with MIPS, the trick is known as the BLJ or Backwards Long Jumps, to set yourself up for this trick go upstairs using the key you obtained from beating the second Bowser, Bowser in the Fire Sea, move up the spiral staircase and align yourself with Mario's back facing the staircase while the camera is facing towards the 50 star door at the top of the stairs. I usually position myself a few stairs up on the staircase to start the trick. Next point the control stick down (towards you) and do a long jump then, while in the air quickly move the control straight up (towards the tv) next tap the 'A' button as fast as you can without letting go of the control stick of the 'Z' button, eventually Mario will catch and will do a bunch of short Long Jumps on stair and will go shooting up the stairs. Make sure that you don't stop pressing the 'A' button throughout the trick. Sometimes Mario will move quick but will get stuck on the door if this happens just keep pressing the 'A' button and Mario may just move through the door even though it looks like he was out of speed.

BLJ #2

Finally move to the endless stairs at the very top of the castle by going through the 70 star door which warns you, you can't make it up the endless stairs without 70 stars, however this isn't true. Simply use another BLJ alongside the right side of the staircase, eventually you will be catapulted to the top of the stairs where you can enter and beat the final level and collect the power star after beating Bowser to beat the game with only 16 stars!


Now that you are familiar with the tricks challenge yourself by beating the game from beginning to end as fast as you can. This activity is known as speedrunning as has become popular on the video game streaming website Twitch.

Xiah's World Record

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