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Beatmania 98 DJ Simulator - Beatmania Download BM98 Songs

Updated on December 19, 2009
good fun, also has two player
good fun, also has two player

Beatmania 98 Fan Made DJ Simulator - Scroll down for BM98 Song Downloads

Beatmania 98 is a fan developed DJ Simulator created due to the popularity of the rythm video game by Konami Beatmania 3rdMix, IIDX and Beatmania 3.

Beatmania is a classic DJ simulator game, and uses 5 keys on your keyboard or dj controls plus turn table. Its kind of like a piano simulator but much more catchy and very similar to guitar hero where if you miss a note it does stuff up the song. This is a beatmania for PC.

Beatmania is created by the fans of Beatmania , and all the songs are also created by fans. Most of the songs are japanese or anime type songs but still a lot of fun.

Who will love Beatmania 98

Anyone who loves rythm music games such as Beatmania IIDX, Guitar Hero , Rock Star, Sing Star , Rock Band all that fun you will love Beatmania 98. It's a great chance for people who don't have consoles to play Beatmania PC.

DJ Control Board and Keyboard Control Keys

The controller for the Beatmania DJ simulator games :) great fun with one of these
The controller for the Beatmania DJ simulator games :) great fun with one of these

Download Beatmania 98

Download Beatmania PC 98 from Here

Download Link 1 - Dead

Download Link 2

Where did all the Beatmania 98 Songs go

So if your a huge fan of Beatmania 98 and have tried looking for new songs on the net you will know its almost impossible to find songs, as they are all fan made and with beatmania being such an old game most of the download links are dead.

Download Beatmania 98 Songs

Here are some good songs to try out, I have a whole lot more will upload them later on a different site when I can afford the bandwidth :). Yea i know funny web address its a friends site I am hosting it on.

All created by Fans

The Neverending Story Theme Song

3am Japanese Folk Song - You'll recognize the tune

Aqua Barbie Girl Fan Made Song

Beat Girl Pop Song

Boy Meets Girl Pop Song

You can find more Beatmania 98 Songs HERE 10 Songs Available more coming if Bandwidth Allows

どんあ bm98 おんがく ほしいですか ?

How to install BM98 Songs

Some songs come as a .EXE and you simply choose where you want the files extracted otherwise extract all the contents of the zip or rar file into bm98wav folder, put each song in it own folder along with all its wav files , bms files and bmp pictures.

Graphics for Beatmania PC songs can also be added if your songs don't have any , just create bitmap files using paint for fun.

Beatmania Gameplay - Beatmania PC

Creating your own Beatmania PC Songs

Here are a list of sites that will help you get started on making your own Beatmania 98 songs,

BMS Creator - Most popular Program for creating BM98 songs

Used to be alist of files, but all the links are dying like flies, once i find good links I will repost them

BM98 really is Beatmania, isn't it?

Q: BM98 really is Beatmania, isn't it?

A: No, absolutely not. BM98 is NOT Beatmania. BM98 is an acronym for Bee-Emm-Queue-Hatchy, and is known in some circles as "Be-Music 98". Any similarities between BM98 and Beatmania are in your head. Better get it checked.



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