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Become a lifeguard in The Sims 3

Updated on May 6, 2014

Taking up the lifeguard job

To take up the lifeguard job, go to the city overview and click on the municipality building. Then choose the “join the lifeguard profession” option. The lifeguard job is a profession, meaning that
it is an active job and you will have to guide your Sim carrying out its tasks. When it is time to start your job you will not be picked up by the carpool as with most jobs, but you will receive a message saying that there is work to do for your Sim. Clicking the message will have your Sim go to work. You can also go to the city overview and look for the orange icon and click on it to go to work. Obviously, your job is on the beach, but it will not always be the same beach that you are protecting.

Building up skills

In order to get a promotion, you need to gain the following skills:

  • Athletic skill – using exercising equipment, working out in front of the tv or swimming.
  • Charisma skill – socialize with Sims, practice with the mirror or read a skill book.
  • Rescuing Sims from the water

The athletic skill is needed to save Sims from the water at a quicker speed and the charisma skill is needed to comfort Sims once you have rescued them from the water. As a lifeguard you will have long working days, which means that you will probably only have time to work on your skills in your days off. A tip to both increase charisma as well as help you with paying the rent, you could get roommates (if you have the “university” expansion) to move in with you. This way you have quick access to Sims you can socialize with and to make friends with.

Traits that could help

There are some traits that could help you build your skills faster and thus gain promotions faster. The traits “charismatic” and “friendly” will help you gain the charisma skill faster but also make friends to be able to socialize with fellow Sims more. The “athlete” trait will help you gain the athletic skill faster, which is good as this skill takes long to build up. The other trait that is good to have is the “love the outdoors” skill, as your lifeguard Sim will be outside a lot. This trait will give him/her a positive moodlet when outside.

In need for help
In need for help
Giving mouth to mouth
Giving mouth to mouth

Rescuing Sims on the job

As a lifeguard you do not always work on the same beach, but the activities remain the same. While at the beach you can “view the beach” by clicking on the beach or the lifeguard chair you will find on the beach. Sims will arrive at the beach once you have started your working day, although there will be occasional days that no Sims will show up. Having no Sims showing up will make the day take much longer as there is nothing to do. When Sims get into the water, pay attention to them and also in what sequence they go into the water. In most cases after a short time the Sims will need rescuing and they will have an orange icon over their head. Once you bring them back to the beach they may either get up, thank you and go away or they may faint and need mouth-to mouth. The difficult matter is that it may happen that more than one Sim will need rescuing at once. In the early levels it will take a long time before you have rescued a Sim and you might not get to the second or even third Sim in time. This is why you need to pay attention to who goes into the water first, as the strategy is that you rescue the Sim that went into the water at first the soonest, and then the other Sims. This might buy you a bit of time. Sims that you do not manage to rescue, will mostly get back to land themselves and be angry with you. Only in rare occasions will the Sim drown. Once you reach level 6 you will be able to rescue Sims faster and by then you may be able to even get to rescue a third Sim in a row. Overall you could rescue about 3 Sims in one working day.

The earnings of a lifeguard

In the earlier levels, you will not earn a lot of money being a lifeguard, but you will receive additional money from Sims that you rescue. To increase your income a bit you could purchase the lifetime reward of “professional simoleon booster” once you have accumulated 10.000 lifetime points. Having this reward will increase your salary and also the amount of money you receive from Sims you rescue. The working days and times of the lifeguard are the same in each of the promotion levels. You work from 10am to 6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The table below shows you the different promotion levels with their salary and perks.

Lifeguard promotion levels

Job title
Salary p/wk
Mouth-to-mouth dummy
276 Simoleons
Mouth-to-mouth giver
340 Simoleons
Floating object
400 Simoleons
Beach protecter
520 Simoleons
Fast rescuer
640 Simoleons
You will receive a special beach towel
Buoy expert
840 Simoleons
You will be able to walk and swim faster
Professional rescuer
1132 Simoleons
Give mouth-to-mouth demonstrations
Eagle eyes
1480 Simoleons
Possibility to rescue in slow-motion
The old lifeguard
1840 Simoleons
The life saver
2480 Simoleons

Unlock a secret island

The “Island Paradise” expansion pack gives you several quests to unlock 8 different secret (and uninhabited) islands. One of the 8 islands can be unlocked when you are a lifeguard and you have rescued 35 Sims from the water. It will take some time to accomplish this though, as in the early levels you could save perhaps 6 Sims per week.


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