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Becoming A Legend In League

Updated on March 13, 2016

Sign Up Process

League of Legends is an online multi player game that you play with a team, these include 5 versus 5, or 3 versus 3. You can also do a single lane with your team called ARAM, Twisted Tree Line and one on one with each other. Now where do you sign up for this sort of game? Well right here of course Now during the sign up process, it will give you the server providing on what country you live in, however you can change servers and play with friends on any server you chose. You just have to select the server you want and sign up with a new email and name, this way you can switch between the servers.

Selecting A Champion

There are a bunch of neat champions in League of Legends, so how do you select the right one for you? Think about it for a moment, do you enjoy playing a Mage type of character or are you more into melee, and being up close and personal? A favorite one of ours is Ashe, she's a range shooter and has a bow and wicked arrows to shoot champions from a little bit of a distance. Fizz is like a fish type of creature from the sea and has a trident, he's pretty good for Jungle and or assisting someone in one of the lanes.

Many more champions are willing and ready to be selected, just study them and go through the free rotations to figure out what champions best suit you and the needs of the game. Each game varies in what champion you will be using, and make sure you study what other people are using in this process so that you do not crowd on a specific lane.

Champion Time!

What type of champion are you?

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League of Legends Game Play


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