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Becoming a YouTuber, and my content

Updated on March 12, 2016

My start in the world of YouTube.

Hi, and welcome to my hubpage. My name is Tim, I am better know as The Chosen One Tim Greer. If you made it this far, you are either in search of how to get start in YouTube, and the best way to get started; or you might just be a fan. Either way thanks for stopping by.

So I guess the first question you might have is, "How do I get started?" Well my friend that would depend on what you are interested in posting to your channel. Do you want to Vlog? Or maybe you wish to do product reviews, or you might want to get into gaming. No matter what it is you wish to do you will first need to have a concept for your channel.

We will use gaming as the focus of all topics on my hub, because I am a gamer.

The first thing I did when starting was decide what I wanted to post. Gaming. I decided on this because of how popular gaming channels are. Al tho they might just be the hardest channel to grow eight out of ten people can name at least one, or two famous gaming YouTubers. On the other hand three out of ten can name one or two famous vlogers, or reviewers.

Next step is deciding on your budget. Running a successful gaming channel means more than just buying a system, computer, and an editing software. You will need to advertise as well. There is countless accessories you will need to better the quality of your videos, and you will also need to have a good understanding of some of the laws.

If this sounds over whelming don't worry you will figure it out. My first attempt at it, I didn't know anything. Now three years later I would like to think I am pretty knowledgeable.

The third thing you will need to do is set up a schedule. Your viewers want to know when you post, how often you post, and want to know the next one-million videos you have planned. (Not really, but they like knowing what is next.) This has to be worked in with work, and or school. Even when your dead tired your fans want your content, and guess what you better deliver, because one day....if your lucky they will be the reason you can quit your job and post videos all day long.

Finally you have to stick with it. Even though there are many tricks to boosting your channels views, this isn't an over night thing. Some people take years or posting everyday or every other day before seeing thirty-thousand subs.

Okay, so hopefully this all makes since to you.

So lets talk about my schedule on hubpages, so you know when to check back.

I will try to post everyday, even if it is just one of my videos, or a poll. If I don't post one day I will make two posts the next. Take this as your first lesson. When you make your schedule know to the public, you should try to keep it. Also be sure to let your fans know about other social media networks so you can keep them in the loop when you cannot post.

That's it for now, tomorrow I will talk about equipment in more detail. That will be an early post, and if I finish my videos on time tomorrow I will give tips on places to post your content to help give you tons more views.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you next time.


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