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5 Beginner Tips to Titanfall

Updated on March 28, 2014

Titanfall is an all new IP from the original creators of the acclaimed series Call of Duty. While there are quite a bit of similarities between the two games, Titanfall is more than just CoD with Mechs and the changes may be quite daunting to new players. It's a substantial difference and if you're having your butt kicked a bit too much, here are a few tips to help you keep up.

The Floor is Lava

One of the main differences of Titanfall to most modern first-person shooters is the movement. Aside from the usual sprint, Pilots (your player characters) can double-jump and wallrun across flat walls. The maps are made with this movement style in mind so there is quite a bit of a vertical element to the designs. Wallrunning also makes you move faster, even faster than sprinting!

Sitting on the ground will not do you any favors! The key to Titanfall is movement. Run, jump, wallrun your way to victory!

Metagaming Titans

Titans are the Killstreaks of Titanfall except instead of points or kills, you automatically get a Titan in around 2 minutes. You can shorten this cooldown by racking up kills against either enemy NPCs or enemy Pilots/Players.

When you call down your Titan will depend on the situation of the match. Generally, you will get the most out of your Titan when there are no enemy Titans out on the field. This means the best time to call down your Titan is before any other Titans are called OR after your team deals with the enemy Titans. This is a personal rule of thumb and ultimately, your Titan timing will depend on the situation. If the enemy Titans are giving you trouble, dropping your Titan to help deal with them should be your top priority.


Preserving Titans

Preserving your Titans is extremely advantageous in any game mode. The team who can keep their Titans alive the longest will benefit more from them.

In order to keep your Titans alive, you should know when to jump in and when to pull back. Keep an eye out on your shields and the moment that they are depleted, pull back and regenerate. It's also a good idea to stay a significant distance away when engaging enemy Titans in order to quickly retreat when you get overwhelmed.

Once you hear an enemy hopping on to the back of your Titan, be sure to get out of your Titan and deal with him as soon as possible. Enemy Rodeos kill Titans faster than any gun, rocket or missile can.

Never underestimate the Electrified Smoke. While you will be giving up your Vortex Shield, the Smoke can be quite useful too. If you pop a smoke, vision will be obscured, enemy lock-ons will be nullified and any enemy Pilot riding your Titan will be killed. Try to use this to your advantage.

Also, be mindful about your dash usage. While they recharge fast enough, be sure to have dashes available the moment you need it.

Flanking and Map Awareness

While map knowledge will come in time, the advantages it will give you can never be understated. If you know the map, you can cut off someone you're chasing or effectively lose a subsequent pursuer. Knowing the map also allows you to chain wallrun routes together in order to traverse it faster than you would on the ground.

Knowing the map also also allows you to flank. Flanking refers to maneuvering to the sides or behind your opponents in order to catch them unprepared. Flanking in Titanfall is much more powerful because of the power of high-grounds in addition to the already multiple routes that your opponent needs to be aware of. However, this would also mean that the same flanking routes are available for your opponents to use against you. This is the main reason why keeping on the move is ideal.

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You can hop on to friendly Titans! You won't be able to deal damage to them but it's a nice little extra way to travel around the map!

Dealing with Titans as a Pilot

While Titans look a bit scary, Pilots are equipped with the necessary tools to take them out, having to spawn with anti-Titan weaponry regardless of class. Make no mistake though, taking on a Titan head on is suicide.

The key to bringing a Titan down is guerrilla tactics. Shoot and move and shoot and move! If you notice a Titan shooting at you, get away ASAP!

The best way to deal damage to Titans is also the riskiest: rodeo. As a pilot, you can hop-on to the backs of Titans and shoot the weak point directly with your weapons. To rodeo, simply jump towards a Titan and the animation should play. The maneuver is risky however, as there is a chance that the Titan will step on you.

Once behind a Titan, you can freely shoot his weak spot dealing massive damage. AND because you have the power to single-handedly bring down his Titan if the Pilot leaves you alone, he'll likely jump out to deal with you. As soon as you see a Titan bow stop moving and bow down, hop off and deal with the Pilot!

Bonus tip: Burn Cards

Unique to Titanfall is the introduction of Burn Cards.These are consumable bonuses that can be used in the middle of a match and will remain active until you die. You earn cards by performing unique and not-so-unique challenges. Burn Cards' effects range from having game changing stuff like a permanent Cloak to simple ones that reduce your Titan call down time.

It's also important to use these cards as once you get a full deck, you won't be able to earn new ones. You can only use 3 pre-selected cards per match so you have to spend some time deciding which cards to bring. Don't be afraid to experiment on what these cards will do!

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