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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Toys On Sale

Updated on November 3, 2013

Ben 10

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Top Ben 10 Toys for Kids

Ben 10 is a American animated series created by 'Man of Action.' and produced by Cartoon Network, Ben 10 was succeeded by Ben 10: Alien force in April 2008, and then by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in 2010,

Since then every lad between the ages of two and eleven seem to have gone mad for it, and shops are selling everything from Ben 10 clothes to Ben 10 chocolatte bars and partywear, the toys are quite expensive though, as i found last christmas when two of my boys did their usual looking through the argos catalogue and writing down it's entire contents for Santa. So i am being more prepared this year (i say that every year) and am already hunting out the bargains, so thought i would let other parents of Ben 10 fans where the offers are, after all as my 6yr old told me just yesterday "Mum it's only three and a half months until christmas" Arghhhh!!!

We found some bargain Ben 10 toys in Pound stretcher and Home Bargains, with a Ben 10 Dartboard costing only four pound, and Ben 10 action figures for £2.99 a piece. Also HMV are currently doing the Ben 10 dvd Boxset for ten pound which i though was a steal concidering one dvd cost me twelve pound last year.

Ebay didn't prove much use for buying Ben 10 toys as people were charging just as much for the toys as the shops was, although there are quite a few bargains on Amazon.

Argos are doing a 67 piece art case (387/7917) usual price is £9.99 now on sale at £3.99.

Also in Argos the Ben 10: Alien force, Lego sets are now £8.99 (387/7704) Get a bargain at Argos with a few of the Ben 10 toys on offer at two for £15 such as the puzzle ball, comic maker, shaker maker, art set etc etc. And the Ben 10 skateboard (367/4158) on sale at £11.24, The Ben 10 Alien force/ Jet ray reversible costume originaly £24.99 now a bargain at £13.99 (384/0353).

Toys 'R Us are doing the Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix (that's the thing that looks like a watch) for £8.99 so a bargain at half the price. And also half price is the full Ben 10 Alien force figure set which is now down to £24.99. Toys 'R' Us are also doing the Ben 10 remote control car that was originaly £29.99, for £19.99.

If you are perhaps looking for stocking fillers both Tesco and Toys 'R' Us are doing Ben 10 things like Top Trumps, big bouncy balls, bubbles and yoyo's for a couple of pound.

I would just like to add that i bought my son the Ben 10 Digital Camera last year which cost £40, but unfortunately it didn't take proper photographs, they were all black and fuzzy and unrecogniseable as photo's to be honest, so i wouldn't recommend it, as my son was very disappointed on christmas day.

Hope some of the sales tips helped :)


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