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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force Fever

Updated on December 15, 2011

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Fever

And this coming festive season, they also get questions on gifts. When we have children at home, sometimes it's difficult to choose the best gift. Especially if he is a boy. They often follow "waves" of animation and puppets. Our kids are the most loyal. Sometimes these waves lead parents to an excessive consumerism. I already gave my six year old son a watch of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Logo
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Logo

The reason why

One of the fever that is infecting the kids today is called the cartoon Ben 10. Built in the USA, the animated series has been gaining more and more fans since its release that occurred on December 27, 2005, displayed by pay-TV channel Cartoon Network.

The key to the series is so successful in their own history over the years. The life of a boy named Ben completely changes when he meets a mysterious clock in the middle of a forest. After he learns that the clock is not any object which even has a name, and that the Omnitrix watch mystery comes from another planet. Soon the boy learns that the clock has the power to transform it into various monsters.

Another reason the cartoon to win many children is the diversity of characters, and Ben is the main, but can turn into 10 other characters, and each adventure is a new villain, new powers, like the cartoon does not become repetitive.

Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Screen
Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Screen

The reasons continue...

Besides the great success of Ben 10 on TV through the cartoon, he also makes a huge success in computer monitors thanks to its many existing games. There are several sites you can play free games of adventurer Ben. There are adventure games, fighting, puzzle and many others, you simply choose the genre that you please.

A cartoon is always a good animation for children, not only children but also young. Diversity in the animated world is what else is there, knowing a good design choice to watch, fun is guaranteed. If you are still out of this phenomenon that has gained fans around the world, do not hesitate and check out the cartoon and also games that are scattered around the internet.


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 5 years ago from South England

      Interesting hub, my little boy used to love Ben 10 before Thundercats made a come back. Voted up :)

    • melafx profile image

      melafx 5 years ago from Portugal

      Thank you Zoey, in fact thundercats were more or our time, i remember well. cheers

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