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Benchmade Build a Custom Knife- A Great Value for You or as a Gift

Updated on June 12, 2016
This is a picture of my actual knife. The only difference is I placed the pocket clip to the other side due to my being left-handed
This is a picture of my actual knife. The only difference is I placed the pocket clip to the other side due to my being left-handed | Source

Making your high-end knife priceless

For those who appreciate a high-quality knife, Benchmade is known to be among the best of the best. Sure, just about any convenience store and truck stop today offers a plastic case full of cheap pocketknives for $15 to $20, and if you get one of those, they're just fine. You can certainly get your money's worth out of it and if you're not pushing it's limits, it could last quite a while. But if you want a knife made to last and loved by those who made it (here in America) as well as created with quality steel (there are vast differences in steel; so much so that becoming a metal snob is not only easy but recommended) then take a close look at what Benchmade offers in building your own custom knife.

Your choice is of four knives, but really two and their mini versions. However, the Barrage and the Griptilian are fantastic choices and are popular for a reason. The Griptilian offers more choices than any other model offered by Benchmade because of the knife's all-around functionality and ease of use combined with excellence in the potential for everyday carry (EDC). This is not an automatic or legally questionable knife (but you can get those through Benchmade) but perfectly legal and manual opening. The locking system is of the highest quality and, through the build-your-own choice, you have choices in the points, whether there is serration or not, and even the steel itself.

If you build your own, you can choose from a standard or miniature size, but note the mini is not vastly smaller.

Your humble and unbelievably attractive author here chose a Benchmade Griptilian and I'm so happy I did so. I am someone who owns far more knives than I require and while I do have some of those truck stop/hardware store low-end knives and find them worth the price I paid, I also have some knives that mean more to me and although I paid far more for them, their value exceeds the cheaper versions by a greater percentage then their cheaper counterpart's price. Look, if I paid $20 bucks for it, it isn't worth even that to me. But if I paid ten times that, it's worth cannot be measured with dollar signs and that's because I didn't pay that for prestige, but performance.

Another thing is Benchmade allows ample room for personalizing your knife by laser-marking it in order to make it absolutely yours. You can place just about anything you want on there, from names and statements (providing you're not slipping into something offensive and such) to company logos and more. Today's technology allows this marking process to truly make a wonderful knife yours, or the perfect gift.

Benchmade is my choice for a reason

There are several good knife makers and producers out there, but there's something to a product being American-made. When you know it is made right here in our country by our fellow Americans, that in itself adds value to the item. It's somewhat sad this should be the case and worth pointing out, but it is what it is.

Further, these knives are what Benchmade does. This is not some off-shoot from a bigger company who makes whatever and they stepped into some popular market, but this is what they created the company to do, and they found world-renowned designers and producers to bring into the fold. I like other designers such as Gil Hibben, but his knives are made elsewhere, mostly China, in order to keep the costs down. I get it and I do have a few Hibben knives, but the situation hurts a bit. Cold Steel offers and sells exceptional knives, but they are also made elsewhere, usually Taiwan. Kabar is a major favorite of mine and I love them and the few knives I have from them, but the choices are fewer. There is the classic Kabar and some variations, and then some of the other choices are foreign made.

Now, some choices from Benchmade are also foreign, so nobody is innocent here. But the American-made choices are so variable and wide-ranging, and the foreign made choices are worthy of consideration.

The thing is, these Benchmade knives have such a unique and particular feel to them. They just feel good in the hand. I have my Griptilian mentioned here, but I also have an Infidel and also a Volli. The Infidel is purely tactical and not what what one would consider Everyday Carry, but it is sweet as all get-out. The Volli is a nice all-around knife designed for Everyday Carry but solid enough for tougher use.

If you take a look at the picture above of my knife, you can visualize why I chose this. This knife is constructed of S30V steel, which is arguably the best knife steel on this planet and created just for this purpose. I decided against the option of serration on this particular knife because the option is so widely available there are times when I do not want it at all. Because of the steel, I don't need those teeth digging in; the tough steel will do more than enough and I have other serrated choices on or near me.

I chose a Tanto point because this point is so smart in knife design. In fact, I am seeing more and more knives with virtually no point or perhaps a Cleaver point, with the front end quite blunt or flat. Ask yourself- what is the point really for if this is not something used for stabbing or cutting into starting with the point? Do all knives have a point simply because they always have? I find a clip-point a weak spot on a blade and prefer a drop-point when a point is there if I cannot find a Tanto. So, a Tanto offers a point without proving to be a vulnerability.

I chose S30V steel specifically over a few other choices, although they're all just fine. I know this steel blade will outlast me and I can pass it on down. Further, this is something today's technology offers when once upon a time we did not have such choices. S30V steel is a high-tech steel with it's construction offering a more even distribution of Vanadium Carbides rather than offering Chromium Carbides, because the Vanadium has proven more valuable and effective. Look, this gets in chemistry and complex, but suffice it to say the steel is specifically designed to be bad-ass. You can investigate the details to your heart's desire, but know that Benchmade chose this because they know, really know, there is value here.

I chose the color because this sandy color isn't too bright or garrish but isn't like camouflage and invisible if dropped in the weeds or water. I didn't want bright purple or whatever catching the eyes of others but I wanted a color visible enough to not blend in just anywhere. So, the sandy color is bright enough to be visible but not so bright that it draws attention. But note this is my choice and there are so many choices, including a different color on each side.

Imagine How Great a Gift this Would Make

This Build-Your-Own option offers the ability to custom make a great gift for someone who would appreciate a quality knife. Seeing the look on their face when they see their name and perhaps a note of why they have it would be remarkable. Further, knowing this isn't something trite like some generic trophy or plaque or whatever else that is little more than a cookie-cutter gesture, the value goes up.

So, sure, you could present some generic trophy for some accomplishment or a plaque with some simple token statement, but this could be something they could both use and demonstrate every single day. Perhaps that wouldn't be for everyone, such as the gentle librarian or one who needs the continual refuge of a Safe Space, but that hard-working individual who rose above and demonstrated exceptional effort and accomplishment would love this. Imagine a cop, soldier, first-responder or along this line. Imagine that guy out there doing something most others wouldn't venture to do at all let alone daily. A Griptilian or Barrage (the other choice for the Build-Your-Own, and a great one) built just for them would be truly priceless.

Common v. Awesome

So, you can easily go out and buy a common pocketknife that's just like millions of others, or you can get your hands on something truly unique and made unique according to your specs. You can purchase a cheap pocketknife that might go to shit if you drop it just once or you can invest in a Benchmade that is almost sure to outlast you unless you abuse the daylights out of it.

You can buy an item rolling down an assembly line in Taiwan or you can get your hands on a knife built here at home by hands who do it for the love of the work. It's always sweet to have a choice but the statement, Choose Wisely, means something.


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