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Best 10 PS4 Video Games of 2015

Updated on January 15, 2016

Playstation 4

Not the Xbox One
Not the Xbox One | Source

Introduction: Video Games and Gamers

Howdy gamers and...wait, gamers represents both males and I'm not sure were I was going with that intro. Anyway, hello gaming lovers to another one of those lists.

This year saw a few surprises, and one or two masterpieces, but I think, over-all, it has been a rather lacklustre year for gaming in general. The number of great games released can be counted in one hand.

This list is my PERSONAL pick for best PS4 games of 2015. Why PS4? Because I am one broke ass motherfucker who can barely afford one console let alone 3.

ALSO, only games that are actually new will be counted here. No remakes or remasters. If a game was released on both a PS3 and a PS4 simultaneously, then it can be counted. But otherwise no.

10) Rocket League

Not Need for Speed
Not Need for Speed | Source

If you were to ask the majority of PS + owners to sum up this years free (?) games included with the service, they would probably describe them as underwhelming. If they weren't being nice, they'd describe them as shit.

Rocket League was a rare exception. On paper, it sounds dumb: Cars + Soccer. But gosh! Those two things are not meant to coincide. How could this possibly work! Well, it does spectacularly. Addictive, entertaining and well worth buying on its own, let alone trying for free.

9) Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Not Hardline
Not Hardline | Source

It has not been a great year for multiplayer shooter games. We saw three big releases in Black Ops III, Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront and they all failed to really deliver anything new.

The reason Black Ops III makes the cut is because it will be played to infinity over the next few years and is the only one that did not feel like a huge leap back for the franchise.

And I hate the fact that EA forced me to pick a Call of Duty game over fricking Star Wars!

Black Ops III also has the fortune to be following up two of the worst Call of Duty games in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. Still, I wanted to include at least one multiplayer shooter, and Black Ops III is the best of a relatively weak bunch.

8) Disgaea

Not whatever JRPG was released this year.
Not whatever JRPG was released this year. | Source

The Disgaea franchise is not really into that 'innovation' thing. It found a formula that works and continues to provide its relatively large fan base exactly what they are searching for.

The fifth entry into the franchise does it better than all the ones that came previously. The game play is still addictive as pretty much anything out there, it never ends and the characters are loveable and, at times, hilarious.

It does go a bit far with the fan-service (bikinis are a common sight), but it is a tactical JRPG streamlined for the masses and very easy to just pick up and play. One of those games that someone can sink 50 hours into without even noticing.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4)

7) Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Not Just Cause 3 (which is fun, to be fair)
Not Just Cause 3 (which is fun, to be fair) | Source

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is one of the best games of the year and still, somehow, the biggest disappointment of 2015.

It is here solely due to the game play, which is tight and a joy to play through. The story is entertaining but not as over the top and eccentric as other Metal Gear games (if that is a good or bad thing, depends on you) and the world is huge but surprisingly barren.

The Phantom Pain is a decent entry for the loved franchise but is far removed from the best Metal Gear Solid game and falls short of some other huge open world releases that saw the light of day in 2015.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

6) Until Dawn

Not Mad Max (I know, nothing a-like)
Not Mad Max (I know, nothing a-like) | Source

The first PS4 exclusive on the list and possibly the biggest surprise of the list. Until Dawn works better than I think anyone could imagine.

It is relatively creepy, offers a long enough story for the type of game it is trying to be and has a decent amount of replayability since there actually are a few branching paths the player can take.

This is definitely a story over game play experience but when the story is so engaging and the player still feels in control, then I do not see any reason to complain.

This is also one of those rare instances when an entire group could own the game but none of them would have had the same experience. That singularity is a rare thing in gaming.

5) Soma

Not The Evil Within (Wait, when was this released?)
Not The Evil Within (Wait, when was this released?) | Source

Soma is a genuinely creepy experience that was only released on the Playstation console (had a PC release).

Horror games rarely do anything for me, simply because they struggle to sustain the initial tension for longer than an hour, at most.

But Soma was different. It is an engrossing game to look at, very aesthetically pleasing, with a very thought-provoking story and some of the best voice acting of the year.

If you are a horror fan, or just enjoy solid writing, this is a game you really should not miss.

4) The Talos Principle

Not Portal 2 (It would be first, otherwise)
Not Portal 2 (It would be first, otherwise) | Source

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up The Talos Principle. Puzzle games can be great, when done right, and they are executed perfectly here. I actually found myself challenged by some of the puzzles and I loved taking my time to try to figure everything out.

It also boosts some interesting philosophical ideas but play it for the puzzles mostly. The one part that I did not particularly enjoy about The Talos Principle was how the story and the puzzles intersected. They often failed to really mesh together.

Non the less, it far superseded any expectations I might have had going in.

3) Life is Strange

Not Tales from the Borderlands
Not Tales from the Borderlands | Source

Life is Strange is the interactive game that I have been waiting for: One that does not forget that it is MEANT to be a game. Life is Strange follows the story of a student who learns she has the ability to reverse time. A disaster hits her home town, leaving her no choice but to go back and try and stop it from happening (or save as many people as she can).

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, Life is Strange's story is told in five episodes and they have all been released by this point. Gamers were taken on a year long journey from when the first episode was released (February) until the highly anticipated conclusion (October), with each episode giving the player the ability to choice how the story develops. Choices matter here, giving the whole game a decent amount of re-playability.

To give away anything more about the story would be a disservice to the game. The player will spend the majority of his time solving puzzles and undergoing fetch quests (while away from the main story). There is a decent amount of things to do and, I believe, it is worth the price of, well, buying the whole collection.

If you have not tried this gaming masterpiece, then please do so. You will not be disappointed.

2) Bloodborne

Not Dark Souls III (Can not wait!)
Not Dark Souls III (Can not wait!) | Source

I have to came clean: I am a bit of a Souls fan boy. Dark Souls is easily my favourite game of the last generation and is credited with re-igniting my interest in gaming after I had drifted away for a few years.

Bloodborne is not better than Dark Souls, although it does improve on certain aspects. The combat is the best it's ever been and the world looks stunning. The bosses are fun but not particularly challenging while the lack of any real loot was disappointing to say the least.

As with all Souls games, their is fascinating and gripping mythology that seps into every single cm of the world, but one can easily go the entire game (50 hours or so, for one run through) without learning a single thing about anything. Bloodborne does not require you to understand anything that is happening (or why), but it rewards those who have the patience to seek it out.

But it was another fantastic experience with a style of game that I just adore. The fact that it isn't my favourite game of the year shows that something truly special came out in 2015.

Bloodborne (PS4)

1) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Not Fallout 4
Not Fallout 4 | Source

While Fallout 4 was prepared to not really push itself, The Witcher 3 did nothing but expand on its previous games. I love how this franchise has developed, with each game feeling like a unique experience, but The Witcher 3 just did nearly everything right.

The world is so engaging and soaked in spirit. I felt like I was learning with every step I take. Like this was a foreign country that I had just stepped on for a three-month stay. I was initially overwhelmed but eventually I gained my footing and became capable of successfully integrating into it.

The stories (even the side-quests) are the best of the year. There is just so much personality here and I actually wanted to see how it ends. I wanted to see it happen right.

Some complained that you can't create your own character, but that's clearly not the point of the game. You aren't playing as a Witcher but as THE Witcher. You have a certain degree of control over how you use Geralt but the point of role-playing is to exist within that role and abide by the expectations attached to that role. There is weight in the fact that you are Geralt and not some random face. He means a lot more to those around him.

The game play isn't fantastic. It is safe and kind of repetitive. But it does improve considerably on higher difficulties and is, honestly, no worse than most Western RPGs. The combat is better, in my opinion, than every Fallout game before 4, any Dragon Age game and much better than Skyrim. It isn't as fun as something like Bloodborne or Kingdom of Amalur but it is okay.

What is the best game of 2015?


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    • Luke Kemeny profile image

      Luke Kemeny 

      3 years ago from United States

      Good list! I really enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront over Call of Duty though. Maybe because I've played COD online and single player since 2006. COD 3 was my first Xbox 360 game. Can't believe the franchise has needed up where it is now. Anyways, great list!


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