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Fun Coed Baby Shower Games

Updated on September 18, 2010

The best baby showers are those that are fun for ALL guests including young and old, male and female. These games will get everyone participating, competing, and laughing. The winner of each game will get to pick a wrapped prize from a prize table. It is helpful to have separate selections of gifts for kids as well as men if you are expecting them at your party.

Fun & Easy Baby Shower Games

Although I have personally never played these games; they sound funny, unique, or fun and I would love to try them at a baby shower.

Baby Brainstorm

Give each player a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and have them list as many baby items as they can in a certain time limit. These are words like diaper, pacifier, crib, mobile, car seat, stroller, nursing pillow, etc. The one with the most items listed when the time is up is the winner!

Guess Who? - Baby Pictures

Have each guest bring a photograph of themselves as a baby to the party. To play the game, give each participant a pencil and a blank sheet of paper to write their guesses on. Give each photo a number and then hold up or pass around each photo one at a time. Each person must guess which baby picture belongs to which guest. The guest who correctly identifies the most baby pictures is the winner!

Baby Due Date Lottery

Hang a sheet of paper at the entrance of the baby shower with the Mom's due date listed at the top, and have each guest guess when the baby will actually be born. You can customize this to include the time of day, the baby's weight, and the baby's sex if not known. Whoever comes closest in their predictions will win! You can choose to do this game "pool" style and have each guest put in a dollar or 2 that the winner will collect when the baby is born, or you can just have the winner get a prize whenever the baby is born. Another variation: If the couple has not yet chosen a baby name (or has chosen not to reveal it) you can do a similar game with each person submitting a name.

Advice Cards

Give each guest an index card or sheet of paper for them to write their best tips for caring for a newborn baby or raising a child. Have a box set up for them to turn in their cards. You can have them sign their cards or just leave them anonymous. Other variations include funny stories, quotes, or childhood memories. Mom can use these in a scrapbook or just use them for the great advice. They can also be read aloud during the party and guests can even guess who said which.

The best games I've played at Coed baby showers:

These are all games that I have actually participated in at friend's baby showers and feel that they were fun games that had everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

Guess the Mommy's Tummy

I have seen this game played with both toilet paper and string, although personally I think it's funnier with toilet paper! Everyone is given a chance to select a length of toilet paper that they think will go all the way around the mom's tummy! After everyone has had a chance to pick, measure the real length of the mom's tummy. It is hilarious to see some people pick a length that is entirely too short (or entirely too long!) and it's a fun game for those who are extremely competitive and would like to win a prize.

Clothespin Competition

Everyone gets these little baby pacifier necklaces and a tiny little baby clothespin. When someone is caught with their legs crossed, the person who catches them collects the pin. The winner is the one at the end of the party who has the most pins. The most recent baby shower I was at my husband entertained himself for about half of the party competing with a family member's son who was there and they were able to have fun during the shower without being bored. Other variations include not being able to say the word "baby" "mom" or "gift" throughout the entire party.

Draw A Baby

Everyone is given a plate and told to place the plate on top of their heads. They are then given a marker, a pen, or a pencil and told to draw a baby's face on the plate - while keeping the plate on their heads! Another variation is to have the person blindfolded or with their eyes closed - but no cheating! It is hilarious to see those who are convinced their pictures are going to come out perfect - turn out to have a bunch of random squiggles on their plate ;) The parents will choose the winner based on whose picture they feel is the best.

Cotton Ball Picking!

Each person takes a turn sitting in a chair and having their eyes covered with a scarf or blindfold. Have someone in charge of the game to count and keep score. A bowl filled with cotton balls is placed in front of them and they are handed a large wooden spoon. Without touching or feeling around for any cotton balls they have 3 chances to scoop out as many cotton balls as they can and dump them out into a plate that they are holding on their head with the other hand. This was a very fun game and it's hilarious to try to convince the blindfolded person that they are scooping out a VERY big wad of cotton balls even though their spoon is actually just full of air ;)

Baby Bottle Chug

I think the title of this game pretty much speaks for itself! Needless to say all of the men (and some of the women!) at the party loved this game. The party I was attending used a very strong alcoholic drink and filled up a small baby bottle for each person who was playing. (Children or those who don't wish to drink can use Coca-Cola or any other drink). The participants then compete to see who can drink their bottle the fastest. You would be surprised how long it takes for the bottle to be emptied!

Here's a unique game that I just thought up right now! :)

Baby Anagram Posters

Give each participant a nice colorful little poster-board or sheet of paper. (Note: This game only works if the parents-to-be have a name picked out already for their little one) Each party-goer gets to decorate their poster-board however they would like, as well as sign it at the bottom. Then they create an acronym for the baby's name - maybe you have heard of this or done it at school when you were a kid. For example - if the baby's name is going to be Maria you could put

M - Magical
A - Amazing
R - Reliable
I - Intelligent
A - Artistic

Not only does it get the guests thinking and creating, but the parents get a nice keepsake from each friend or family member who attended the party. It would make a wonderful collage for the baby's nursery as well - such as above their crib. The parents will pick whichever name acronym they like the best to win a prize.

And the best baby shower game I've ever played..?

The Baby Is Craving ..

The best baby shower game that I have ever played and was the most fun was this game: The couple having the baby sat in 2 chairs and had 2 bins next to them. The people who want to play divide into 2 teams. The couple then proceed to say that the baby is craving something. Each person has to run to place that item in the box before someone from the other team does. Whoever gets the item first gets to keep that item in their box. Whichever team has the most items in the box at the end wins. EVERYONE loved this game and was laughing so hard. The couple would name things like a watch, a shoe, a t-shirt, a planner, a belt, an earring, etc. and it was the most hilarious baby shower game I have ever seen! At one point people were running through the house trying to find things, and it was funny to see the creative things that people would come up with. For example, they asked for a dog and everyone was chasing the dog until 1 person decided to grab a baby onesie with a puppy on it, and my husband grabbed a stone dog statue that was sitting out by the pool! As you can see, this is by far the best baby shower game that everyone will love - especially those women with huge purses that contain almost every item that could be asked for! ;) This game brought out fits of laughter from everyone in the party - grandmas and young kids included!

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    • shopping-all profile image

      shopping-all 6 years ago from USA

      This is great informatics hub about baby shower games. This is very interesting.

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Very creative TG, I really enjoyed it--especially the "craving" game. Right now Winsome is craving a comment box in your "Whataburger" hub so he can leave a comment. =:)

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 7 years ago from The Country-Side

      Another Fun Game that we played at my 1st son's Baby shower was Guess what flavor baby food. My sister in law

      made labels to cover up the baby jars and printed out some sheets and had them numbered with the sheet and you would write down your answer on the paper and whoever got more right won. (it was a little gift basket they won) -Not baby food. lol

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 7 years ago from The Country-Side

      Sounds like a lot of fun Great Ideas here

      thanks for sharing tasksgirl


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