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Free Best Basketball Games Online

Updated on March 15, 2015

Basketball - One of The Most Popular Team Sports

The player is blocking other player's shot
The player is blocking other player's shot | Source

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Online Games Can Be Interesting...

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. No surprise that there are a lot of video games and most of them are successful, such as NBA 2k series, NBA Live series. There is no doubt that best basketball game on PC is NBA 2k15. It is an awesome game, with high graphics and it is so realistic... Unfortunately, it requires high computer resources, so not everyone can play this. Moreover, you have to buy it or download it illegally (which is not recommended!).

However, this article is about basketball games online - you do not need to download or buy anything, you do not have to give a lot of gigabytes and these games do not use a lot of computer resources. But that does not mean that they are not interesting and not worth your attention. Actually, some of them require some thinking and only smart people can succeed.

Lots of People Love Playing Games...

Many people enjoy playing video games
Many people enjoy playing video games | Source


In my personal opinion, this is the best basketball game online. Actually, it is a manager. When you register, you get a team with random players. At the start, your team is very weak. Your goal is to get it to the top of your league. How can you do that? Well, train players, win games, increase the size of arena, be good at merchandising. These are probably the most important steps. The manager is very interesting and I would strongly recommend you to try it if you are a basketball fan. Definitely, you will need some time to understand some things. But after that, you will be able to enjoy the game. Join Buzzerbeater right now!

What Does Buzzer Beater Mean in Basketball?


This is the biggest Buzzerbeater's competitor. Charazay is another basketball manager which is very popular around the world. Basically, it is very similar to Buzzerbeater - you buy players, train them, learn how the tactics work and surprise your opponents, win titles, etc. It might sound boring, but it is not, definitely. To be honest, it is very challenging game as there are many active players, some of them are very experienced and it is hard to beat them. So, your mission is to find out how to do that. It might take some time, but nothing is easy in this life, right?

Take a look what some guy think about Charazay: Why I play Charazay Basketball Manager?

Buzzerbeater or Charazay?

This is a tough question and there is no clear answer. Some people like one, others do another. Personally, I love Buzzerbeater. I started playing it about 5 years ago and I still did not get bored. However, a guy that I mentioned above said the same in his article Why I play Charazay Basketball Manager? So, I would recommend you to register to both games and see which one suits better for you. However, bear in mind one thing - you will not be a champion in first weeks in these games. You have to find out how everything works - this is the only way to success.

Buzzerbeater or Charazay?

Which one is better? Try it and say that to us!
Which one is better? Try it and say that to us! | Source

Other Basketball Managers

There are a lot of basketball managers on the Web. However, none of them are so successful as Buzzerbeater or Charazay are. Nevertheless, you still might like some of them. So, here is a short list of nice basketball managers which you may want to try:

Basketball Manager - the idea is similar to most of basketball managers - you are managing your team, training players and trying to win games.

Basketball GM - again, idea is the same. However, I love how this game is presented in their official website. It encourages me to press Start Playing Now. Honestly, I have not tried this. But it looks really good!

World Basketball Manager - another online basketball game created by a Greek guy in 2003. It is just like other managers - lets you manage your team. Read more about this in Wikipedia.

PowerPlay Manager - this is slightly different from others - you have the possibility to play hockey, soccer, basketball and handball. So, if you are a not only a basketball fan, you can manage a few sports teams managers in one website! Sounds great!

How to be Successful in Basketball Managers?

It is really hard to answer to this question. Nevertheless, I still have a few advice for you.

One of them would be that you should read rules of the game. Maybe a few times. Believe me, I experienced that and I know what it means playing a game without knowing rules. Undoubtedly, it will be much easier for you after you complete this action.

Furthermore, read forums. Usually, guys, who are active in forums, are experienced and have been playing the manager for a while. It means that they know a lot about the game and they discuss about it. So, you can gain some useful information from others' posts.

Finally, try all the functions at the beginning of playing the manager. Learn by doing. Do not fear to make mistakes! You are learning from them! You can become a good manager only if you do mistakes!

Simple Basketball Games Online

Check out a few simple and easy basketball games online. Those are just in case you have some free time and feel bored. Take a look:

Basketball games at Agame - 22 simple games which might be attracting. I love playing some of those when it is boring.

Basketball games at Y8 - probably, Y8 is one of the most popular gaming site where are more than 50000 various games. Moreover, there are about 200 basketball games. I am sure you will find one that is nice to you!

Basketball game at Online Games - there is only one game, but it is so involving... Try it!

All in all...

To take everything into account, you have a huge choice of basketball games online! There are a lot of basketball managers, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. However, most loved are Buzerbeater and Charazay, but it does not mean others are not worth your attention! Try each of them and see which one is best for you!

Moreover, there are lots of simple basketball games online at websites such as Y8, Agame or OnlineGames. These are wonderful if you feel bored!

Do you know any good basketball game or manager online that I have not mentioned? Tell us about it in comments!


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