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Best Beginner RC Helicopter Under $100

Updated on July 30, 2013

1SQ V-Cam Review - RTF Quadcopter 2.4Ghz - FPV Camera

1SQ V-Cam

1SQ V-Cam - RTF - Quadcopter - FPV Camera

If you've been interested in getting a camera in the air, but aren't looking to spend hundreds of dollars then have a look at the 1SQ V-Cam quadcopter. It comes in a RTF (ready to fly) and an almost ready to fly (bind to fly [BTF]), meaning you don't need the transmitter, package. This tiny quadcopter comes with its own transmitter, as well as a camera for picture and video that can be controlled by the transmitter. Using the 7 channel transmitter, you're able to control the flight with the first 4 channels and the other three to take a picture, start and stop recording video, and an auxiliary channel to do flips! That's right -- this camera can easily do flips as well as record! Both packages come with a small bag of extra props (2 black and 2 white) incase you do have a harsh crash, however, the copter is still very durable. They both also have a USB converter that allows you to put your micro SD card in a USB to go into your computer for easy extraction. The charger is through USB also and is a LiPo battery (higher quality). The battery takes roughly 45 minutes, or less to charge. While the flight time is very good, if you want more time in the air, you might want an extra battery. The camera quality is decent (it's superb for the price) compared to high end cameras such as a GoPro. If the quadcopter isn't very still, the still images can be a little blurry, but the video is comparable to the iPhone video quality -- it's pretty good! The vibration is minimal to none and there is no 'jello effect' (some helicopters with cameras create a weird and unwanted effect on the video). This quadcopter even has lights on the arms, so night flying is possible! There are two red lights on the back and two white lights on the front to help with orientation. Flying at night is truly a different experience than in the day; being able to only see your vehicle in the sky flying with the starts is great fun. The box it comes in even doubles as a storing and carrying case. This is truly an awesome deal for yourself or for another person as a gift. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, nothing but fun can come from this little thing.

  • $119 (with camera) / $99 (no camera)
  • Ready to fly -- nothing else needed
  • Takes pictures
  • Records aerial video
  • Does flips with the switch of a button
  • 3-Axis gyro stabilized
  • 4 LED lights
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Cheap parts (incase of repair)

1SQ V-Cam


V911 Review - 2.4Ghz Mini 4 Channel RC Helicopter - Indoor/ Outdoor


V911 - 2.4Ghz - 4 Channels - Single Rotor

This cheap copter, packaged with its own transmitter, is 2.4Ghz. Most cheap toy remote control helicopters use infrared technology, meaning specific light, obstruction, and distance will disrupt the signal and ruin your flight. The 2.4Ghz that runs this, and most higher-end RC copters gives it more flexibility, freedom, and range. The 4 channel controller has two flight modes -- one aimed towards beginners and one for those who can handle the control of a faster, responsive copter. The single-rotor RC helicopter will fly great inside and can handle around 10 mph wind outside. It will take a beating many times without breaking parts. If you do end up breaking a propeller, this package comes with two spares so you'll always be in the air. There are also two batteries, allowing for a great amount of total flight time. You can be charging one battery while the other is charging. The complexity that was put into this little toy is huge. There are two servos inside the body to control part of it's movement and a rear rotor to control the yaw (orientation). It's simple, compact, reliable and almost unbreakable. While it doesn't come with a camera, as the quad previously mentioned does, it is definitely a great deal for the price.

  • $44
  • Ready to fly
  • 2.4Ghz 4 channel transmitter (controller)
  • 2x3.7V 120 Mah Li-Poly Batteries
  • Charger (USB Cable)
  • Extra rotor blades (main propellers)
  • Length - 223mm
  • Height - 81mm
  • Rotor Diameter - 189mm
  • Flight duration ~ 5-7 Minutes
  • Charging time ~ 45 Minutes (2 batteries)
  • Range - 50 - 80 meters




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