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Best Board Games and Card Games for Adults

Updated on February 19, 2011

Top Board Games and Card Games for Adults

Hosting a party? It can be hard to find fun games for adults that have simple rules and keep the group's attention. Avoid making your guests bored with lengthy games or complicated rules. Here is a list of the best board games or card games for adults that will keep everyone interested!

Apples to Apples: Best Card Game for Groups

This game is super easy and fun! Apples to Apples is the best game I have played in years, ideal for small or medium sized groups. The rules are flexible and there is no right answer to this card game, making subjective decisions and reasoning the focus of the game. This is played with 2 sets of cards, each with a set of words on them. The green cards have words with definitions. Every player is dealt a hand of red cards with single words on them (e.g people or places), while each player takes turns as dealer. The dealer draws a green card and shows it to the group of players. Each player puts a card from their hand in the center that they feel best reflects the definition of the word on the card the dealer drew. The dealer determines which red card best matches the green card's word. The player whose card is selected keeps the green card (a point). Set your own limit on the game and make up your own rules and variations. Let player's have a chance to campaign for their card and make it more interesting.

Dirty Minds: Best Adult Game

This is the best adult game because you can host a party with an adult game that won't get anyone too uncomfortable. Dirty minds uses words and phrases and players have to guess what the dealer is explaining to them from the card. The cards use phrases and words that most people would associate with something dirty or inappropriate, but the real answer is a perfectly innocent one. This game is an easy way to find out which of your friends have their minds in the gutter the most often without being too vulgar.

UNO: Best Travel Game

The card game of UNO is good for small groups willing to play long sessions. This game is fun and mindless, allowing guests to chat and multitask at the same time. UNO has simple rules, matching cards with colors or numbers. These types of card games are great for travel since the pack is small and you may find yourself finding a way to kill time in hotels or on long car trips. Sometimes the best games as adults are the most simple ones.

Deck of Cards: Most Versatile

Don't' forget the most versatile game of all, the traditional set of playing cards. Parties can die off fast and get and boring when the majority of a group does not know how to play a game, so pick something easy and short when playing in large groups. Avoid having one member of the party attempt to each everyone in the room a new and complicated game.

Jenga: Best Kids Game That Is Still Fun

Many of us likely have not played Jenga since we were kids but Jenga is still fun as an adult and in groups. As adults, you get better at balancing the wood pieces and the tower gets bigger. Designate the loser to a task for the remainder of the party (if you are drinking, this can be beer runner).


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