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Best Toys for One Year Old Boys 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Toys for Little 1 Year Old Boys

One year old boys are on the fast track to toddlerhood; no longer satisfied by rattles and stuffed animals, the little boy who is celebrating his first birthday will love a more engaging gift.

Little boys love little things in their hands -- cars, balls, planes & trains. And they love things that make noise.

Check out some of the toy ideas here and see what your little guy would like.

Little Toys for Boys

15 Piece Chubbies Bucket

Consider buying this Viking 15 Piece Chubbies Bucket for the little man in your life. This bucket contains an assortment of vehicles including, boats, planes, a helicopter, cars, train, bulldozer and trucks.

For children 12 months and up, this makes a great birthday gift for not only the baby, but mom and dad; there is no assembly required, they do not run on batteries or make noise and they are pretty sturdy even though the plastic is thin. They are light enough to not dent walls or knock things off shelves if they get thrown.

I like that the bucket comes with a lid and a handle, so storing them, and traveling with them is quite convenient. Little hands can hold these easily since they are just the right side and the edges are smooth for babies who like to chew.

My favorite feature is that the wheels are white and don't leave marks on furniture at all

Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball for Boys

Peek-a-boo is a traditional childhood game that every baby loves. This Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball is a brightly colored blue toy with different colored faces.

This handheld ball rolls along the ground as the faces pop in and out. This is a great toy to teach hand-eye coordination as they can use their fingers to pop the smiley guys in and out.

Recommended for babies ages 12 months and up, it is made from rubberwood with no toxic paints used and feature biodegradable materials. When playing with this ball, we teach our son how to play the traditional peek-a-boo game at the same time.

Buyers should be aware that the ball is a bit larger than a tennis ball since many parents have assumed it was larger. Since it is made of wood as well, it does get scuffed up a bit, but having no toxic plastics or paint makes it worth it.

Dancing Alligator

Perfect for The One Year Old Boy

This next toy is a silly little device, this Plan Toys Dancing Alligator is also a plastic free choice that is made with rubberwood and non toxic materials. In purchasing this toy, you are supporting a company who has environmental interests at heart during manufacturing.

Your little guy will love pulling his alligator behind him as he walks. When the alligator is being pulled, the wooden pieces make clicking sounds. The sounds are best heard when the toy is being used on a hard surface since carpet seems to dampen the effect a bit.

The string that it comes with is quite long so your baby can pull it easily behind him. I thought it might have been a little too long with a risk for strangulation, so I shortened our string to a comfortable length that still made it fun to play with.

I like that the wheels have some traction to them so the toy doesn't just skid all over the floor. This alligator is also enjoyed by toddlers as well so it is something you could get several years use out of.

Busy Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Earlyears Busy Ball Drop

Babies this age are learning about cause and effect. This Earlyears Busy Ball Drop lets your little guy put a ball on the top and watch it spiral all the way down.

It comes with 5 different colored pieces that you can stack up in whatever order you decide. This makes it a nice feature for when your baby is sitting down so you can make it a comfortable height for him.

I like that it is a PVC free toys as well. The toy is made to be easily assembled and disassembled so it does come undone sometimes when I pick it up to move it, but this does not bother me because so many other toys on the market are too hard to put together and take apart.

It comes with 3 balls that feature a swirly design and contain beads inside that rattle when the balls are rolled. This is recommended for ages 9 months and up.

Toys for Kids Taking First Steps

Chicco Baby Activity Walker

A Chicco Baby Activity Walker makes a fantastic gift for a one year old boy since it keeps him so busy and gives them something to hold onto while they are learning to walk.

The activity center features games, lights and sound effects that will stimulate your little ones coordination skills and imagination.

When the baby uses it to help him walk, the toys starts playing a melody; this way it encourages them to use it in that way because they know they can make something happen. It does require two AA batteries and is recommended for ages 9 months and up.

Parents should be aware that they need to let their baby play with this under supervision since it tips over if a child uses it to help them stand up.

Best Toys for One Year Old Boys

Which toy would your one year old boy like best?

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What kind of toys does your little boy like?

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    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Nice review on toys. Voted up


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