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Best Centre Back in Fifa? (Bag-a-Bargain)

Updated on April 22, 2013

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Article 3 - Center Back (Bag-a-Bargain)

Hi, Mr Awbery here bringing you the third article in my series called Bag-a-Bargain. Now in the previous two articles we covered the Goalkeeper and the Left back, so we are sliding through the defense to cover a position which is absolutely key to your success. The Center back. Now, whilst the left back and goalkeeper both provide assets to your team, defensively, these are the guys you are looking at. Regardless of how good your goalkeeper is, if your center backs are not up to scratch, you will find yourself conceding lots of goals, which is not what you want! They are the mainstay of your defense, and a good partnership between the Center backs will frustrate opponents, and give you the platform for attacking.

As with my other articles, I will not be including the big stars such as Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva etc. We all know they are beast, and are absolutely fantastic at defense, it doesn't take an article to tell you that. However, as this series is called bag a bargain, I will be talking to you about the hidden gems I have found whilst playing Ultimate Team, and ones that you should definitely invest in, as they are both cheap, and beast.

Now, I thought I would be ultra kind to you guys, who are reading this, and not only provide you with quality center backs, but due to the nature of there always being more than one, I am providing you with perfect partners for each of the mentioned defenders. I will still do 5, but on the last person I will include the name of the partner, so you have a perfectly formed defensive partnership. Aren't I kind?

Right, with that out of the way, lets get on to our first center back!

N'koulou who?

Now those of you who aren't familiar with the French Ligue 1 will have no reason to know who this man is. However, he is definitely one to consider for your starting line ups, and could be a reason to move in and make a Ligue 1 team. He is fast, strong and has insane jumping ability (which makes up for his lack of height). He currently plays for Marseille and I honestly would recommend him as a centre back. Possibly slot him in a hybrid team with another Ligue 1 centre back and Steve Mandanda in the net (you would still have maximum chemistry). In this league, he is one of the best rated centre backs over all, but i do not see many teams using him and I do not know why. I am a huge fan of this league, as it is so cheap for quality players, and have used him extensively in my ultimate team experience. He is also just 23 years old, so expect to see him more often in other FIFA games.

There is not much of a tale to tell you in terms of his career, he played 78 games for AS Monaco, taking part for the full 90 minutes in all of them. His performances for Monaco led him to be scouted by many major clubs, including Arsenal, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. However, he signed a contract with French giants Marseille in 2011. He is currently in the Cameroonian national team, and has been heavily linked with a transfer to Arsenal after not signing a new contract with Marseille. He is one to have on your radar.

The main thing to note is that he received a January update card, boosting his stats on Ultimate team from a 78, to an 80. This is almost on level with getting an inform card, however, the price does not significantly change. You can currently pick him up for around 900 coins, which is just ridiculous, considering he is fast, and a rare card. I would seriously suggest buying this man, and using him in your teams.

Name : Nicolas N'koulou

Height: 6'0

Club : Marseille

Nationality : Cameroon

Key stats:

Acceleration: 82

Sprint Speed: 77

Standing Tackle: 88

Slide Tackle: 79

Jumping : 85

Heading Accuracy: 75

Angelo Ogbonna - He will be an Angel for your defense!

Now I understand that many keep FIFA players know about this man, but I can have a bet and say there are a number of you who don't. I am not overselling this Ogbonna when I say he is an absolute beast. He will be known now due to this fact, but early in the game, he was rarely used, due to the fact that he is a non rare card. Regardless of this, I believe Ogbonna is literally up there with the likes of Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos. The amount of times I have felt Ogbonna has saved me when I thought they were going to score, and not just that, scoring goals as well . From corners, he has scored time and time again, and he is a serious contender for best centre back in this list. He is italian, and from the Serie A, allowing him to combine perfect with any Serie An italian defense, or have a good connection with any Italian, or Serie A player. A must have in one of these teams, I cannot stress how good he is.

At just 24 years old, Angelo has a long time left in his career yet, and is considered one of the most promising youngsters in Italy. Despite this, Angelo continues to play for the first club who took him on , Torino, and this levelheaded approach has to be commended. He has now played 128 games for them, and in my opinion, will be the target of many top tier teams in the next few transfer windows.

I will just say this, and you should listen. OGBONNA IS AMAZING! He can score, he is tall, he has strength, he has pace, there is nothing more you would want from a centre back. He is a cheaper, but in my opinion very similar version of Chiellini, and to be likened to that Italian veteran is a compliment to him. Honestly, if you form an Italian or Serie A squad, or create hybrid teams, use this man.

Name : Angelo Ogbonna

Height: 6'2

Club : Torino

Nationality : Italian

Key stats:

Acceleration: 76

Sprint Speed: 79

Standing Tackle: 84

Slide Tackle: 78

Jumping : 88

Heading Accuracy: 78

Mamadou Sakho - Also known for his insane hair styles!

The Third man in my list is going to be the partner for N'koulou, and this guy in his own right deserves a place in this list anyway, so there is no dispute when I put Mamadou Sakho in at number three. Now as I said before, I love the Ligue 1, and this defensive partnership has been one that I have sworn by for the whole of this FIFA. There is no need to invest in really expensive centre backs when you have players like this on the market. Sakho is the perfect partner to N'koulou, balancing out the lack of height by providing it, and being that little stronger to deal with bigger strikers. I have loved this player for a number of FIFA's, and the best part is, he still isn't a rare, so sells for much cheaper than your average centre back.

Sakho is just 23 (I have a need to invest in young players) and currently plays for Paris Saint Germain. The best thing about this man, and with no disrespect to PSG, something you may not see for a while, is the fact he came through the youth system there, and was actually the youngest player ever to receive a captaincy in Ligue 1. He has captained every level of the French National Youth team, and earned his first senior debut aged just 21, which is an incredible feat. This just proves the leadership and quality that Sakho has, and is certainly a player to watch for the future.

In the game, He wins headers and tackles. This is what you want from a centre back. He is certainly no slouch, and can keep up to most strikers. His strength means that smaller players are muscled off the ball when he goes near them, which balances out his slight slowness. In real life, he has been likened to former French international Lilian Thuram, which once again proves that this guy is legit, and seriously good at defending. Not once did I have to shout his name in anger, and he actually made two goal line clearances for me. He seems to be there at all times, and pops up in the right spot to cut out the through balls. A must buy for any French or Ligue 1 squad , and at just 800 coins XBOX, or 650 PS3, there is no need to hesitate, go and buy him!

Name : Mamadou Sakho (Nicknamed Kirikou)

Height: 6'2

Club : PSG

Nationality : French

Key stats:

Acceleration: 76

Sprint Speed: 75

Standing Tackle: 83

Slide Tackle: 81

Jumping : 88

Heading Accuracy: 77

Salvatore Bocchetti - Why are you in Russia?

This man is the partner for Angelo Ogbonna, and like him , he is not used as much as he probably should be, due to the fact that he is a non-rare, and also he plays in Russia, which a very underused league. However, I still think this player is fantastic, and would honestly recommend going and buying him, because both Ogbonna and Bocchetti are quality, and deserve to be a centre back partnership in my opinion. You could use these two, and have an Italian goalkeeper, such as Buffon, Marchetti or Sirigu, and they would achieve maximum chemistry. The problem that most people find is being able to use Bocchetti in a team, but with the way I explained above, you will get the most out of a great centre back.

Aged 26, he is one of the older centre backs in the list, but regardless, he still has another 6-8 years of playing time yet, which suggests he may be good in other FIFA games as well. Beginning at Ascoli, he was loaned out twice before being sold to Frosinone in 2008 after a successful term there. He was then sold on to Genoa and became a regular starter there, playing 60 games, before Rubin Kazan in the Russian league bid €15 million, which was a huge amount for Genoa, and one they couldn't refuse. He was then sold to Spartak Moscow in the Jauary 2013 Transfer window, and has since played six games.

Bocchetti is one of my favourite non-rare, unknown players. He has the pace to deal with most strikers, and has the heading and tackling ability to kick it with the "big boys" so to speak. I would recommend him for any Italian or Russian league team, and he has the ability to create a hybrid, due to the different nationality to his league. In all honesty, he did not score many goals for me, but the solid performances in defense warranted his inclusion in this list, and selling for just 500 coins XBOX and the same on PS3, he will not even touch your bank balance.

Name : Salvatore Bocchetti

Height: 6'1

Club : Spartak Moscow

Nationality : Italian

Key stats:

Acceleration: 78

Sprint Speed: 75

Standing Tackle: 83

Slide Tackle: 78

Jumping : 82

Heading Accuracy: 82

Dedé - Not from Dexter's Laboratory!

Now the final player in this list is Dedé, and he is another player who is possibly known by the FIFA community, but his ability just means that I had to include him. He is Brazilian, and this is a very popular team in Ultimate Team, however, I do not see Dedé in as many teams as I believe he should. He also plays in the Liga do Brasil, so this means that he is widely unused, due to the lack of defenders in this league. However, with a little clever matching, you can fit him into a hybrid team ,and still have maximum chemistry. My advice for the partner is either David Luiz, who would have been included in this list, but he is widely known. With these two in defense, you will have an absolute solid defense, and will be able to focus on your attacking a lot more. They stop as many clear cut chances being created, and I would honestly recommend them.

Once again, aged 24, Anderson Vital da Silva, or Dedé has been at the centre of controversy, but not by his own doing. He originally played in the Campeonato Carioca, a local league of the state of Rio de Janiero, before being signed by Vasco de Gama. Having played 94 games for them, and being completely happy, the club received a transfer offer from Cruzeiro, for R$14 million, plus midfielder Allison. He stated in an interview he never wanted to leave, but knew it would end the debt over Vasco de Gama, and therefore had to go. However, the transfer was blocked by the FERJ, the football institution in Rio de Janeiro, and could not complete his transfer.

Dedé has been one of the brightest centre backs for me on Ultimate team, with strength, pace and the tackling needed to be a real enforcer in defense. I honestly believe he is probably in the top five defenders on FIFA , and is cheap in comparison to this high title. He scored a lot of headers for me, and also defended amazingly, and with this team, I rarely conceded. However, the draw back is that he has to have a brazilian centre back, right back or Goalkeeper to achieve any chemistry, as the Liga do Brasil is almost exclusively brazilian. Even so, I seriously recommend buying him, as he will constantly dominate in defense, and you will not be disappointed. He is the most expensive player on this list, currently selling for 2,200 coins on XBOX and 2800 on PS3, so you will pay a little more, but he is certainly worth it.

Name : Anderson Vital da Silva (Dedé)

Height: 6'3

Club : Vasco de Gama

Nationality : Brazilian

Key stats:

Acceleration: 77

Sprint Speed: 78

Standing Tackle: 82

Slide Tackle: 78

Jumping : 69

Heading Accuracy: 84

Who was your favourite centre back in this list?

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    • profile image

      ab 3 years ago

      mertesacker is the tank

    • profile image

      Ray 4 years ago

      Many Thanks for your arcticle. I have formed almost an exclusive Italian team and I have partnered Chilinni with Ogbona at the back. Its early days cuz have used them for 3 matches but found Chillinni outstanding but Ogbona very quiet and not aggressive in tackles or defensive headers. Has his numbers recently gone down or should I stick with this p ship

    • Mr Awbery profile image

      Mr Awbery 5 years ago from Doncaster, England

      Thankyou Anon for your response, I really appreciate any feedback, I hope to write a lot more articles and hope that you check back, whoever you are!

      Mr Awbery

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      What a great article Mr.Awbery. You're quite the budding journelist. Keep up the awesome work ;) xxox


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