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Best and top popular Computer Games

Updated on February 8, 2014

We grew up canoodling with stuff toys, fighting supreme wars with GI Joe's and dressing up Barbies (for girls, and also sometimes for guys). Today, we live in a world where connection to the virtual domain has become so unavoidable, not only kids but even grown ups have gotten the gamebug-bite. Yes, you guessed it right. This article or “hub” is a tribute to all those PC games that were, are and will stay in our hearts and minds forever. The games are categorized according to the particular mode and gameplay. So, Game On!

Action and Adventure

  • Assassin's Creed II : It is a sequel to Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed (2008) that triumphs over the original in every possible way. Assassin's Creed II has evolved from an ill-defined action game into a unique open world experience. The amazing features of the game like the new monetary system to the feature of buying new weapons and armors makes it a more upgraded, richer, better and more staisfying game in comparison to its predecessors.

  • Batman – Arkham Asylum : You've heard of Batman no doubt; but if you don't read comics, then I am sure that you are unfamiliar with the term Arkham Asylum as well. The ionic psychiatric hospital is necessarily Gotham City's Alcatraz, and it houses just about every villain Batman has ever faced, at one time or another. The excellent storyline of the game is bound to suck you in.

  • GTA IV : All of us have heard about it, played it and loved it. But what do you do when you know that the best of the lot is here to stay. GTA IV is a game with compelling and engaging storyline, a brilliant protagonist whom you can't help but like, and a plethora of online multiplayer features in addition to its lengthy story mode. And if you are wondering, you would still be stealing cars and shooting cops (virtual world freedoms indeed...)

  • Prototype : Just another game according to me... a storyline heard since the time Resident Evil was released. Another viral outbreak hits New York and an amnesiac guy with supernatural powers tries to fight his way mostly stuck in the crossfire between the military and the mutants. The scenery amongst the game is very dull and almost never changes.

  • Spiderman : The most loved superhero who has the right moves, an amazingly beautiful girlfriend and a stylish superhero who wore his undergarment right, But very boring to play with in this NeverSoft venture. It doesn't matter that how well you play or how hard you try because of the 'save point system' feature used in the game which creates hassles in your game play by not letting you to save the game where you want. No one would like to play for a very long time and in the end not having found the save point, you need to do it all over again (groan!). But you may give it a shot.

  • Mafia : Arriving without pre-release hype, Mafia is a highly engaging combination of the driving and city aspects of the Grand Theft Auto III and the story -driven third person shooting action of Max Payne. But with the expected arrival of Mafia 2 almost 8 years later, the game somewhere lost its fervor

  • Ninja Blade : Few technical hassles not withstanding, this derivative action based game is a sheaf of silly, foolish and stylish fun. When an action game lets you dress up in pink pinstripes before notching up hordes of gruesome mutants, you know it doesn't take itself seriously. Ninja Blade is one such game, but it's so ridiculously over the top, so rambunctiously insane, that it's hard not to get a total kick out of it. It's an uneven product, both technically troublesome and derivative to the bone.

First Person Shooters

  • Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 : Modern Warfare 2 claims a bracing campaign by engaging a collaborative play and an addictive multiplayer system. The new campaign is full of extreme action and dramatic moments. Though it is slightly higher chaotic than its forerunners (in multiple ways), but it's still an amazing and brilliant game .

  • Left 4 Dead 2 : With astonishing fresh content across the panel, Left 4 Dead 2 surpasses its forerunners and makes the zombie apocalypse a treat for the maniacs out there. Left 4 Dead 2 upgrades and improves on the original in substantially every other way, featuring new armors, weapons new materials, new foes, and new survivors that further enhances the game.

  • Counter Strike 1.6 : Till now, most of the First Person Shooting game fans at least know the meaning of Counter-Strike and many of them have also got the pleasure of playing it or witnessing it being played by others . Counter-Strike is basically a team-based skillful shooter game that combats terrorists versus counter-terrorists in round-based game play. Even though the game was launched first in 2000 by Valve, Counter Strike is here to stay till the moolah from the innumerable gaming tournaments keeps flowing in and killing your friends in the nearby vicinity doesn't get easier.

  • Crysis : It was really tough not to be amazed by the visuals and video promos that were launched in 2007. This game easily goes down as one of the best shooters designed till date with extraordinary visuals and stunning game-play. Crytek has managed to deliver an incredibly modern and astonishing FPS game which has basically rewritten the rules of the whole FPS gaming genre.

  • Borderlands : Set on the hostile, bandit ridden planet of Pandora, Borderlands provides the solo player a very tough time passing throughout the dull ambiance, not promising a nice climax. The climax goes down as one of the most ill-made ones. Although this game provides a huge arsenal of weaponry, the technicality of each one is very tough to get used to.

  • Half Life 2 : Its hard to believe that before Half Life, Valve had come up with only one game, which was truly record breaking. The standards that Half Life 2 had set in 2007 were truly amazing but due to the easy gameplay and lack of many multiplayer options, the game faced a halt after the arrical of the like of COD4. But to be fair to the mighty makers, it was the best game of its time.

  • Team Fortress 2 : As one of the first shooters to discover squad & group based game-play, the first TF swiftly became one of the most famous games among the online community, inspiring sedulity and producing plenty of user-created amendments.Team Fortress 2 is basically a very interesting and amazing FPS objective based game between two teams combating against each other. But with its cartoon like character description and highly hectic selection criteria, the game loses its charm in the long run.

  • Doom 3 : It is a very very amazing game from a technical point of view, yet behind the times from a FPS game design point of view. This is the basic split in Doom 3, the much awaited sequel of the Doom series from famous Texas-based developer id software. Doom 3's game-play structure and level design are behind the times and at odds with the game's cutting-edge, ultra-realistic looks.


  • Command and Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars : Tiberium Wars is much more than just lip feature to franchise supporters. You don't need the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia to appreciate its polish and intensity. It's simply a superb game that's fun and exciting to play both online and offline. With sequel already out, I recommend you to stick to C&C 3 since removing it from your HDD is going to be a little bit tougher considering the action the game has in store along with the witty dialogues of the in-game characters.

  • Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne : There was Warcraft III and then there was the expansion pack, the Frozen Throne. Launched in 2003 and the next edition in 2013, this game will continue to reign the multiplayer genre of strategy gaming. The campaign starts from where the Warfare III left off, in the consequences of the relegation of the burning army.

  • Age Of Empires III – The WarChiefs : Age of Empires III advances the series hundreds of years into the future, trading swordsmen and catapalts for musketeers and cannons, while keeping the series signature formula basically intact. If you have a fast system, the game delivers spectacular visuals. The frame rate does bog down at certain important places, but AOE 3 can't go off the best strategy games list because of that!

  • R.U.S.E : Out of the games that have not yet hit the market, this venture had to go down in the best strategy games list just because of the amazing anticipation that people hold waiting for it. It is a strategy game based on World War II and is created by Ubisoft. Going by Ubisoft's reputation for delivering more than expected, I considered it for this list.

  • Medieval II – Total War : It was the most dainty war strategy game launched in early 2006, Set in the mesieval English Kingdom with graphics of epic proportions and with extraordinary strategic depth this game made it to the best list of strategy games. However, its biggest enemy was Time itself as this slowly fades away from the list of best strategy games. Take bow...

  • King Arthur – The Role Playing Wargame : Legendary Britain has given us a lot of virtual world rulers who love to give their ideas for their beloved kingdom. “King Arthur – the Wargame” is one such role playing game in which you guide king Arthur through a series of quests to compare the throne and do away with some monarchs en route. The game was however, very haphazardly designed and didn't got the desired feedback.

  • Command and Conquer – Red Alert 2 : Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 was the next series to the famous derivative of definite real-time strategy based games of the Westwood (1996). The latest game in the famous series during 2000 was not an impressive technological enhancement over its forerunners. The substitute-World War II setting boundaries on being distasteful at times.

Other Recommendations in the Strategy Section :

  • Napoleon – Total War

  • Europa Universalis III : Heir to the Throne

  • Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising

  • Sins of a Solar Empire

  • World in Conflict

  • Stronghold Crusader

Sports :

  • Madden NFL Series (Football) : EA Sports, undoubtedly has to be the supreme force behind creating the stupendous arena for gaming on the filed (well, virtually that is). NFL 2003, 2004, 2005 were the best games launched ever considering sales, popularity and game-play. Just a few throws down field and you realize why EA sports is best at whatever it does. As the best selling football brand on the market for numerous number of years, the name that is known by millions of people as the representatives of some of the best football you can have on a gaming console is none other than Madden NFL .

  • FIFA Series (Soccer) : When the first FIFA was launched by EA sports in 1996, people realized the revolution that was. Going down 14 years down the line, with FIFA 2010 EA Sports still continues to bring about the revelations in Soccer game-play. The usage of trick-sticks and amendable controls makes it the supreme commander in the force of online as well as multiplayer soccer gaming.

  • Pro-Evolution Soccer 2010 : Now that is something that gives EA sports extremely tough competition. It is said that the gameplay in FIA goes down as very amateurish and predefined, and that PES has the most slick gameplay soccer gaming has ever seen. FIFA players are more glory boys concerned with style over substance whereas PES players have always been intrigued with the supreme gameplay. If you are a footie nut and aren't into PES, then I guess the nut just cracked.

  • NFL Head Coach (Football) : During my research for this hub, I was wondering if EA sports was unsuccessful in atleast one attempt that it made and hitherto there is very less that can establish a permanent spot in the list. A very high emphasis on micro team management has been laid in this game that often makes people to go mad. The artificial intelligence on field goes crazy at millions of places and the multiplayer is extremely boring too.

  • Championship Manager 2010 (Football) : With astonishing features like numerous training tools, an enhanced match engine, upgraded depth , Championship Manager 2010 is a gift to the gaming section of the football management series, but the inadequate detailing of it means that the game ends up in falling far short of its elevated goals.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Soccer) : The presentation of this game is not very smooth, bad online functionality, average level of commentary, and very less officially licensed squads in the game further adds to its misery. It can be said that no new functions have been added to this game and the frequent disconnections while playing this game online further decreases its rating. As a conclusion, it can be said that on an overall basis Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is a great game of football to play, but it has severely fallen behind its competitors in terms of functionality and features.

For other sports like Basketball, Baseball, Cricket and the sorts, there isn't much to choose from and they also lack in popularity, hence they were deprives a slot in this hub.*

There were other sections like Racing, Car Combat, Simulations and Role playing that weren't considered only because of the sole reason of monopoly of certain wise-cracks like NFS, Burnout etc that doesn't seem to shine down. Also, all the games mentioned above have come after the scrutiny of about 10 games per section. The best ( and the disappointments) made it into the article. The games tagged as 'the best' above does not mean that these games are newly launched, but only that these games changed the direction of gaming in a certain way and are still standing strong and are proving to be the best.


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    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 7 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      MY vote goes to


      :} - Very Awesome fun interactive game with people from All over the world!

      Can have more than one alt - play on any device too!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      I grew up with the board games and playing with fake guns that you had to pretend by making your own sounds.Technology has come along way.The games look so much fun.Very little time when you are busy working.I see how realistic the graphics are it is amazing.Great hub.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      I have heard of a few of these as my grandson has some of them. I will show him your list but it seems very complete.

    • profile image

      tanmay 7 years ago

      nyc research of my fav games!!!!!