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Best Free Browser Games

Updated on October 15, 2014
Alliance Warfare
Alliance Warfare


In this hub we'll take a look into browser games that are worth playing. Usually, browser games are played just to kill a bit of time, socialize, and just chill back at work (guilty :P)!

That lowers our expectations a lot. It's obvious that the browser games market is declining in quality. Strategy games are copy pasted one from another just changing their theme. MMORPG have an automated pathfinder and auto-combat system. What's the point of playing if it's all automated, right?

No clue how the market turned into this, still there are still great games out there which fit the above criteria. Lets take a peek.

What to play?

Shortly, i'll give you a few games that are worth playing in your browser. I might miss a few games, but if they're not here, they either aren't that great or they're part of the automated saga that is upon us!


Well, anyone that plays games knows this game. It revolutionized the browser games industry and it still kicks butt to this day. In an era where graphics are amazing, Runescape still is the front runner when it comes to player base and game play.

Runescape is time sinker.

While the quote above is completely true, doesn't change the fact that it's the best browser game out there! Runescape never ends. The game is constantly updated and you have so many things to do that it's impossible to reach its end.

It's a great game for people that work in a desk with little daily work :P! You'll kill a lot of time with it!

Runescape, One of the best!
Runescape, One of the best!


Drakensang is an action RPG. If you're a fan of Diablo or Path of Exile, you'll love Drakensang as a browser game!

In my opinion, it accomplishes very well the style of the genre, especially, if you take into account that you can play it in your browser! The graphics are beautiful for a browser game, the game play fits the grindy genre and you have a ton of things to do and farm!

The biggest setback is the cash shop. This year, all browser games are turning into money dumps and this is one of them! If you want to progress quickly you have to sink quite a bit of money into the game... But, it's free to play! It's up to you if you grind or not!

KingsRoad is a ton of fun!
KingsRoad is a ton of fun!


This is yet another MMORPG. Unlike the other titles here, it's a dungeon crawler. Nevertheless, you can party up with other people and clear any dungeon. There are weekly raids for guilds, and a ton of events.

This is a perfect game if you just want to chill and play a few dungeons with your buddies. The graphics for a browser game are awesome and the game play is fluid. If you play it with full screen you won't even notice you're playing a browser game!

You can craft, vendor and party with other players. It truly feels like a normal PC game!

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Settlers Online / Anno Online

Both of these games are, in my view, the top contenders for the strategy genre in the browser game industry.

Settlers Online, you're entitled to an island that you have to conquer from Indian tribes, while building up your resources and production capabilities. You can talk with other players through the global chat and trade with them. There's also group adventures that you can do with your mates.

Anno Online, on the other hand, is a full economical game. You only build up your resources capabilities. You sail to new islands and continue to progress there until you have built the biggest economical civilization! Much alike Settlers Online you can talk to other players through the chat and trade with them!

Dead Frontier

This is the last game of my list! It's an action browser game, and if you're into zombie apocalyptic worlds, then you're in for a treat!

You start out with a profession of your choosing, from high school student to a soldier, fireman, a cop or even an athlete!

Afterwards, you're introduced to the last city standing from the human race, and you set out to the world killing zombies and looting things to improve your strength! If you ever played GTA 2, the feel is exactly the same! Check it out!

Dead Frontier is one of the most played.
Dead Frontier is one of the most played.

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    • gameslike profile image

      Biku Barat 3 years ago from India

      "RuneScape" is my favorite browser based MMORPG.