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Best GTA 5 Gaming PC build under 1500$ For ultra settings

Updated on June 20, 2014

A good news for all the Gamers .The new GTA 5 will be available for PC soon.According to a news story,this Grand theft auto V will be released for PC in the spring season of 2014.Amazing news.Isn't it ?Many people have been waiting to hear this news as there are Lakhs of people waiting for the PC release of grand theft Auto 5.

I'm also one of those.I too have signed the application of GTA 5 for PC in are also some petitions which do not want the PC version of GTA 5 as they have fear of getting Pirated.But,there are many anti-pirate supporting gamers like me who are waiting for the release of GTA 5 for PC.However,rockstar games decided to release GTA 5 for XBOX one,Playstation 4 and PC in the spring of 2014.However,many of our PC's may not run this game as it has high minimum system requirements and way high Recommended system requirements.So,this made me decide to write a post about Building a $1500 GTA V PC and hence help you in Better buying.But,before going,have a look at the system requirements for GTA 5 and you will shock.

CPU Intel
Core 2 duo 2.66 GHZ
Phenom II X2 545
Graphic Card
Geforce GTX 530
4 GB
Free Disk Space
25 GB

GTA 5 Gameplay screenshots


This game also has almost equal system requirements which watch dogs has.But,many of your PC's may not reach the minimum requirements of Grand theft auto 5.So,i have decided to make an informational hub about building a PC for playing GTA 5 with a budget of $1500.This hub includes the best processors,graphic cards and other computer accessories with which you can play GTA 5 in maxout settings.So,have a look at them.

Best Processors for GTA 5 under $400

Processors are secondary components for gaming.While,graphic cards or video cards are compulsory for gaming.Many game lovers in my locality love to play games like GTA 5,but since they have a pretty low end PC,they cannot play these games.So,in this paragraph i will give you brief details about some of the important graphic cards below $500 which can play GTA 5.

In intel after a good research,i have found i8-4770k as the best choice to run GTA V on your PC effectively.Since,GTA 5 has not yet released for PC,still it is estimated that it can give FPS(Frames per second) up to 40.You can have a look at the i7-4770k gameplays in the YouTube.This is available in amazon for just $320

Cast your vote for GTA 5

Best monitors for Gaming.

Monitors are the main bridges between game developers and players.It displays everything which you do while playing the game.It is one of the greatest inventions in the computers.After a good research and seeking help from the computer hardware merchants, i have found ViewSonic VA2446M-LED 24 inch screen monitor as the best choice.I also recommend you all to buy this monitor.Have a look at the video below for more details about this monitor.

Best Cooling fans for CPU for gaming

Nothing much to say about this.This actually helps your CPU to get over heated.It cools your Computer.Actually,if you have an Ac in your computer room,this fan's work gets more easier.But,anyway,this fan is compulsory.After research,i have found Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO as the right choice as it's price is less than $50.A friend of mine tried to use his PC with fan and he was able to run the PC for just 3 hours and that's all it got overheated and all important hardware were damaged due to heat.

Best Motherboards for Gaming GTA 5 under $200

Motherboard is actually one of the important hardware component.It is also sometimes called as Mainboard.It is the printed circuit board (PCB) which holds all the important hardware like processor,graphic card,RAM etc.So,motherboards play a key role in gaming too.In range of motherboards under $200,i have found ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO DDR3 as the best choice.You can even overclock it.It is available in amazon for price of $195.

RAM for gaming 8GB Vs 16 GB

RAM stands for random access memory.It typically stores the data of your computer within less time.Many people have a dilemma whether to buy an 8GB RAM or 16 GB.Well,both are effective.Now a days,games are having High graphics with which usage of 16 GB RAM has increased.For minimum recommendation,you can buy any 8 GB graphic card.But,if you want to play games like Watch dogs,Battlefield 4,GTA 5 with maxout settings,without doubt you have to buy a 16 GB graphic card.But,always keep a budget of $100 for buying RAM.

Best Graphic card for GTA 5 under $400

These are the main and most important components for playing Games on your computer.Graphic cards actually render graphics of games and hence help you in playing games effectively without any Lag.So,here i have given highest budget for graphic cards in this post.As,GTA 5 is full of high graphics,one should definitely need a fantastic graphic card for playing game like GTA 5.

In this range,always Nvidia GTX series graphic cards are preferred.I have personally used GTX 770 on my PC for playing Watch dogs,which is now the highest graphic PC game in the world.This graphic card gave an FPS of 60 while playing Watch dogs with i7-4770 K processor.So,it is recommended to buy this graphic card which is available at the price of under $400


Other Hardware
Graphic card
Cooling FAN


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