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Sony PlayStation 2: The Best Console for Your Money

Updated on March 17, 2008

Sony PlayStation 2

It may not be the newest gaming console or the most improved since the start, but the Sony PlayStation 2 is probably one of the best game consoles that you can buy.

Unlike the PS3, the kinks and bugs have been worked out. Games don't skip or stutter. And, the PS2 less than half the price than the PS3.

Most game consoles fade out after a year or so once the new updated version of the console has been released. But, this 8- year old game console is still on the market and selling strong, virtually flying off shelves. In December 07, the PS2 outsold both the PS3, PSP, and DS.

PS2 Console

The PS2 is not the most innovative game console on the market, but it still is the most sold, on average. Why?

Think about it, the PlayStation 2 offers only limited online capabilities, no HD outputs, and has had few to no new console feature releases in a while. The PS3 is the true updated PlayStation console, and yet the sales do not reflect the popularity of the older PS2 version.

So, why would someone what to purchase the PS2 when they can get all the updates and features in the PS3? Personally, I prefer the PS2 over the PS3 anyday... At least until all the bugs in the video games are corrected.

Plus, there's no way I'm paying nearly $400 for the PlayStation 3.

When you compare the PlayStation 2 with the averaged prices for the PS3 ($400), Pro Xbox 360 ($350), and the Wii ($400), the it's just a better deal for an averaged price of $150 for a new slim version.

PlayStation 2 Memory Card

PlayStation 2 Accessories

With just about any game console there are always accessories to buy. With the PlayStation 2, you really only need a memory card and controller.

You can buy a 8MB memory card for an averaged $10 for one, which is really a good price for a gaming memory card.

They're great to have to save your game progress. You'd hate too lose your hard work getting to level 16 and beating 3 bosses.

PlayStation Controllers

As for controllers, you usually get one with the bundle, whether you buy it new or used online, EB Games, or some other new/used game store. But playing alone can get boring, especially with multiple player type games.

It's one thing to play Rock Band alone, while you practice the drums, vocals, or guitar, but it's so much more fun to play with a friend or two.

So, why can't playing other strategy games or action games be the same?

You can buy a dualshock controller for $10- $20 or a wireless for about $25. What you want in a controller will really affect the price of what you'll pay for one.

If you look at everything that you need to purchase for your console- the bundle, memory card, and spare controller- you're probably looking at an average of $180, give or take.

Choosing a Game Console

It's up to you to decide whether you want to spend $400 for a bundle pack without or with few accessories, or near $200 for everything minus games.

When figuring out which console to purchase, first decide what features you want. If wi-fi features is what you want, which can be great with some games, then you'll probably want to stay away from the PS2, as it has limited wi-fi abilities.

But, on average, the PlayStation 2 is the best game console that you can spend your money on, not only because it's cheaper but because you are nearly 100% guaranteed that you won't have game problems.

Just remember that for the $400 that you'd spend on a PS3, Wii, or Xbox console, you could get a PS2 console, memory card, spare controller, and a handful of games.


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    • jaymz profile image

      jaymz 9 years ago from USA

      This is true. But there are still many bugs in terms of the games. It can take a while for programmers to completely reprogram and get the games working in terms of the systems updates.

    • peacemaker765 profile image

      peacemaker765 9 years ago from Toronto

      the PS3 is now extensible, and users can download new software from the Internet. This will allow that bugs be removed by an automatic update.