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Best Gaming Seats

Updated on July 20, 2013

As a gamer myself, I would like to experience the game I am playing in comfort and at close to reality. Playing games often takes hours and hours. Seating posture and the way you hold the controls could provide serious strain on your back and wrists. Good thing gaming product have that intuitive to develop gaming seats that would provide us the ease in playing for long hours. Some gaming seats are designed specifically for that kind of game such as flight simulation, or racing games. It will feature a way for controls such as joystick or a driving to be mounted on the seat. Some gaming seats are designed for gaming consoles and let you lay back, and play with comfort.

Here below are some top rated gaming seats from Amazon

1. Gyroxus GSR-71c

Up until now, there’s been only sit-on-the-couch, twiddle-your-thumbs video gaming, but now there’s Gyroxus Full-Motion gaming - and from here on out, it’s a whole new world! By combining a familiar hand-held game controller with an innovative motion system that uses no motors or power-assist of any kind, Gyroxus takes you into your favorite game as never before. Gyroxus matches everything that’s happening within those racing, sports, flying and combat games with a full-motion interface that brings them all alive.

2. Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker

If there is a gaming seat for comfort, the Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker is the one for you. The X-Rocker is constructed out of wood, steel, vinyl, and fire retardant foam. The unit folds in half and is easy to clean. The X-Rocker can function with XBox, Playstations, Wii, IPod, MP3/CD/DVD, and Home Theatr. The unit folds in half and is easy to clean.

3. Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio

Offering a sporty and stylish design, the multifunction Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman features Wireless Audio to take your gaming to the next level, while also doubling as a discreet piece of furniture that's appropriate for any room in the house. In its gaming chair mode, the seat is styled like a high-end sports car and offers a faux black leather material. An FM wireless, three-channel audio feature provides great sound with fully-integrated speakers and subwoofer. The chair's Easy-touch Control Panel functions include on/off, volume, input/output, and a headphone jack. The chair is also ergonomically contoured for a great style and fit. Fold the chair-back down to serve as an ottoman that looks great in the game room, bedroom, or family room.

4. BoomChair Sky Lounger Boom Chair, Black

Lounge with leisure in this new oversized BoomChair mode This chair is made with the adult gamer in mind with chrome rails to raise this chair off the ground and an extra large seating area. Stay comfortable while playing games or watching movies. This chair features two, 2-way speakers and a powerful 4 inch sub-woofer . The adjustable volume and bass controls on the hand held remote allow you to enjoy a customized entertainment experience.

5. Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat

This racing stimulation cockpit gives you the ultimate realistic racing experience. New, solid leg-friendly framework for a comfortable fit. Reinforced steel, tubular construction adds extra stability, eliminating excess wobble. Increased seat cushioning. Ergonomic race chair for real life race stimulation. Made of high quality materials, non-flammable. Multi adjustable for ages 8 upwards. For use with all Logitech steering wheels, patented folding racing seat and easy to assemble. Playseats works with PC, XBOX 360, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, PS ONE, AND PS2

6. Playseat Flight Seat

This was developed in cooperation from professional pilots and flight simulation enthusiasts. It features a fighter plane cockpit style design to provide you with a flight simulation gaming experience like never before. It has reclining flight authentic seat, anodized aluminum side construction for fully adjustable side support of flight stick and throttle, enabling simple adjustment of equipment according to preferred flying position, and the new patented center support can also be attached for center mount of a flight stick or yoke.


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