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Best Toys & Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys in 2013 - Christmas, Fifth Birthday and 5-6 Year Olds

Updated on November 22, 2013
Hand-picked list of best gifts & toys for 5 to 6 year old boys
Hand-picked list of best gifts & toys for 5 to 6 year old boys

What toys does a 5 year old boy want?

Wondering what toys does a 5 year old want? Thankfully kids at this age aren't too picky but they do have their criteria. A toy has to offer something more, something that will keep them engaged for more than 5 minutes, something either creative or interactive.

Toys on this page are hand-picked based on what kids of this age group ask for, what they find interesting and what has some educational value (it's always great to learn through fun play).

Browse through these gift ideas and I am sure you will find something suitable or at least get an idea on what kids want to see when they open the gift box.

Hot Pick For 2013 - Boys Will Love This Toy

This is my favourite pick of the year and I think 5 year olds will get a kick out of this.

A voice changer will make sure they have hours and hours of fun.

We used all kinds of tricks to change our voice when we were kids and would do anything for a device like this. I remember how we made prank phone calls to our friends and family and were thinking they didn't know it was us.

This multi voice changer has 8 different voice modifiers so prepare you'll be hearing a lot of different sides of your kid.

Top Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

Top Toys For 5 Year Old Boys
Top Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

LEGO's For 5 Year Olds

Building blocks always make a great gift. At this age they are skilled enough to get their hands on most sets and they will be using their creativity to build their own creations.

I recommend getting an interesting themed set such as LEGO Coast Guard Patrol and a pack of basic building blocks so they will be able to expand their themed set as they see fit - in this case building other boats, marina buildings, docks...

5 Year Olds Love Dinosaurs

Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus
Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus

And when the dinosaurs battle the fun never ends

Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus is the most awesome dinosaur themed toy currently on the market (as far as boys are concerned) - they will be able to play with regular dinosaurs or up the fun by adding armor and weapons and have a blast.

Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toy Review

A puzzle for the brain

Perplexus puzzles are great for training those little brains of theirs and for their fine motor skills. They will have lots of fun guiding the small ball through 3 dimensional maze to reach the finish.

There are many different puzzles available but Perplexus Rookie is the best one to start with and if your kid will like the challenges it offers you can slowly introduce him to more complex (and fun) puzzle mazes.

5 Year Olds Can Be Creative Thinkers

Marble Run
Marble Run

Let them build their own marble maze

Get them interested in physics without them knowing.

This is one of the more creative toys on the market and there are lots of add ons and expansions you can get to take it to a whole new level.

This basic kit includes 108 pieces (20 marbles) which is enough to build a super fun marble maze full of twists and turns and fun obstacles.

Kids love playing with this - the first part of the fun is building and adjusting the structure and the second one is letting the marbles go and watching them go down the structure.

See it in action

Let Them Make Their Own Monsters

Puppets are fantastic for role play and development of imagination. Kids generally love them but they will love them even more if they will be able to create them by themselves.

Make Your Own Monster Kit lets them create their own puppet by attaching (and detaching) wacky eyes and ears, antennae, teeth, beard and other fun monster parts to the puppet base. They will be able to create their own puppet each day and make a show for you.

Show Them A Whole New World

Geosafari Talking Microscope
Geosafari Talking Microscope

Under the microscope

Show them there's a whole new world out here, a world you can not see with the naked eye.

I loved microscopes when I was a kid (the neighbour kid had one) and was always busy collecting samples we could then examine under the microscope. We had tons of fun playing scientists and we were always discovering something new, something the world didn't yet know about (well at least that's what we thought).


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