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Best Gifts & Toy for 9 Year Old Girls in 2013 - Top Picks for Christmas, Birthdays and 9-10 Year Olds

Updated on November 20, 2013

What Gifts and Toys do 9 Year Old Girls Want?

The older they get the more difficult it is to get the right gift for them and girls from 9 to 10 years old are especially tricky. Some still like to play, others follow the latest trends (for that age group that is).

There are some gifts that will appeal to all - the toy loving ones and the trend following ones.

Do you have Rainbow Loom?

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The hottest pick of 2013 - Every 9 Year Old Wants This!

If you don't have a Rainbow loom already this is the gift to go for! It's friendly on the budget and is currently the most asked for gift in this age group.

This clever (and crafty) item is taking over the world. Girls will be able to follow the trends and set their own trends as they will be crafting their own unique bracelets, rings, necklaces and other accessories by using the loom colorful rubber bands. Girls (and boys) love to wear them and trade them as signs of friendship or just because they like them.

The Rainbow Loom kit comes with 600 rubber bands but you can always get more and they are fairly inexpensive.

There's so much more you can do than accessories - why not make a charm Rainbow Loom poodle?

Pedicure Set

They are becoming trendy and they want to make themselves pretty. While wearing make up is too much for a nine year old there's nothing wrong with having their nails done.

Pretty Pedicure Salon Activity comes with all the necessities for a great spa pedicure day - she will be able to soak her feet in an inflatable pedi pool, wipe it with a towel that comes with it, polish her nails, decorate them with stickers...

This will be a hit at sleepovers and will make a great activity for a mother daughter day.

Let her make her own perfume

There are a few occasions to which a little girls wants to wear a perfume and while there are great perfumes available for kids there's nothing just like making your own.

This set will let them create their own perfume, scented slime or crystal pot-pourri. This is an open end kit which means it has the supplies for some basic perfume making but gives all the necessary knowledge the kids can use to create their scents even beyond of what's included in the kit.

9 Year Olds Will Love Making Their Own Lip Balm

While I do believe make up has no place on an nine year old's face I do allow some lip gloss.

This set will give them the chance to create their own lip balms and lip gloss to protect and give some shine to their lips.

Are Dolls Still A Good Gift For a 9 Year Old Girl?

Dolls are tricky... Some nine year olds don't play with dolls any more while others love them more than anything. So if you are not sure if she likes dolls it's better to pass this idea.

But if she's into dolls chances are she's crazy about Monster High as these dolls appeal to girls up to ages 15 (and some adults to be honest).

Get Them to be Creative with a Scrap Booking Kit

Scrap booking is all about preserving those precious memories and being creative about it.

At this age they have a lot of things going one - that one boy gave them the look the other day, their friends got a new puppy, they went to a concert with you and had a blast... So many memories worth turning into a scrapbook.

The will have fun making it now and will love to look back at it when they grow up.

9 Year Olds Want Cool Electronics

Most girls at this age, when asked what do they want as gifts will say something electronic - a new phone, a new tablet, digital camera, mp3 player...

A tablet computer is the most useful of all this gifts as knowing how to work on a tablet is a must in modern society and the more tech savy they are the better chances they have to succeed in life.

Apple's Ipad Mini is perfect for little hands and is the most asked for brand amongst the kids.

A Handheld Gaming Console

Long gone are the times when playing video games was in the boys domain, girls love to play games and there are lots of games developed specially for them - dance with their favourite Disney characters, raise a puppy with Nintendogz , learn how to cook with Cooking mama...

Did you know gaming consoles can be great to learn foreign languages? When I was a kid I got a game in Spanish, a language that was a mystery to me at that time, but as I loved the game I learned quite a bit through playing it. Worth considering.

Nintendogz Trailer

Let her start a band

Or at least learn to play the guitar. When they are 9 they do follow up on what their idols do and if she likes music and music bands there's a good chance she'll want to have her own band. Vocalists and guitarists have always been the most popular picks so chances are you won't go wrong with a pink girly guitar.


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    • profile image

      Nicole 2 years ago

      I love your gift Ideas

    • profile image

      Nicole 2 years ago

      I love your gift Ideas


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