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Best Kids Bikes for 5 -8 year olds

Updated on April 7, 2016

Which is the Best kids Bike to choose from in 2016

This review looks at bikes for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. Between these ages nearly all children want the freedom to get out the house and down the driveway, just to see what's there. Exploring your garden territory is great when your that age. Kids love to find out what's behind the greenhouse or at the bottom of the garden and having a bike gives them that choice. Boys and girls can grow at different rates and can soon shoot up, never the less these bike have some adjustments that can cope with your growing youngster so the bike for any kid should last for around three years.

The review looks at bikes that have been made to either European Standards or the United States equivalent the CPSC- Consumer Product Safety Commission. Which ever bike you choose I am sure your child will love it, children like bikes with colour and motifs on them, little girls like a feminine bike that is stable to ride and may be has a basket or saddlebag so they can put one or two of their favorite items.

Children at this age haven't got a lot of strength in there arms and legs so make sure the bike is maintained and runs freely. Also check the brakes periodically to see if there operating correctly and nothing has worked it's way loose. Hope you have enjoyed looking through this review as much as I did writing it. By being a parent you have some difficult decisions in life to make, but not here this is about choosing your son or daughters next bike-how good is that. Buy one today and make your little one, the envy of the block.

All these bikes are available from Amazon so follow any of the bike links to have a closer look.

The Diamondback Mini Cruz Girls Bike

Diamondback Mini Della Cruz Girls Bike

Which little girl wouldn't like mom and dad to come home with this one night!. This bike made by Diamondback is a great looking bike, great colour scheme, has some great graphics (transfers) to make the bike look grown up and trendy. The bike has 16" wheels that complement the framework. The handlebars are at a height which forces the rider to sit up better. There's a comfy springy seat to aid ride comfort and to make sure they will not get a sore bottom.

The bike has a coaster braking system- this means if the child starts to peddle backwards the brakes automatically come on, this is instead of the two hand lever brakes which some children find difficult to use. The bike comes assembled with training wheels (stabilizers) but after a short time to gain your child's confidence they can be removed very easily. Buy the Mini Della Cruz bike today, your little girl deserves it. Suitable for girls 5-8years old.

Kawasaki KX16G Girls' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

Kawasaki KX16G Girls' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

Just like dad your kids can have a Kawasaki of their own. This bike has some great features, 16" wheels, a steel frame that is strong and sturdy, pneumatic tires, full race bearings in main parts and great Kawasaki graphics.

The bike has a handlebar pad-set and handlebar bag- just great for keeping your hairbrush or purse in when mom takes you to the shops for some groceries. There is one rear brake operated by a handlebar lever and coaster brakes as well. These operate when you pedal backwards and brings the bike to a stop. For added safety if your child is a little nervous there are training wheels attached to the bike. After a short confidence ride these if needed can easily be removed. The Kawasaki is a great looking bike which every girl would love- why not make it happen today. Suitable for girls aged 4-8years old.

Mongoose Radical Boys Bike

Mongoose Radical Boys Bike

Mongoose is a well known American company who specialise in making mountain bikes and BMX bike for the world market. So you can trust this bike manufacturer to have your best interests at heart. All Mongoose bikes meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards so you are buying a brand name and a quality bike. Mongoose bikes are a little bit more expensive but if you want quality design and great components for your money then this is the bike to buy.

The Radical bike is for boys aged 5- 8years old. It is a terrific bike for junior free style biking. The bike has 18" wheels, these are ideal for this age group, with over sized tires for durability. The bike has front and rear alloy caliper style brakes for secure stopping. The wheels and spokes have been blackened for strength and as a design feature. For added tricks there are four free style pegs for any freestyle trick. The bike can do 360° Degree spins and the cables will not tangle. The bike is complete with four bolted stem to secure the handlebars in a safe secure manner. Let your growing child get into Bmx riding you never know he may be the next world champion.

Mongoose Strike Boys BMX Bike

Mongoose Strike Boy's BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

The Mongoose Strike is made for boys who are a little taller than the average boy. The bike is designed for boys between the ages 6-10 years old, so although it fits into this category you will have to make sure your boy is strong enough to handle this bike. Mongoose is an excellent bike manufacturer and make thousands of bikes for the mountain bike industry. The build quality is exceptional so you sould have no fears about what your buying.

The bike has 20" wheels which will help him zip around the garden and up your street in double quick time. The bike frame is made from steel so is strong and the welds will not break. The bike has front and rear caliper brakes for sure stopping and the bike has 2" extra wide tires for all terrain biking. And finally the seat has a quick release mechanism for adjusting it to get the right riding position for your son. The Mongoose is the bike to buy if your son is out and about up the lawn and driveway having fun.

Bratz Girls Bike for 4-8year olds

Bratz 16-Inch Passion For Fashion Girls' Cruiser Bike.

For all the little girls who have Bratz dolls here is your own Bratz bike. The Framework is steel and is reported to be very strong and sturdy. The bike has 16" wheels with white coated tires which is ideal for girls of 5- 8years of age. The bike as an accessory bag fitted to the front handlebars for all your needs and items that you want to carry.

The bike has one front brake which is operated by a lever on the handlebars. And to finish the bike off there are streamers attached to the ends of the handlebar. This is one nice bike for the 4-8 year old. the bike has training wheels attached dependant on whether your child needs them. They can easily be removed in a few minutes if you desire them to be. Your child will love this bikes colour, the streamers and front bag, go buy it today and make your daughter a happy little girl.

Pacific Chromium Boys Dual Suspension Bike

Pacific Chromium Boys Dual Suspension Bike

The Pacific Bike is suitable for the older boys in this group- ie. 6years and over. This is a great looking bike. This bike has dual front and rear suspension for boys who like to tackle undulating cubs and pavements, jumping and dealing with tracks and rough terrain.

The bike frame is awesome and is made from steel and is painted silver and green with added graphics. The bike has 20" wheels and the bike has front and rear caliper style brakes that can stop you easily, when operated by steel levers on the handlebars. The bike has 6 speed Torque derailleur gears making hills easy to climb.

Having dual suspension is great when you are jumping over logs or on/off the pavement, the front suspension takes all the effort out of any fall by smoothing it out and acting as a cushion against sudden jolts. The rear suspension is great when you land on a hard surface as the suspension take out the bumpiness and smooths your ride out. The Pacific has a lot of good components on it and is a great early bike for those boys who like a bit of adventure while out riding. Make sure you have a helmet on when riding this bike-just in-case.

Mongoose Gravel Boys Bike


Another Mongoose bike here for the boys this time it's the Gravel Freestyle bike with 20" wheels. The Gravel bike is strong and fast, this 20-inch BMX bike by Mongoose is sure to keep up with any active boy whether he's tackling the trails or cruising around the neighborhood. The bike is available in four colours so just choose one and buy it today. This bike is suitable for boys of 7 years and older up to 11 or 12 years of age. But if your son is big for his age and is only 6-7 years old then this bike is still suitable. Always wear a mountain bike helmet when out on this bike.

The Gravel bike has some great features on it like, sleek, silver alloy frame and tough, 48-spoke alloy wheels that perform reliably, even on wet surfaces. Other freestyle features include four axle pegs, "knee-saver" handlebars, and an SST handlebar rotor for handlebar spinning tricks like the pros do. The bike's low, step-over height allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The alloy brakes and levers provide reliable stopping power, while the alloy pedals are light and provide a large contact area. A two-tone seat adds to the bike's trim and sporty styling. Go out and buy your boy this bike today, you will have friend for life if you do!.

Schwinn Jasmine Girls Bike 5-8year olds


Schwinn make and manufacture thousands of bikes and there biuld quality is very good. You can really on Schwinn to have followed any CPSC recommendations so the bike you are buying has in built safety features and a strong brand name. The Schwinn Jasmine bike is suitable for girls between the ages 5-8 years old.

The Schwinn Jasmine features,  a low stand-over frame with a unicrown fork,  double-wide rims for stability, 3-inch Super Street white tires, and heavy-duty training wheels. As a result, your daughter can ride with confidence until she's ready to take her next steps with a bigger bike. Plus, the bike is as fashionable as it is functional, with a fun light blue color, a matching handlebar bag, and streamers on the end of the grips. Other features include a full top-wrap chain guard that keeps pants and laces free of tangles, a cushioned saddle, safety pads, a BMX-style handlebar with a two-bolt stem and alloy cap, a one-piece BMX crankset, and both a coaster brake and front and rear caliper brakes.

You will only buy one bike for your little girl at this age make sure you buy her this one today while it's still available.


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    • toptenluxury profile image

      Adrian Cloute 4 years ago from Cedartown, GA

      Nice hub on kids bikes! I think that every kid needs a bike. These are some good ones. Thanks!