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Best Late Game Champions League of Legends

Updated on June 20, 2014

In League of Legends some champions just have to power to just take over games and really carry their team to victory. These champions have a great skill set that involves high scaling into the later stages of the game. If someone can master one of these champions they can increases their chances of winning and turn into a hyper carry late game.


Vayne is one of the most notorious late game carries. She is able to just mow down tanks and really clean up a team fight. Her silver bolts do damage based on maximum health. This allows her to shred any opposition that tries to kill her. While Vanye is extremely powerful, she does require a lot of skill in order to be effective. Her are some of the things vital to learn if you want to be a master Vayne.

  • Get really skilled at last hitting. Last hitting can be very hard on Vanye because she lacks the ability to clear waves. She does not have a lot of area of effect damage making it vital that you can land your last hits.
  • Using tumble to trade. One of the most important things to learn if you want to survive the rough laning phase. Because Vayne does not have a casting ability to do damage, she may feel weaker. This ability is her tumble. The key is to hit a champion with an auto attack and instantly tumble and land another. You can can also use condemn to get the third silver bolt and disengage.
  • Using tumble to dodge skill shots. The best way to get the better of the enemy carry is to dodge their abilities and close in to win the trade. Tumble has so much utility you have to be sure you try to use to to the maximum efficiency.


Kat is able to mow down teams if she can chain her abilities. She is basically like a caster that can use her abilities 5 times with no cooldowns. This makes her one of the most terrifying champions in the late game. She is able to single handed win team fights and sway the outcomes of games. However, you must know how to play Katarina very well if you want to be a dominate late game carry.

  • Always try to use your E ability to dodge the enemies abilities and therefore get kills and win trades. People tend to underplay the importance of escaping ganks and getting into the action. This ability, if used correctly allows you to be a real menace in lane.
  • Try and wait until the team fight has already started before you go in. Katarina can be very weak if you go in foolishly and die. This is why it is important that you stalk the enemy team and wait for the precise moment to strike. Katarina excels at cleaning up team fights so you always want to go in when the enemy is low.
  • Wait for enemy crowd control that can stop your ultimate to be use before you ult. It is also very smart to use your ultimate in bushes so it makes it harder for the enemy team to focus you. If you are laning against someone and the blow there stun foolishly, it give you a great chance to go in and get a kill.


Karthus is one of the biggest late game beasts in the game. He is able to put out massive amounts of damage and influence every lane with his ultimate. Karthus is a late game powerhouse that is able to win games solely on his own if his is extremely fed. Here are some tips on playing Karthus.

  • Get really good at farming. Karthus relies a lot on getting massive amounts of farm so he can buy really expensive items. This makes it important that you don't miss last hits and farm the jungle if needed.
  • Do not ult to steal kills. Many inexperienced Karthus players will use there ult to try and steal kills that are already a sure thing. This just puts your ultimate on a large cool down and makes it unavailable when you might need it later.

Kog Maw

If you are playing against a fed Kog Maw you are most likely going to lose the game. Kog out puts a massive amount of damage and really can melt anyone that he comes into contact with. The Achilles heel of Kog is his lack of escape which makes positioning and protection really important to play a successful Kog Maw.

  • Try to get a team with a lot of crowd control and peel when you are playing Kog. This way you can stay alive in team fights and really be able to carry games. Janna is a really good support and protecting Kog and if played right can be very strong.
  • Have good positioning and try not to be in a position to get assassinated. If you have bad positioning kog is really not that effective. You need to be able to do your damage and not die.


Probably one of the best top lane carries in the game. Jax is able to just take down carries all day long and really just output a massive amount of damage while remaining relatively tanky. One of the best hyper carries in the game.

  • One of the great benefits of Jax is he is rather easy to play. He really does not take a massive amount of skill or experience to play. He is also really fun to play.
  • Try to go for carries in team fights to give your team an advantage. Be sure you are able to survive damage while still being able to do damage yourself.

Other Strong Late Game Champions

  • Amumu
  • Hecrium
  • Irelia
  • Malphite
  • Ryze
  • Orianna
  • Sivir
  • Twitch
  • Vladamir
  • Zyra

Who is your favorite late game champion

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    • profile image

      Mordred 3 years ago

      Wukong, carries will die before the knockup goes off, spamable stealth, gapcloser and armor shred burst.

      Karthus, he does twice his health pressing R, you can focus him, get aoe'd and if you kill him he will remain in the fight for 7 seconds.

      Cassiopeia, 1200 AP, insane dps, sustain, incredible peel or initiation.

      Poppy, ult the support and you have 8 seconds to burst the carries, you also don't give a fuck about turrets.

      Dr. Mundo, zone and tank the enemy team with your 7k health and deal tons of damage.

      Sejuani/Amumu: so much cc, aoe damage and tankyness, unlike other tanks you can't ignore these.

      Janna, you can't go wrong in the lategame with this support, amazing ultimate, knockup and ad boost shield.

      Any adc can shine lategame and you rely mostly on your team to do well, Tristana won't do as much damage and shred tanks like Vayne Kog or Twitch, but will be untouchable and get jump resets to ace the enemy, Sivir is awesome if ahead in midgame and she will get more gold with assists and waveclear, lategame full build enemy team she won't be as good because of her short range and may be in trouble if doesn't spellshield the right abilities.

      Katarina/Yi can melt the enemy team but highly depends on the enemy coordination and cc, that's why they are godlike in solo queue and have the higher pentakill rates but doesn't see competitive, they are more snowbally champions than lategame.

      Malphite is average lategame, his ultimate is godlike but the rest of his kit doesn't provide cc or make him as threatening as other tanks listed above and can be ignored and cleaned up.

      Veigar: scary but completely relies on his E.

      Nasus: he may become a nightmare splitpusher infinite power monster or an average tank depending on the enemy team comp.

      Hecarim: good ultimate, damage and sustain, although he can get kited.

      Jax: his kit and scalings are awesome for dueling and teamfighting, although he may have trouble to get to that point.

    • profile image

      Hallo 3 years ago

      Ok so it seems like people have different ideas about what late game is.

      This is how I see it:

      Late game is when EVERYONE has full builds and the ones that scale as the game goes on have a good amount of their stacks eg viegar, nasus, thresh, sion.

      Based on this karthus, kata, GP and olaf are not strong late game champs as some people suggest. Karthus destroys mid game and gets to many items, same with Katarina, GP and Olaf. Karthus, Kata and GP therefor gets themselves into late game builds early but fails against proper late game champs if they don't use that to their advantage. Olaf has a few tricks that allow him to be strong in mid/late game but his kit all together cannot compete with some other late game champs due to the fact that they just have better/more tricks up their sleeve for late game.

      In a list of top ten late game champs there should be almost 50% AD carries due to the fact that they skale so well with items and if the game goes on for long enough they will eventually get those OP full builds. Other late game champs will have specific benefits that allow them to be good late game: Strats that specifically work well late game, percentage damage, good level scaling, great item scaling and something that gets stronger the longer the game goes on. Usually a late game champion will have more than one of these and maby something else that make them strong late game.

    • profile image

      xristos 3 years ago

      twisted fate???

    • profile image

      Pedro ( platinium 3 ) 3 years ago

      i think olaf is really good due to his true damage , heal with aa + atack speed boost , slow and with his ultimate that makes him impossibble to kill . good misture of damage and tankiness ( sorry for my english )

    • profile image

      wellan 3 years ago

      Where is POPPY ?? :D

    • profile image

      byPass v1ctR 3 years ago

      LoL anda Master Yi is so op.

      Security pentakill and low CD.

    • profile image

      neil 4 years ago

      where is veigar, yi, jinx, leblanc, talon fizz

    • profile image

      never regret 4 years ago

      Why no nasus he is soooo op late game

    • profile image

      DennisWind 4 years ago

      oke he missed 3 really good late game champions:




    • profile image

      DennisWind 4 years ago

      oke he missed 3 really good late game champions:




    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Agreed :)

    • profile image

      rly 4 years ago

      Pantheon falls off late game, he's great early and mid game champ though.

    • profile image

      what about 4 years ago

      the rest of the champions? if they get fed really hard they can carry hard

    • profile image

      papaderoma 4 years ago

      where is pantheon?

    • profile image

      memoryman 4 years ago

      Where is late game poppy?

      she is a true anti-carry

    • profile image

      RandomPerson 4 years ago

      Where the hell is Jayce on this?

    • profile image

      JustSomeGuy 4 years ago

      Is Vlad really that good late game?

    • profile image

      Avenger 4 years ago

      What about Singed

    • profile image

      thomas 4 years ago

      what about brand?

    • profile image

      Dumitas 4 years ago

      Full Range Tristana win games...

    • profile image

      aa 4 years ago

      Where is Nasus, Veigar, Sion?

    • profile image

      ws 4 years ago

      sion! infinite health scale!!! and dmg scale!!

    • profile image

      asdf 4 years ago

      this list is so bad jax isn't even a hyper carry where is nasus

    • profile image

      crocapeoux 4 years ago

      GP is great at late game, 1200 AD criticals..... GG all

    • profile image

      random 4 years ago

      Nasus is the best late game champ yet he isn't even listed.Zed and kha are also missing as many others are.Jax is very good lategame but he isn't the best so the poll is kinda wrong

    • profile image

      georgy 4 years ago

      man u total forgot about wu he is extreme late game cuz he kills carry , mid and support and with his decoy he ca easy start or run out of fight

    • profile image

      Jacob 4 years ago

      Uhhhh excuse me, Diana.

    • profile image

      Pedro 5 years ago

      What about Veigar?

    • profile image

      Get er' done 5 years ago

      Where's Veigar? Infinite AP scaling? Anyone?

    • profile image

      Sasogwa 5 years ago

      WHERE IS NASUUUUS ??????

    • profile image

      steph 5 years ago

      the rest is true but late game katarina? she's insanely strong mid game but late game she falls

    • profile image

      Kulsith 5 years ago

      what about Singed? LOL

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 5 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      You obviously haven't played against many good Karthus'.

    • profile image

      Death 5 years ago

      Karthus is no Late game.. after 25 min.. he will just be a Cookie for Melee Carries like Yi and Trynda.. so your Farming is very difficult to execute at late game.. Based on my Experience. Karthus is an Early game Champion that is only good for securing kills that has escape the net..