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Best LoL Champions for Beginners - Melee and Ranged

Updated on July 15, 2013
Best LoL Champions for Beginners
Best LoL Champions for Beginners | Source

Best LoL Champions for Beginners Introduction

Hello everyone, today I am going to give you some new user friendly champions that you can use to learn more about League of Legends. They will be classified as both melee and ranged, depending on your preferred playstyle.

Melee Champions for the Beginners

I am going to start off the list with the melee champions.

Garen | Source


Garen is quite a good champion for beginners. All his skills are relatively easy to use. He has a passive health regeneration skill when not in combat, which makes him a good lane stayer. He can remove slows from himself, gain bonus armor and magic resist as well. If you play defensively while you are learning the game, you should have no problems with Garen.

Cho'Gath | Source


He is a melee/range hybrid and is extremely versatile. He does have an AoE skill that requires good aiming, but he is a rather easy to use champion. He is also quite beefy, having a large health pool for survival. His ultimate allows him to grow stronger by gaining health after killing an enemy. This make him a tank/fighter/ranged hybrid. He also reminds me of Hydralisks from Starcraft.

Nunu | Source


This little kid on a yeti is quite a monster. He has a skill that allows you to consume a mob to regain health, a speed buff that can be used on allies, a slowing ice shot and an ultimate with a huge AoE that hurts. He doesn't require too much management except for right clicking here and there. That is why he tops my list when it comes to using him as a beginner.

Warwick | Source


If you big bad wolf, then this guy is for you. Warwick is a fast and high health tank that can go to the jungles to gain experience or stay in a lane. He is useful in team battles as his skills allow vision of his opponents. His ultimate skill can single out a target easily and locking it out of combat for a short duration. The only downfall of Warwick is that he lacks an AoE skill. Other than that, he is a great tank to use and learn.

Master Yi
Master Yi | Source

Master Yi

Master Yi is known as the "right-click" master. He doesn't have any skill shots where you have to aim. He has a skill that teleports to the enemy and does damage. The rest of his skills are passives that increases his health, damage and attack speed. With an easy skill set, you just have to focus on how to use him in battles against your opponents. Once he gets his damaging items, he becomes a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Ranged Champions

Below are 5 ranged champions that are beginner friendly.

Annie | Source


Annie is a beginner's mage that is easy to use. All her spells are offensive and can deal lots of burst damage really quick. She can also summon a huge bear called Tibbers. This bear can help you tank some enemy damage. This makes Annie an ideal first mage to play. She does have a skill shot that requires aiming but it is pretty easy to land hits. Her first spell can also be used to perform last hits on monsters and if you do get the creep kill, your mana gets refunded. Pretty cool huh?

Ashe | Source


Ashe the frost archer has a permanent slow, making it one of the best "kiters". Kiting means keeping a distance from your enemy and not taking damage. Basically, you can shoot from range and harass your enemy to submission. This takes practice though. She does have a skill shot that applies slow that synergizes with the frost arrow. Her ultimate can be shot from anywhere and hit enemies in a straight line, stunning them. If you play defensively first while learning how to play her, she can be turn into a powerhouse later in the game.

Caitlyn | Source


Caitlyn has some superior range, making her an easy champion to use and harass your opponents. Although she has a skill shot that requires a little bit of practice, her superior range still makes up for that when you are a beginner. She can lay booby traps to lock her enemies in place and also has an escape mechanism in caliber net. This allows you to stay alive when things get hairy and fast.

Tristiana | Source


This little girl can fly in the air by shooting her cannon at the ground. She has an excellent skill that can be used for offense and defense. She can close in on a fleeing enemy or escape with ease using rocket jump. Her other two basic skills are relatively passive, which only leaves her ultimate requiring a little practice to get better. Her ultimate can push enemies away, which creates a distance that can either help or hurt your team battles when used incorrectly. Other than that, her superior range is great for harassing other champions.


Graves | Source


This guy reminds me of Chuck Norris with a gun. He does have some skill shots that require some practice, but he is a rather tanky ranged character. His passive gives him bonus armor and damage the longer he stays in battle. His ultimate is extremely useful in team battles and he also has a slowing skill. His best skill in my opinion is quickdraw, which can be used to engage in battles and chase down fleeing enemies and also be utilized for escaping when in danger. This makes him a fun character to use.

Have you tried any of these champions?

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There you have it guys. Hopefully, you can now pick a champion and start learning how to get better at them. It takes time and practice, but you will get there!


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