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10 Best MMORPGs of All Time

Updated on February 27, 2018
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Massive Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Games

Gamers have met thousands upon thousands of people from everywhere around the world while playing an MMORPG. An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. These fantastic worlds filled with people that share our interests and hobbies help us expand with our knowledge of different cultures and let us enjoy a rich environment and give us a unique experience with their different game modes.

Now, some amazing MMORPG's have been created throughout the years, always getting players to go off into tangents on how amazing each in-game adventure and battle system was and which one of all those games was the best of the best. Here are some of the best ones I have played in my time as an avid online gamer. These are not ranked in any specific order of greatness; I just believe they are all great in their own way.

1. World of Warcraft

One of the longest standing games in the list, this game runs on many computers, allowing many players like myself with old PC's at the time to get to play in such an immersive and huge world. A beautiful score of grand and heroic music that will make you want to play and level grind for hours on end, World of Warcraft is the RPG that set the bar for every other company that wanted to start getting their ideas of adventures of gaming parties out into the world.

The size of this game, the quests to take and complete, the characters to customize and play as, it all has a great mix of diversity and content keeps getting added on years after release. This is a family I loved being in and keep coming back to

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2. Final Fantasy XI:

A loved classic for me, this felt comfortable, familiar and breath-taking the first million times I saw it. I loved my Tarutaru character, a little monk I had created and stuck with throughout my whole game play.

It's a loving atmosphere with much to do, chocobos to ride and your federation to fight for. I would play through this adventure all over again with my friends if the chance presented itself. It's rich in content and makes me feel like a powerful monk that cannot be underestimated!

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3. Maplestory:

Fun, interesting and easy to get addicted to, Maplestory was the game that I would ignore everything I needed to so I could just play at least an hour every now and then. Combat, classes that allow you to use new and old skills and the fun quests that made me forget how much level grinding I was actually doing; this game was filled with fun and easy to use menus and skills. It's cute and it will always be a game I won't forget.

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4. Neverwinter:

A free to play MMORPG, this one let my creativity go absolutely crazy with the quest creation. The real-time gameplay and the on-going battles to partake in all the time were so much fun I just could not stop playing. It does have the generally known classes and races. Not only is it available for PC but you can also play it in Xbox One if you feel more comfortable with the console controls. It's a great game that you can try for free and get lost into this fantastic world.

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5. Eve Online:

This game has a widely developed universe system where you can interact with other ships, get into awesome battle and generally feel like the best space pilot there ever was.The thing that amazed me the most about this game has to be the economy system in it though, with players constantly trading off from in-game money to real life money and purchasing everything they could need for their ship enhancements for the upcoming battles. The fights are also pretty big and could last minutes or hours. It's a great experience if you have the time and patience to get into it and learn the mechanics.

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6. Fiesta Online:

I am an absolute sucker for anime MMORPG's and this game did everything right for me. The classes were fun and I tried each one at least once I believe. The party really goes on and on in this game, players constantly doing more role playing than quests here. The quests are still a big part of this game and every time I went off into a journey and the soundtrack started playing I felt like I was directing my own little anime. I would definitely play it again and see if I can extend my reach in one of the classes some more.

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7. Rift:

A free to play game, Rift did not push any boundaries but everything that they did they took real effort and time in it. Huge rifts keep opening all around the world, especially scaring new gamers the first time it happens. The factions are diverse as always and you do not have to keep the same class throughout the whole gameplay. The crafting is also rather cool and currencies are different depending on the store and the quests. It may seem scary and too much to take on at first but you will learn to love it and want more of it each time

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8. Diablo 3:

Boy I think everyone was waiting for this game since forever. Basically a repeating rhythm to go about with different equipment each time, Diablo 3 is known for being filled with loot to get and going through dungeons for hours and hours.

The inventory is easy to understand and you can always find weapons and armors you love after a great battle. It has kept the vibe from the past games and has only improved more and more in all areas and scenarios. This game is great for anyone wanting some interesting gaming and hardcore battle sessions.

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9. League of Legends:

Much like World of Warcraft, I don't think I have ever heard of an enthusiastic PC gamer not getting into this game. The community can be harsh at time but this MOBA masterpiece lets you ignore all that and revel in how much fun and epicness there is to enjoy in its long lasting battles.

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10. Lord of the Rings Online:

After watching the original trilogy and hearing about this game being up and running, I knew the extensive lore and rich world would keep me busy for a long time. You can choose from four races, these being human, elf, dwarf and hobbit, and jump into this adventure into Middle Earth. This game took everyone slowly, letting you see the story for what it really is and adding onto it bit by bit. I loved it, it's free to play and now I'm going to begin it anew since I got all excited talking about it.

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I would probably be very different had I not found my love for MMORPG's when I did, and would most likely have a different social circle, but these games let me share with so many people, see so many worlds and smile as I took up my sword and shield every time, knowing I was in for an amazing adventure.

Article by: Steven GutiƩrrez

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10 MMORPG's of all time

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The Lord of the Rings Online


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