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4 Entertaining Magnet Toys and Games for Adults

Updated on April 28, 2014
Refreshing fun with magnet toys and games
Refreshing fun with magnet toys and games

Magnet toys and games for grown up gadget freaks

If you are high time into all things magnets like how I am, then you will be interested in the set of toys and games that are going to be displayed on this very page. A collection of fun, brain tickling, educational, entertaining magnet toys and games that will help any adult (even the working man and woman) relax a bit during free hours. They are manufactured to keep an adult occupied for hours on end and why not, it's not just the kids who should have such toys and games for whiling away time. You can play with them when you are having your break time at work, or you can sit in the comfort of your own home and indulge in some magnetic fun. The purpose of these magnet toys and games is to get your mind away from things that are proving too stressful for you at the moment. Deviate from mind numbing tasks and focus your energy on something fun for a change. Such toys and games can help to refresh your mind which in turn can help you approach solutions to queries at hand in a different way than you have done till now.

Please note that they are not meant to be used by children. The magnet toys shown here contain very strong magnets and some are small in size so it is advisable to not give them to small children or toddlers as play toys.

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More about the magnetic thinking putty

Thinking putty

Don't consider this putty as just another regular desk toy. You can do absolutely anything with this putty which contains super strong magnets -- use it as a stress ball, bend it, shape it, tear it. It has been proved to be relaxing as well as a creative outlet for people who are too stressed out with work and life matters. Also, the toy is educational because older students get to learn about magnetic properties in a fun and entertaining manner. Watch the video for more information.

More about ferrofluid in a bottle

Ferrofluid in a bottle

Ferrofluid as the name implements is iron in liquid form which gets subjected to strong polarization in the presence of magnetic field. Ferrofluid in a bottle guarantees hours of fun for the magnet science freak. You can use a magnet to make the liquid come alive. The ferrofluid is safely and securely contained and is abundant in supply. Learn more about this toy and how you can use it from the video.

More about levitron revolution

Magnetic Levitron Revolution

Levitate upto 13 oz in mid air with this amazing magnetic levitron revolution. You can place almost anything over the disc provided it falls below the prescribed weight and see it levitating wonderfully. A treat to the eyes and a fab desk toy to show off. I have seen people even levitating a small glass of water with this piece. Depending on the weight, the magnetic levitron adjusts itself automatically to skillfully balance the whole act without the object toppling over. Check out the video to see more of this enchanting levitating magnetic wonder.

More info about buzz magnets

Buzz Magnets

The buzz magnets are named as such because of the buzzing sound they create when thrown up into the air. They are very strong magnets that retain their magnetic properties even if they are placed on your hand or anywhere else like a notepad. This makes for a nice toy to have at your work place, something you can toy around with when you are overworked or tired. I have seen some adults giving these to children as play things but it is not recommended owing to their size which is small enough to be swallowed. Check out the video to see how these buzz magnets actually work.


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