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Review of 4 Minecraft Servers

Updated on September 18, 2015

Introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft by far is one of the best pc games out there, not only do you have several options in the game settings, its a game where you are able to join multi-national and international servers. This means you may connect to a "multiplayer" server within the pc game.

Minecraft has taken the world by storm, its just one of those games where you get back to basics, without having to be there. Some cool attributes or plug-ins are available from great scrip-tors behind the scenes who make the minecraft servers more fun.

White Listed Servers

Minecraft is so popular anyone is able to join, this means anyone. Including people who use bad language and may be offensive in some way or another to families and this is where the white list comes into play. Some servers such as TheSandLot is an incredible place, they have an application which you must fill out if you want access to this server. The nice part about this is the rules set down by the site owner. This particular owner used to be a teacher, so naturally the content here will be less violent and more user friendly. The Sand Lot has a wide variety of areas where you are able to play and the lobby, is just like Hogwarts, only Minecraft style. You are given a magic wand to fight off the spiders which are flooding the lobby and you are able to earn money almost with each kill, which you can spend in the shops!

The great part about being white listed is the sever is protected from unsavory people. There are rules in place which demand you adhere to them and like all games, this should be limited to a few hours a week.

After spending a week in search of the best family friendly minecraft servers I have to say this one is one of the best.


Random International and American based servers

Minecraft was recently purchased by Microsoft, but is a Mojang product. The server lists on the internet are huge, there are a ton of them, but weeding through them is sometimes tedious and tough. There are some servers listed which only speak a certain type of language and if you are not speaking their language you will be immediately booted. This certainly is no fun for a family looking to play online together.

Our first stop is Zilvermine. This server is just getting off its feet. There are multiple areas to play within, such as survival, creative, vanilla (which is pvp), Pvp, Majikca and a new addition which is based on Slimefun - GTZ (which stands for GoldenTestZone). This is a fun place to play if you do not mind bickering among players, mods and the random potty mouth player. If you are strongly opinionated or have an opinion which goes against some of the Mods on the Creative server you will be muted. There are blurred lines between the rules, as the server again is just being created. There is no official rule book when you join. There is however a steady stream of about twenty to thirty people playing on Zilvermine throughout the day. This server is home to some players who like to test the cuss words out there, they are mostly pre-teens between the ages of 10-12. However, some of the older crowd which hangs around the server after hours when no one else is online are pretty cool. Zilvermine does have many players from NL, if you are comfortable with this, then this site is for you.

Another server is Opcraft this server also is an international server and is not a good place for families to play, unless you have an older family and do not mind the cussing, sexual abusive talk or the other dirty talk which goes on in the classic survival on this server. Funny thing is I found them listed under "family friendly" after a week on this server, I have to say this is anything but friendly.

Towncraft is rumored to be a good server for families, in my honest opinion they are not geared to handle new traffic. As a new player to this server, I found getting information about how to use their server horribly hard, and asking for help is like pulling teeth from a dinosaur. The mods and the helpers are rude and unkind. They treat you like you "should already know" how to use their server and they are packed from head to toe, there is virtually no free space anywhere to build. The longer you walk, the longer you see buildings upon buildings and no open free space. Recommending anything or asking for support here is not worth your time. After a few short hours I was disgusted by the conversations about mods and players, the lack of respect for the humans or animals in conversations and the overall appeal of this server looks good on the outside but on the inside if you are not seasoned you are basically not welcome.

The Best Practice

While there are many commands out there for most servers, the general information you should know is when you join a lobby there is usually a warp already in place for the area in which you would like to play. Once you get there, you may have to do /spawn to get back to the beginning of the area. You have the option of doing /randomregion on a few servers not many support this to get you out into the wild blue yonder. Zilvermine does support /randomregion . Other common commands are pressing "T" to talk, this is most servers, except for servers where there is defined channels. /help or /h is for help with the server, it's a different color which gets the Mods or Admin's attention, there is also different channels like /g "global" or /ch L "local". Other commands such as /sethome and /home to get back to your place once you start wandering.

Humble pie on any server takes the cake, no matter how strongly you feel about someone or something, its best practice to hold your opinions until you have a time to speak about it with a mod, admin or owner.

There is no perfect world, but there is compromise, not everyone is into compromising. They all want everyone to behave one way and only that one way. Be careful where you go or who you chose to play with online or in real life.


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    • JLauren Angel profile image

      Web Junkie 2 years ago from Arizona

      Yes you can download Mine craft PE (pocket addition) from any app store, it costs $7.99 and is a little trickier than the pc version to play. There are wiki's out there designed to help with pocket addition users in mind. Happy Mine Crafting!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      can i download it from apps store?