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Flight Simulator for PC 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Flight Simulation Lovers

If you are an aviation fan, then flight simulators are most likely one of your passions as it is mine.

A lot of the flight simulators I've tried over the last couple of years haven't been that great, but there are a few that have stuck out above the rest. In this lens I'll review a few of my favorite flight simulators of all time.

Flight Simulator for PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition

With more than 80 missions to choose from, you will explore the world and not get bored. The assignments are intense and challenging and you can opt to race alone or with friends online. The sun will rise and set as you fly at 32,000 feet.

You can keep track of your skill levels and improvement until you are ready to move onto the next challenge.

Some things that buyers should be aware of are that some people have found this to be kind of buggy with freezing and crashing.

The system requirements to make this game run at the top of its game are very advanced. Your computer must be able to handle top level gaming with a large video card so you can enjoy all the visuals, audios and controls.

This is not recommended by users for laptops.

Buyers should know that an Internet connection is required to register the product. This is a very good flight simulation and is top of the line design but your computer must be able to handle it. If it can, then you will love being a part of it.

Combat Flight Simulator 3

Over the European countryside, you will be firing guns and blasting bombs with a choice of flying for the USAAF, RAF or the Luftwaffe in aircraft from the Second World War.

There are 18 new aircraft to choose from to enhance gaming even further. You can opt to play single missions with friends or cooperate to reach your mission goals. With your flying, you can change the way the game is run and even change the outcome of the war.

With a game that changes from your choices, you are bound to never get bored. Users love the realism that this game brings with the influencing decisions one can make.

You aren't just a simple pilot either, you having bombing skills, vision and health to keep track of. Some users have said that the learning curve is too steep, yet others report that it isn't too much and once you get going, it is pretty easy.

This might not be the best game for children however, because of said learning curve. This is an older game and a bit dated when it comes to others on the market, but it is a popular choice among gamers because of the challenge and realism that was already mentioned.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

While flying, you will encounter three dimensional clouds that will form and disperse like real clouds. This game incorporates a dynamic weather system that is based on realistic atmospheric physics to make playing even more real.

You get accurate 3D terrain and auto generated objects that will fill in the spaces with buildings and plants. You get air traffic control at all airports around the world and can play with 1 or more people over LAN or Internet.

The 3D graphics hardware will let you play the game in multiple windows or screens.

There have been many users that say this game seems to have a lot of little glitches in it and that loading it onto some computers has been problematic.

You must ensure that you meet all the system requirements and your computer will support it. There are many add-ons that you can find online and people find that to be a great feature.

If you are a history buff, you will like the way you can re-create famous historical flights from pilots such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.

Best PC Flight Simulator Game

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe

You get 55 missions to keep you busy with this simulator; many of them run over an hour with some that run only a few minutes. Users like the tutorials and say they are very user friendly.

The game utilizes satellites and pictures from space to ensure real graphics, which is something else that makes this game so popular. You can fly something light, or a jumbo jet if you choose.

You get 24 million roads, 10,000 placed stars and 24,000 airports! With the improvements made to the graphics, it allows 6,000 objects per square kilometer, vegetation and other items for over 20 regions.

You can play online in a populated world or opt for ATC for fellow pilots. You get the Garmin G1000 in three different cockpits, tower control capability and an SDK pack for development.

The system requirements are as follows: Windows XP with SP2 add on with 256 MB, or Windows Vista with 512 MG 1 GH processor and 15 GB of hard drive space.

Users state that the memory requirements are quite large, the learning curve is also big and some separate controls may need to be purchased which requires another investment.

Overall, the scenery and animations are much better than before with a voice to coach you along when you need it.

Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition

World War I aerial combat is now at your fingertips. Your aircraft choices include scouts, fighter, bombers and recon planes.

Something that buyers should be aware of is that if you want additional aircraft, you need to pay anywhere from $7-$15 per plane.

This might not be a big deal for some but for many, buying more "planes" after investing in the game, was a drawback. You get multi-player dogfight modes with re-spawn capability that will support up to 64 players.

Users love that you can create custom combat scenarios and can play in offline mode so there is no Internet connection required. A new feature are the customizable controller options.

It is recommended that you have a video card with at least 2MB of memory so you get all the amazing visuals you were meant to have with this game.

Buyers should be aware that the right settings need to be made in order to play without crashing immediately.

Many users state that this is the most real feeling you get with any flight simulator on the market to date.

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