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Best Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Updated on March 12, 2017

Best Party Games for Kids

Children love to play, may it be during summer, winter, spring or autumn. While having a party, it’s always best to have exciting games for the kids to play outdoors so that they don’t mess up the indoors.

Whether your party’s are in the backyard or anywhere else, certain old school games will be great fun and to see your children just playing, getting a bit silly and having fun is always relaxing

Glance below to see some very common games that can be practiced outdoors for kids.

Top 5 Outdoor Games for Kids

  1. Big Foot Relay: This is a game where you would require shoe boxes. The games goes like, you need tape the lids onto the boxes, and make a small opening for the legs to get in. Once that’s done, the race begins. Whoever reaches the finish line, wins.
  2. Passing the cushion: This is a very old school game, something that I have played with my friends when I was small and still love playing, I must admit. Here, the children are seated in a circle and one is given a cushion. On playing the music, the cushion needs to pass from one child to another. When the music stops, which ever child has the cushion will be given a task to do. This goes on till we have only one child and he/she will be declared winner.
  3. The Mystery Box: Mystery games sprung up with cartoons like Scooby Doo and Captain Planet, and books like The Famous Five where the whole gang would solve mysteries. The Mystery box game starts by dividing the children into 2 groups. One group will hide few items and the other group will have to find the items. The role of the mystery box in this game comes before the 2nd group begins their play. This box will be given to them and each player from the 2nd group has to pick up a rolled paper which consists of the information of the item they would be searching and who was responsible for hiding it. The person who finds the hidden item and the child, who hid it, wins.
  4. Musical Chairs/: A typical game that is practiced till date in birthday parties, school and family picnics and at children’s parties. Very similar to the game, passing the Cushion, here we have chairs placed outwards to form a circle and the children have to job along the circle in a line as the music plays. Once the music is stopped, the children have to secure a seat for themselves. Those who are out of chairs, loose. On every round, one chair will be decreased and the game starts. This goes on till there is only one chair and the child who secures that seat, wins.
  5. Name-It Ball. Here, have players form a circle. Give one player a ball preferably rubber. Now, the player having the ball has to select a category, something like Chocolates, and he or she then bounces the ball to another player in the circle, who must catch the ball, state an item from the category, such as "Galaxy," and keep the ball moving to the next player. If the player can't name an item, holds the ball too long, or repeats an item, he or she is out. The players who state the maximum number of items of the specified category, wins.

Such simple games can even keep the parents glued to it. The time we get to enjoy, must be enjoyed and if it is with our children, what more can make us happy. Try out these games at your next party and enjoy!

An outdoor kid's party game. A fun kids party idea that will keep your guests having fun!


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