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Best PS3 games of all time

Updated on March 25, 2014

The Sony PlayStation 3 or PS3 is considered as one of the most loved gaming consoles across the world today. More than 25 million units of PS3 have been sold worldwide. Today, the market is flooded with several kinds and genres of titles for the PS3 platform and each one will cater to the specific choice of a gamer. Once you start playing any of the PS3 games you are bound to be hooked onto your consoles.

Some of the best PS3 games of all time are listed below:

  • Dead Space: This game will scare the living daylights out of you! The overall atmosphere of the game and the tight corridors in the game are just plain spooky and crazy. You will get startled at every turn and really feel good about playing an authentic horror game. Unfortunately, it may slowly become more action oriented and CO-OP.

  • God of War 3: You will simply love this game! The story is amazing and every single boss fight will seem epic. No words can describe the intriguing game play. The graphics are stunning and overall the game is really well polished.

  • Red Dead Redemption: You are bound to have a lot of fun in this wonderful fantasy world. It is a great game even for critics of anything western. The idea behind the game is great; and when you hand anything to Rockstar, it becomes one of the best PS3 games ever! The game play is awesome, while the storyline, including the ending, is fascinating.

  • Dishonored: It is one of the finest original first person IPs that you may have played since the launch of the PS3. Currently the market is full of FPS’s; what makes this great is that it is original. The storyline can be better, but the amazing game play, the different environments and the wide range of characters more than make up for the singular shortcoming.

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: It may not be the favorite of many gamers, but then it is also adored by a lot of other gamers. Despite being weak on game play and loaded on cinematics, you are bound to enjoy this fun-filled game.

  • Batman Arkham Asylum: You may find Arkham City to be fascinating, but this original one is even better. The ending may have left a lot to be desired; but it is not that bad due to the fact that it essentially sets up the foundation of the second one. Once you start playing this game, you will play it again and again. You can do so one more time before ‘Origins’ is released. There are many factors which add to the overall awesomeness of this game. The story and villainous characters are fantastic; the Asylum atmosphere is just lovely; and the Metroidvania-style game play, which is lacking in the second, is out of this world.

  • Far Cry 3: Some don’t like this PS3 game due to the lack of story, while many others find it engaging. Since the opinion is divided, play and find out for yourself.

  • Uncharted 3: Some think that it is not as great as Uncharted 2, while others are of the opinion that the action is bigger and the story a lot better. Every single aspect of this game is refined. There is not a lot of difference from Uncharted 2; but just because Uncharted 2 took a massive leap from Uncharted 1, is not reason enough to put this one down. It is equally enjoyable if not somewhat better.

  • Deus Ex: There is not much that can be said about playing this weird yet enjoyable game, other than the fact that once you play it, you will end up wanting to play it over and over again.

  • Mortal Kombat: There are not many who will not feel nostalgic while playing this game. If you have spent endless hours as a kid on MKII, then you will definitely reminisce about it while playing this PS3 version.The campaign for this game was fantastic and thus all of us can be hopeful about future fighting games having a good story mode. This PS3 game has currently set the standard as far as the storyline in a fighting game is concerned.

Some other great PS3 games worth mentioning are listed below as per their genre:

  • Hack N' Slash

    • Devil May Cry 4

    • Dynasty Warriors 7

    • Dante's Inferno

    • Remember Me

    • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

  • Action Adventure

    • Assassin's Creed III

    • Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Racing

    • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    • Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    • Burnout Paradise

    • Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    • F1 2011

  • Strategy

    • R.U.S.E.

    • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    • Tom Clancy's EndWar

    • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

  • Crime Solving

    • CSI, Fatal Conspiracy

    • Heavy Rain

    • Condemned 2: Bloodshot

    • L.A. Noire

    • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

  • Sports

    • NBA Live 10

    • FIFA Soccer 2010

    • Fight Night Round 4

    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

    • FIFA Soccer 12

  • Simulation

    • The Sims 3

    • Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Street Fighter X Tekken

    • Apache: Air Assault

    • Man vs. Wild


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