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Best Puzzles - Ravenburger Puzzles Are Amazing

Updated on March 19, 2011

A Time For Puzzles

Fond memories of the evenings spent quietly discussing the day around the table as we worked a puzzle are still nice to remember. Most often the TV was off, the radio was quiet, and the interaction of my family lasted sometimes late into the night.

There is something calming, and almost mezmerizing about settling in to work on a jigsaw puzzle. You find it a time you look forward to; claiming your corner, and methodically searching for the colors and the shapes needed.

With the fast paced games, and the adrenaline charged world we live in, many may find it hard to imagine sitting quietly picking up cardboard shapes to fit piece by piece into a growing picture. I would challenge anyone to give it a try, and if you have family members, or friends to join you, so much the better!

Ravensburger Puzzle - Views of Modern Rome
Ravensburger Puzzle - Views of Modern Rome

Ravensburger Puzzles

Ravensburger is a company that started in Germany in 1884.  Otto Maier's strategy from the beginning was to deliver "only the best", and the careful attention to quality has remained true to his vision.  His first ventures were guides and instruction manuals for the building and craft trades, with his first game "Voyage round the World" appearing in 1884  The game, based on the Jules Verne bestseller "Around the World in 80 Days", was a bestseller, and more children's games, strategy games, books, card games and craft kits soon followed.

Once you have worked one of Ravenburger's puzzles, you will see why they are a first-class company.  The pieces are heavier than most, and the finished project has an almost linen-like quality.  The attention to detail in each design is immediately noticible.  It's no wonder the Ravensburger brand is the best puzzle you'll find.

Ravensburger Grand Canal in Venice

This gorgeous jigsaw puzzle has 3000 pieces
and measures 32" x 48"
Ages 12+


Ravensburger NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

A 2000 piece puzzle beautifully portraying the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding landscape in New York City.
Measures 29.5" x 38.5" 

Ravensburger Van Gogh, Cafe Terrace at Night

The superior quality makes this 1500 - piece jigsaw puzzle a joy to complete.
The Van Gogh, Cafe Terrace at Night is a challenging project that will fill your evening with engaging conversation, and relaxation.

Ravensburger Kitchen Herbs

Ravensburger - Kitchen Herbs is a fun jigsaw puzzle with 1500 pieces.  It's quality finish makes it perfect to mount and display.
The finished size measure 33" x 23.5"


Ravensurger The Tower of Babel

A spectacular puzzle!  The 5000 pieces will give you many quality hours before it is complete.  A wonderful project for yourself, or as a gift.

Ravensburger Dragon

A wonderful fantasy jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces.
Finished size measures 27" x 20"
The attention to detail is amazing.


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