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Best PvP Spec for Arms Warrior 5.2

Updated on March 30, 2013

WoW Warrior PvP Guide 5.2

As an Arms warrior you are pretty much guaranteed a very solid class no matter what the patch. In patch 5.2 in Mists of Pandaria-- Warriors are just as powerful as ever. A couple of key moves have been nerfed, but for the most part Arms Warriors are looking very good. If you are looking for both a solid Arena Spec as well as a battleground spec, below is a great choice.

If you would like to post your own spec, or have a quarrel with mine, please feel free to comment-- there is no need to sign up.

Best Arena spec Arms warrior 5.2

Here is the best / most used arena spec for 5.2
Here is the best / most used arena spec for 5.2

5.2 arena talents

Why shockwave and Avatar in arena?

-- The spec that is close would be Blood bath / Dragon Roar which can be pretty effective(spec below)

The spec pictured above is hands down the most used, and probably the best spec for 3s and 5s arena. It is also very good in 2s. Shockwave is the much needed CC that Warrior just do not have. Hitting 3 targets makes it just as powerful as it was in 5.1.

Juggernaut - Paired with Bull Rush Glyph increases rage a ton, and is extremely useful.

Second Wind - Probably the most used Warrior talent out there. This keeps you alive and generates a ton of rage for you.

Piercing howl - Slowing more than 1 target and not having to be on top of them is a huge asset. Staggering and disrupting shout are pretty goo choices in the right situation.

Shockwave - As mentioned above, the stuns are essential for pvp in 5.2. Other specs can win, but the stuns if used right are extremely powerful.

Safeguard - This allows to to catch up to your teammate, and what makes it even better it breaks roots. I true necessity in arena. Mass spell reflect does have it's uses.

Avatar - For the burst damage and the amount of time you get to stay huge. It is also now on the same cooldown as Recklessness. So that sounds like a buff to me.--


The most recommended glyph for this spec to me, is bull rush. Be sure to have it.

What Arms talents should I get on my Warrior for PvP in 5.2? It is preference first and foremost, and also the situation you are in. There is no doubt many of the talents can be useful, so if there is something else you think may be better, you might as well give it a try.

  • Warbringer's 3 second stun is extremely powerful. It is useful when you are by yourself, and even more useful when you are in a group with your friends. Using this charge at the right time can win you an arena match.
  • Second Wind is another popular talent that almost all warriors use. This talent can win you a lot of one on ones, and also be just enough to keep you up in case you need to start kiting. The only way you will not use this ability is if you never die.
  • Staggering Shout is what I like to use, but if you are an avid user of piercing howl, that is never a bad idea. Disrupting Shout is great if you are good at timing interrupts. All beneficial and really, your choice.

Warrior PvP Spec Talent Tree 5.2

  • Dragon Roar is a very underrated move that comes up rather quickly and it works very well with bloodbath and Avatar(which is why I am a huge fan of it). Bladestorm is now a force again, and shockwave is still useful although the cooldown has been doubled. Once again all great moves.
  • Mass Spell Reflection is another one of my favorites. I love using it at the beginning of an arena match, and is a great way to save yourself from a sheep, cyclone, or Lava burst. Safeguard is another good option, but if you are usually the one dying it just isn't as useful. By all means using Safeguard can be much more effective, I end up using Safeguard a lot more in Arena.
  • Bloodbath I am pairing bloodbath with Dragon Roar. I never use Dragon Roar without Bloodbath up, it is quite a bit of damage and you get it every 1 minute, as opposed to having to wait 3 minutes for Avatar. The slow is also very helpful. Expect people to use this talent more and more.

Warrior PvP Glyphs for 5.2

These are the PvP glyphs that I am currently using in 5.2. Keep in mind there are several other powerful glyphs that you can use, so don't be shy to switch a couple of these out. These are by far some of the most popular and are helpful in nearly every situation.

  • Glyph of Colossus Smash's sunder armor effect is key when it comes to killing a target. It increases the damage you do to your target, and also benefits your team mates, a real no brainer. Getting 3 stacks with this is very easy.
  • Glyph of Death From Above is another one of those glyphs nearly every warrior uses. Staying on your target is the difference between life and death. Or perhaps you need to get away from battle, either way the 15 seconds is key. This glyph was nerfed this patch, but is still extremely effective.
  • Glyph of Rude Interruption seems like it doesn't do much, however pummel is used so frequently is it almost impossible for me to not get this. Pummeling a healer and getting 6% more damage can be the difference maker.

If I had to choose which to get rid of first, it would be Glyph of Rude interruption, only because it doesn't help against all classes, as to where armor reduction and faster death from above always benefits you.

A good replacement for Glyph of Rude Interruption would be Glyph of Mortal Strike, which increases healing done to you by 10%. If you find yourself in shields or dying constantly. Switching these two glyphs can be a good idea.

Other Useful Warrior PvP glyphs

Other Glyphs that can be useful -

  1. Glyph of Spell Reflection (5 seconds off of spell reflect 25 to 20 secs)
  2. Glyph of Unending Rage (Maximum rage increased to 120)
  3. Enraged Speed (20% faster when enraged)

Tyrannical and Malevolent

Tyrannical Warrior Full Equipped

Season 13 Gear

The Tyrannical gear is now easier to get than ever. There is no longer a rating cap to get the most powerful weapon. Which will certainly help balance things out for the lesser players. Now you must get 7250 honor before the weapon is unlocked. So in a couple of short weeks you can have the best pvp weapon in the game.

Other Viable PvP Specs

Here are some other talents that will give you an idea of how you can change your class around to make it custom you your needs. The warrior is a very powerful class, so mixing and matching is never a bad thing. Remember if you don't use a move it is USELESS and you should be looking in to getting something else. Unless you are practicing using the skill, it could end up not being worth it if you don't actually use it.

Warrior Stun PvP spec

Fun Stun PvP Spec

Normally you don't want to lose second win, not only for the awesome healing bonus it gives when you are below 35%, but also for the huge amount of rage you get from CCs. In most cases people will still end up taking second wind, but it is fun to switch things up sometimes. Click to enlarge.

This spec focuses on keeping your target stunned to reduce the damage on yourself, while also relying on impending victory to heal you. There are plenty of stuns to save your bum, but playing with out second wind can really be hard!

Stormbolt, Shockwave, and Warbringer are all stun moves.

Alternate Arena PvP / spec

Very Popular Arms PvP Spec

This is one of the most used/popular specs out there for 5.2. It is featured on several sites already and for good reason, it uses most of the best talents, with a few you can switch out if need be.

Warbringer is powerful, but Double time is just as good, if not better. The choice is your on that one, but I've been using double time more lately. Avatar is another very powerful move and can be extremely devastating. The 20% damage is a ton and can be the difference between killing a target and not even coming close.

Bladestorm / Bloodbath Combo

Bloodbath and bladestorm paired is an extremely underplayed selection. Bloodbath and bladestorm are good together for two reasons. They have a close cooldown (1 minute and 1.5 minutes) and Bladestorm can't be disarmed again.

Bloodbath increases bleed damage while also slowing the targets you hit, This means lots of ownage if you manage to hit a couple of people right away. Bladestorm is much harder to get away from if your target is running slow!

Another great Idea would be to get staggering shout in place of piercing howl.

Cast Staggering shout --> Blood Bath --> Bladestorm for your best chance to own.

Warrior PvP Macros for 5.2

Here are some of my favorite macros that I use. There maybe better ones out there, or if you have a good one let me know. These have been known to be extremely helpful for many of the top players.

Here is the bread and butter Ultimate Warrior Damage macro (replace Bloodbath with Avatar when need be):

#showtooltip Colossus Smash
/cast !Bloodbath
/cast !Recklessness
/cast !Skull Banner
/use Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Victory
/cast Colossus Smash

Shattering Throw Macro: Many times you don't have enough rage to cast it when needed, this gives you a better chance of having the rage needed.

/cast Commanding Shout

/cast Shattering Throw

Battle Stance/ Two hand

/cast Battle Stance
/equip Malevolent Gladiator's Decapitator

Execute macro(optional gives you extra rage and damage, while it also stops you from being feared when trying to get a killshot):

#showbtooltip Execute
/use Berserker Rage
/cast Execute

The Following two macros ask that you create an Equipment set called Arms SnB with your shield and sword. You do not actually have to use Arms SnB, if you already have another name just simply switch Arms SnB out with whatever your equip set is called.

Shield Wall Macro:

#showtooltip Shield Wall
/use Defensive Stance
/equipset [noequipped:shields] Arms SnB
/use Shield Wall

Spell Reflect Macro

#showtooltip Spell Reflection
/equipset [noequipped:shields] Arms SnB
/use Spell Reflection


Gems are very easy to decide. My recommendation is to get PvP resilience first where ever you can. Always get PvP Resilience!!! Here is a great source for Gems and enchants.

Arms Warrior 5.2 Stats and reforging

If dying is not an issue this is what you should look to get first.

Expertise 3% = Melee Hit 3% > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Crit > Mastery > Haste

If dying is an issue

Expertise 3% = Melee Hit 3% > PvP Resilience > PvP Power > Strength > Crit > Mastery > Haste

Resilience is key because it allows you to use your two handed weapon. Going to your 1hand drops your DPS substantially, but with low resilience I find myself using sword and board a lot more.


As long as you have the hit and expertise cap met, you can start changing your haste to crit. If there is leftover hit or expertise that can be reforged make sure to do that as well!


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